Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day 7 of T'was the night gift giving ideas..

Lynn certainly wowed us yesterday with all of her holiday
gift giving ideas.

We are all familiar with T'was the night before Christmas..
Wellll, I came up with my own version to describe our FESTIVE HOLIDAY
Blog hop- and  I am no poet, but sometimes the words just fill my page..
( your screen) wink..

T'was the night...

T'was the night before posting we're told it's a gift
a holiday present that has to conjure a lift...
It has to be made within hours, something so sweet
a pleasure to masses that has meaning so deep..

So if you can think of a gift or a something to stitch
and you know it will take only hours to enrich..
then join us this season with hearts content
You know your time will be so well spent......

Mdm Samm x

I could not imagine letting the year end without a holiday blog hop....
suggested a- Holiday Season Hop and loved T'was the night...
so we went from there...

I love this time of year, I have noted many hearts swell
at the memories, I would love to create even more for you all..

Here is some of our post to describe what will be unfolding
these next couple of weeks...

WElllllllll YOU are all so imaginative, talented, filled with inspiration..
so here is your opportunity to share something CHRISTMACY,
that could be small gifts that can made within hours...not days...
that YOU can share with us all..

Some suggestions, embroidery, towels, cards, paper piecing,
small wall hanging, cookie jars, pajama bottoms,
jewels, fobs wine bottle jackets, dolls, pin cushions....

Anything that would make for great christmas gifts
that tells someone YOU CARE...

Everyone in our hop has received a 
 HOMEMADE gift from the person above them 
on the schedule. 

On the day of their show and tell...They will highlight the gift
they received and what
project ( s)  they made for Christmas and Holiday related...

Each day a new list of ladies, filled with tenderness and heart..
Be sure to let them know your heart was touched too...
And those in receipt..be sure to reply...they want to know
you did indeed see THEM....
remember 7.2 minutes each day to accomplish this...

OH MY Ladies...you were all a TREAT today...
I do believe one of you though has become quite influenced by that
other lady..( you know the one who likes CREEPY things lol)
you certainly brought many smiles today...

It was a lovely showing..fullllll of wonderful ideas.

And this lady had so many treasures, we just had to choose her
for the WOW factor...and OLIVE can't say I remember her at all
but she sure is PURTY.....lol

What a delight day of smiles....and holiday gift ideas...

 Pinterest T'was the night

More of one of my favourite singers for this festive season...
There is music in his soul....you can feel it...


  1. Todays blogger presents wonderful ideas for Christmas gifts!
    My want to do list get longer and longer every day...
    Thans to every one for sharing lovely ideas and tutorials.

  2. I think I shall have to live to be 100 in order to try all the wonderful ideas that are being shared. Thanks for getting my creative juices flowing. :)

  3. I totally agree with Kate, we have to get 350 years old or more to sew and create all our topics on the never-ending list of quilting projects.... Did you think about Craftember? lol

  4. I've certainly been able to add some I-want-to-make things to my Pinterest board during this hop Samm! blessings, marlene

  5. Somehow I knew you would showcase Rudolph! Isn't he the best ever! I think my brother is going to get a Rudolph!

    Great day for hopping! So many inspiring projects! This has been a great hop! I don't want it to end!

  6. Hahaha, of course I love Jeanie's creepy Sarducci's! So many non creepy gift ideas today to keep us busy...sweet reindeer!

  7. I have some new ideas now for gifts!
    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  8. Thank you, Madame Samm for presenting Olive, the other reindeer. She's not quite as famous as Rudolf but she IS mentioned in that song. lol
    I love this hop and all the giving and getting. There are so many wows. I love the idea of quick projects and finishing several in one day. We have much more to see and I am looking forward to the next couple of days.

  9. More great ideas have been shared. I will have to keep up on my sewing. Too many things to make. I love it.

  10. I think this blog hop may have backfired. Yes there are a lot of quick, make in one night gifts, unfortunately, I don't think there are enough nights left before Christmas to make them all! Everyone is really going all out for this hop. Many thanks to all the talented ladies for their ideas.
    " Olive the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names...." LOL Been singing this since I saw Olive. :)

  11. Can you believe I have the book, Olive, the Other Reindeer! It is also a movie view it here


  12. Oh My Stars in Heaven, would you believe our media.com service provider has been out since last Friday!!! I've been on the phone with reps. for hours. I have finally bypassed my wireless service and hopefully can stay online long enough to get my projects posted for Friday!! PLEASE, note that IF I am not up and running you will know it is my internet service. A Tech is scheduled to come to my house Dec. 2nd..my earliest appointment due to the Large outage problems. Evidently, the company did some sort of district wide reboot, changed over equipment and problems are scattered all over our entire county. I have missed cheering on my fellow hoppers but I promise to get caught up asap. I have no idea how long I will be able to be online so wish me luck everyone!! One of the downsides to living in such a rural area.
    Gmama Jane

  13. The gifts are wonderful and fun but today the song has touched my heart. Thank you.

  14. What an amazing day!! I am going to have to visit them again and take notes!! Thanks Ladies, today's inspiration was just over the Moon!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  15. Oh sooo cute and again wonderful ideas and gifts!

  16. What fun gifts were shown today. I am loving all of the quick ideas.

  17. Another insperation filled day,with such sweet eye candy...

  18. A great day of gifting! Sew many wonderful ideas in this hop. Thanks to all ... :) Pat

  19. Oh my but this group inspires me and makes my heart smile!! Lovely projects presented today and can't wait to see what else is in store for us! Thank you!!

    Olive the other reindeer ... heeheeheehee

  20. OMG I'm dying laughing here at Carla's comment. I had to google the words to the song because I sure didn't remember any Olive being mentioned in that song. I about fell off my chair laughing when it dawned on me. LMBO

    Another terrific day of quick gifts.

  21. Love your pick for today, as well as all of the ideas shared by everyone.

  22. The ideas just keep coming! Fabulous... and that Carla, she's just too creative!

  23. I am overwhelmed with this blogs stocking stuffers. What fun. It's hard to keep up cause I keep running to pull fabric for some of these projects!!!!

  24. Love all the ideas that just keep flowing from this hop.

  25. These are wonderful swap/hop participants with lots of great gift ideas for all genders and ages. Fabulous! Creative T'Was the Night Bliss...


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