Friday, November 7, 2014

psssst- T'was the night -begins next week..

As Doris shared, there are only 7 more weekends till Christmas.
( thanks Doris for the reminder) :)
Now seriously we have to think of this....
Before we know it we will be turning to a new calendar 
and we will be thinking "where did all the time go"?

So from this day forward let's just enjoy the moment (s)
Each weekend till then, take some time and do something for YOU...

Even if it is just taking a moment with a good book and cup of brew...
Even if it's walking along your street, or ocean, or dessert enjoying the view...
Even if it's just locking yourself in your bathroom with some bubblies and music...
Even if it's just sewing something just for you......

Remember t'is the season for enjoying our family and friends
but we are no good if we don't also think of doing something FOR US TOO! 

Next week, T'was the NIGHT blog hop begins,
2 weeks of projects that can be made within hours, surely there will be one or two 
things that will shout..." THIS IS FOR ME"

So I am preparing you...WE are preparing you for a 
SEASON that really is about YOU.....
'cause if you is HAPPY the world will be HAPPIER...

and you know what I say...


A big thanks to Marlene who will be cheering us on this one....
She has such a giving heart.
There is no doubt she will be sharing a bit of it  with you ...

Ohhh and CARLA, yes my sweet, it is way too early to put up
your tree...have you been ....well you know....wink...

This weekend, I will be stitching and baking....
7 more weekends Doris tells us...
I have got some  bourbon sauce to make...


  1. Yes I am very excited for this event. I know that there will be loads of things to inspire us sewing infected ladies with several must make. And hopefully at least a few of them will be done, as you know time flies.
    I will today fetch my gift and buy some supplies for making some new ornaments for the season. Have a great weekend lovely Samm.

  2. Looking forward to seeing everyone's great projects! It will help with ideas for last minute gifts 😃

  3. I will be here eagerly watching you ladies and your wonderful projects!

  4. I'm going to ask Santa for more time! I can't believe there are only seven more weeks!
    I will be spending the next couple of weeks away from home but with grandkids, so I will have to grab time to check out the blog posts each day. I wish I could have participated in this one but I just couldn't swing it this time. I'm looking forward to seeing what you WOW us with!

  5. I'm really looking forward to some gift inspiration and I know this hop will not disappoint! Magnets? I'm sure I'll want some if you want them...not that I'm competive or anything. :-)

  6. I am ALWAYS excited to visit the hops! Yay!! ME TIME!!
    xx, Carol

  7. LoL - of course we probably want some - if you do we do .. and since you have done all the research, we will just jump on your band wagon. Looking forward to all the wonderful creativity and inspiration of such lovely ladies. Judy C in NC

  8. I think I better get back on the stitching wagon, 2 weeks worth the gifts, I missed that line. But yes today I am doing something for me, I am finally getting my hair done!! After 4 months of doing the job of two, I had to say to heck with the world Nancy needs a me day! Love this time of year, such a happy time of year, and while out shopping yesterday all the conversations were about the US Thanksgiving. Just give me Family and the Parades showing Santa coming to town and I am set for the day!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  9. You are so right, Samm, we are always creating gifts for others and at the end of last year, I did not have any table runners for our own table and no fancy bag for me :-( I hope it will change this year, at least I did some runner for US... I am looking forward to this coming hop, it will be filled with hundreds of ideas, not easy to decide which one to try as well, I am sure if that.... I hope my gift will arrive at its destination today, I received mine yesterday :-)) hugs

  10. Oh Yes to the Magnets, if your suggesting something, I would like to have it~ Thank~You!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  11. Hip Hip! I can't wait til next week. I love Christmas blogs hops the most of all!

  12. I must have been sleeping, pattern holders? Magnetic pattern holders? What did I miss, Samm?

  13. Must pass along the magnet button idea to my sister who does a lot of cross stitching. Thank you very much for the idea. Looks useful. Only 7 weekends? Seriously? Oh my. Definitely time to make lists and get organized. And bake some cookies! Coming up blank in the gift idea department so really looking forward to "Twas the night...". Have a great weekend.

  14. I know, it is getting so close...very exciting

  15. What happened to Spring and Summer, I must have fallen asleep, wait a minute, did I also miss Fall, LOL! Actually I didn't miss all of Fall, have my Thanksgiving decorations up, but only for two weeks, then Ho Ho, up goes Christmas. Can't wait to see all the lovely projects coming our way next week.

  16. I thought magnets were things to hold grandkid's pictures on to the fridge

  17. Christmas is rushing upon all of us. Can't wait to see all the beautiful gift inspiration. Absolutely love the cup graphic. Sew beautiful!!

  18. Lol
    ok, I'll wait on the tree. Yes to your question, by the way. Tis the season..

  19. Thank you for the reminder to take time to enjoy the moment, even if it is just a short one. I rarely do that and then I wonder why Christmas isn't fun anymore. I'm looking forward to the blog hop!


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