Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NEEDLES....they are not created EQUAL.

I have been pricked by many DULL needles through the years, I have come to realize NO needle is created equal... I possibly have more needles than any other notion....I have a needle case that I will be showing soon for our T'was the night blog hop that will have you swooning...that is if you are into NEEDLES.... because I certainly am....I think that is why I get things done so quickly....

Interested in my recommendations?

I get many many emails asking.."what needle do you recommend.????
What needle do you use for quilting, ruffling, sewing....?"

Not saying sewers, quilters, cross stitchers don't know what needle to use...
YOU all have your favourites...
but NEEDLES are not created equal....
If that was the case....we would be all be using the same ones over and over again..

I have been hand sewing longer than anything else I have ever done...
It goes back to boarding school whereby french seams were taught to us 
as early as we could sit and hand sew aprons, chin straps, veils...( for the sisters)

Even then I knew a DULL needle just slows you down...

Today I have FAVOURITES....

I love these PEBBLE needles by JOHN JAMES ....these are my my favourite
for hand sewing, hand applique, needle turning...they are very sharp, 
I use a new needle for every project I begin...Needles do get dull...

And I have tried applique needles...these are still my FAV...

YOU should be able to pick up a needle, thread it with ease...( love the EYES  on these...
they thread very easily)  By the way EYES are not created equal...
I like an EYE that is more rounded than flat....

I call these my STAPLE needle...YOU cannot ever have one STAPLE.....

My next favourite needle.....I panic when I note I am down to only one package of these..
I usually purchase 4  at a time....I go through  these like I go through cups of coffee..

Not because they dull quickly....because I simply wear them out....

I make a lot  of ruffles....I will cut strips of fabric, and place 2 dozen in a Tammy Bag...
when I am rushed and heading out the door...I will grab a bag with some strips
and a package of Piece Makers and where ever my travels take me, I can
make ruffles within a minute or two....These needles bend easily,
love that about Piecemakers....they are long....also known as a Darning needle...
this is my choice for all of my hand quilting...I have tried
quilting needles, too small...tried in betweens...just slow me down...

I can rock these also known as Doll needles  with such ease,
I can hand quilt a lap quilt within days... They also have a perfect eye
and even Aurifils #12 threads or Presensias # 8 are easily threaded....

If you order, never order just one package....trust me there...
these too will become your FAV's

Now for cross stitching and any embroidery I am working on....
( lots at the moment) These are by FAR the BEST on the market....
when the gold wears off the tips ( eyes) it is time to pay attention...
it means you have been using it for a longggggg time. 
They go through linens with such ease...
I cannot recommend them highly enough...

Again the EYES in these are perfect for double floss threading and they are perfect
with both Aurifil and Presencia threads...

And they are sharp... but I would not recommend them for sewing needles..
embroidery check yes....cross stitch check yes...

NOTE: on the gold wearing off....that is when I know my needles has been used
over and over...don't want you thinking you throw them out when it wears off..
they are still sharp...YOU will note this when you are doing a large project...
YOUR finger tips will tell you they are still sharp lol..

Obviously CLOVER has these..and you can find them in lot's of places....

I have purchased hundreds of NEEDLES that people have recommended to me..
some I paid far toooooo much for...none of them are as good as 
the ones I recommend.... I possibly sew more by hand 
then I do by machine....If you try any of these, I just know
your search will be over....and HINT, they are sooooooooo affordable too..

If ever you wonder how I get things done...
I HAVE GREAT TOOLS..needles are a necessary TOOL/NOTION 
that makes my life simpler...

And I cannot go without adding SUPERIOR NEEDLES
especially #14 pink package is 
the ONLY Needles I use with my sewing machine...
( I used them all, just #14 is the one that I USE MOST)
it all depends on what fabrics you are working on...
They are titanium, they stay sharper than any other sewing machine needle out there...
I love that my stitching seams are perfect, their needles  do not  catch your fabric....
there are no puckers, seams lay straight because their NEEDLES are really 
SUPERIOR. My machine loves them....

I am very grateful to the person who introduced me to these GEMS.


  1. Thank you for all the info. I had a package of John James needles (sharps, I think), I used them all and kept the package to remember what to buy next time, I love them! Yes, it is true, not all the needles are created equal.

  2. John James needles have been my choice for hand stitching for many years since I found them at a nearby quilt shop. Good information here ... thanks ... :) Pat

  3. *blush* since speaking with you, I've learned that it is very im-POINT-ant to have good quality and sharp needles. I've been sufficiently (and sew correctly) chastised for "still using my mother's needles"...who knew you should change them LOL. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Yes! This is very helpful! I am the world's worst about buying quilting needles only to get home and find that they are too small, too long, the eyes...(and this one really gets me) The eyes break my thread by shredding it!!!!!
    I will give these a try! Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the information. I always stress when trying to figure out which needle to use for what.

  6. Valuable insights. Thank you Madam Samm.

  7. Thank you! I have to continue to remind myself to change the needle on my machine after pp projects. What a difference it makes.


  8. Thank~you for such valuable information, and you hit right on the questions I have been wanting to ask you!! (but some questions to me are a little embarrassing to ask, like I should already know that). I will specifically picking up your suggestions here, how often should one change a Sewing Machine Needle? How does one know when it's time? Just Love you for the knowledge you share!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  9. Needles are my passion too! I buy my sewing machine needles in a 100 pack. I change it with each project, sometimes twice, depending on its size. I don't use the universal, only sharp, AKA quilting or denim. Thank you for showing us your favorites.

  10. Great information on the needles ... thank you! I change my sewing machine needles often, but use hand sewing needles forever (I won't even tell you how long I've had and used some of my hand sewing needles). LOL Time for me to get some new hand sewing needles.

  11. You are sooo right about needles, it could also be written for thread, machines, fabrics, batting etc etc. One has to buy first and try on, and with time (and tears) and with good postings like yours, you come to the peak where you know exactly WHAT to buy and what to ignore...
    I am a Superior Needles fan, a huge one, also their thread, and for my hand appliqué, I only use the small thin needles from Clover. I never tried the Piecemaker ones, but why not....
    Thanks Samm!

  12. Very thorough review - and I still love my little Pebbles, too. I like the bigger eye and use embroidery needles for all of my quilting, binding, applique', stitchery. I have a bundle of needles that I never use and I should bundle them up and give them away. I think thread makes a difference too - my fave is also a Superior brand, So Fine. Best for stitching, sewing, longarm quilting. LOVE that it is so thin, strong, and doesn't shed or shred. I always say, buy the best product you can afford (including sewing machines...) you'll never regret it.

  13. Thank you My Dear for an information. Good needles are very important and I choose these, which I know. I never tried the Superior Needles, so I need to buy a package.
    I have a package of needles by John James. I got them from you :) They are great.

  14. You always have not only the very best information, you are completely backing up such with your personal experiences. Truly valuable...YOU and your suggestions. Thank you for spending your precious time sharing with us. Creative Needle Bliss...
    P.S. I am sew looking forward to "Twas the Night".

  15. Great info! I once joined a hand quilting group that quilted around a large frame. They had the quilt on there fairly tight and I absolutely could not make small stitches on it. At the time I thought it was because it was tighter than I keep my frame at home, but now I wonder if it could be the needle. I usually quilt with a between, but I'll buy a package (yes, just one for now) of the doll needles to see if that makes a difference. Thanks!

  16. Wonderful information Samm - I haven't found the Pebble needles here but I do see them online - a bit pricey I thought but well worth it I'm sure. The others I see pretty often and they even have them on Amazon! blessings, marlene

  17. Thank you for all this info on needles! I get really frustrated with some of the needles I've used over the years, so this helps a lot!

  18. Thanks for sharing dear mdm Samm.
    Beautiful fabric is important but good tools are more important.
    We will only use the best tools and notions!

  19. I like the John James needles for sewing patches together but after a while they get bent when I use them for quilting.
    I have Richard Hemming & Son large eye needles that were sent me by a friend and I love them for quilting. I can't get them in Japan but I begged her after I happened to use one she had left in a quilt we were working on together.

  20. Thanks for sharing your favorite needles. I have my favorites too. I was working on something over the weekend and discovered that I had forgotten to take my needles with me so I was forced to use one of the cheap ones that come in the free sewing kits. It was so frustrating -- I could hardly push that needle through the fabric! I finally decided to throw it away. I never just throw a needle in the garbage can because I'm afraid it will poke through the bag or fall out of the can, so I pin it through a paper towel or napkin. That horrible needle wouldn't even pierce the napkin! From now on, if I don't have my favorite needles with me, whatever I'm working on will wait, lol.

  21. I use the John James Pebble needles.. Love those for my crazy quilting stitching. I do use a Between size7 needle for my hand quilting, when I am lucky enough to get to do that. It is the needle I have always used. I should try the ones you have shared because you never know when something better is going to come along. Thank you for all of the great information.

    I do love Superior products! I stock their threads for my longarm studio. Nothing else will do but King Tut! :)

  22. Obviously I need to purchase new needles. I just thought all were the same, now I know. Thank you for this wonderful information.

  23. I've had needles on the brain for the past month. Thanks for this post. I want to try the pink sewing machine ones. I always sell all my Pebble needles & then never have any for me!

  24. You are so right that the needle you use makes a huge difference in ease and speed as well as how the stitches look. Thank you for the recommendations!

  25. I am in such GOOD COMPANY. I found John James needles when I began beading and don't want to EVER be without them. My main confusion sometimes is which needle to use when embroidering. I used to work in a Singer store and loaded up on needles...I mean LOADED UP. Thanks for your take on your favs.

  26. Very interesting. I love the John James needles as well. I have not tried the Superior machine needles yet. I have tried the titanium, but found I had a lot of thread breaking. Perhaps I will try the Superior ones and see if it makes a difference.

  27. I don't know where my comment went...I'll try again. Yes Mdm Samm I am always interested in your recommendations. I have not tried all your favorites but I do know I love the John James needles and it is a must to have a good sharp needle. I cringe when I help a fellow quilter and it feels like a nail going through her project. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on needles!! Happy stitching!!

  28. I am glad to see that just because the pkg says one thing, doesn't mean you can't use them for a different purpose. I really like embroidery needles, mostly for the larger eyes, but always felt I was "wrong" for using them for sewing. I recently tried the Superior needles for my machine and am quite pleased with them. I am another one who has to "remind" myself to change needles. Let's face it, even a dull needle feels sharp when it stabs you. ;) And I have days where I repeatedly test them by doing that. LOL

  29. Thank you for this timely (for me) post. I am in the market for new hand sewing needles and have tried many but, unfortunately, did not make notes on my/their successes or failures. I will start over with your recommendations and am sure to succeed!


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