Monday, November 24, 2014

Stick with me Pattern Holders... what is available today

My flowers were and still are liquid sunshine in my sewing studio..

and something else that found itself on my doorstep...
This lovely pin cushion from a lady who clearly knows my colours wink....
It is just gorgeous, complete with daisy pins....
I treasure my Pin Cushions, really I do....and gosh how I love gingham wink...
Thank you sweet lady...

And something else we have been working on are these kits...

Tammy KITS...everything  you need to make your Tammy bag, 
for those who have the pattern and are looking for kits...
This one is in turquoise and black with a silver half moon handle...
Cost $30.00 plus shipping..
YOU can ask for any color combo....WE will try to put it together for you..

Made to order....WE HAVE quite a few colour ensembles...just
let us know directly..

We have been busy making up kits and STICK with ME pattern holders...

Here are some that are available now....
For all those who have asked for variety...
this is just a start...

$5.50 plus shipping

#1  2 of these

#2 1 of these
#3 1 of these

#4 3 of these

#5 6 of these

#6 2 of these

#7 6 of these

#8 4 of these

#9 4 of these

#10 4 of these

#11 4 of these

#12 6 of these

#13 4 of these

#14 4 of these

#15 4 of these

#16 4 of these

#17 2 of these

#18 3 of these.

I have lot's of gingham in many colours
if you want a colour of gingham, let me know...

Just let me know here before we put these in our store...

ps. as well as holding your patterns, you can lay your needles on top of them too..
They are magnetized on the top too....

off to POST OFFICE...
many packages going out today..


  1. Samm I'd love to pick up 2 of them...1 of #16 and 1 of # 17 .... pls. let me know if they are available. Thx!

  2. Adorable! I'm sure these are really useful!

  3. Had to smile at #15, never took you for the pink camo type??? :)

  4. Your flowers are gorgeous as well as the teapot pincushion. That is too sweet. :)

    You will do well with the Tammy Kits and the Stick With Me magnets. Too cute!

  5. Lovely!, I would love a Tammy Kit is yellow Gingham with Black Gingham Ruffles. Therefore, the yellow gingham Stick with me button is my preference. Now, I also need a Tammy Bag Pattern!! I requested all 4 patterns from Mary but I'll cover my bases and request all 4 patterns from you as well. I was a little unsure of who to ask? I have a Beam n Read but I REALLY want to order one of those stitching lap frames. I'll double check your post to see if you left a link for that
    frame. I have to read your posts 2-3 times to absorb all the info.
    Gmama Jane

  6. WOW you have really been busy sticking to us, lol! Guess I had better hurry and pick out my choice.

  7. I LOVE the little teapot! That is such a sweet gift for you.

  8. Beautiful teapot pincushion,what a special gift!

  9. Such a lovely little teapot! If I recall, Thanksgiving in Canada is different than celebrated here, yes? In October? Well, Happy Thanksgiving to you regardless, whether I'm late or extremely early..lol much love, Christel

  10. Your flowers and so pretty and I'm so glad you like the teapot. Your kits are a great idea and should sell very well. The stick with me buttons will be a hit also.


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