Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 5 of T'was the night....Christmas Giving ideas...

Patty inspired us with this wonderful idea of trash bags for our cars.....
on Friday...

We are all familiar with T'was the night before Christmas..
Wellll, I came up with my own version to describe our FESTIVE HOLIDAY
Blog hop- and  I am no poet, but sometimes the words just fill my page..
( your screen) wink..

T'was the night...

T'was the night before posting we're told it's a gift
a holiday present that has to conjure a lift...
It has to be made within hours, something so sweet
a pleasure to masses that has meaning so deep..

So if you can think of a gift or a something to stitch
and you know it will take only hours to enrich..
then join us this season with hearts content
You know your time will be so well spent......

Mdm Samm x

I could not imagine letting the year end without a holiday blog hop....
suggested a- Holiday Season Hop and loved T'was the night...
so we went from there...

I love this time of year, I have noted many hearts swell
at the memories, I would love to create even more for you all..

Here is some of our post to describe what will be unfolding
these next couple of weeks...

WElllllllll YOU are all so imaginative, talented, filled with inspiration..
so here is your opportunity to share something CHRISTMACY,
that could be small gifts that can made within hours...not days...
that YOU can share with us all..

Some suggestions, embroidery, towels, cards, paper piecing,
small wall hanging, cookie jars, pajama bottoms,
jewels, fobs wine bottle jackets, dolls, pin cushions....

Anything that would make for great christmas gifts
that tells someone YOU CARE...

Everyone in our hop has received a 
 HOMEMADE gift from the person above them 
on the schedule. 

On the day of their show and tell...They will highlight the gift
they received and what
project ( s)  they made for Christmas and Holiday related...

Each day a new list of ladies, filled with tenderness and heart..
Be sure to let them know your heart was touched too...
And those in receipt..be sure to reply...they want to know
you did indeed see THEM....
remember 7.2 minutes each day to accomplish this...

Monday, Nov. 17

Cucki Stitching Cove ( cucki was involved in an accident
special thoughts go out to her in South Africa)

Sew.  Darn.  Quilt.

Special prayers for both Cucki and Pauline.
her husband came home last night only to be sent back to the hospital....

A lovely beginning to our week...
surely you must be getting in the spirit..
I certainly am....
GREAT ideas ladies...'THANK YOU...

And this lady served up so many lovely festive ideas...pick one, pick them
all, anyone would be thrilled to be at the receiving end..
and wait till you read where she got the fabric...

And this is what I woke up to this morning...OUR feeders are being
visited again for this wondrous season....The first of anything is always
such a delight..

 Pinterest T'was the night

Ohhh how I miss this lady....Who would IMAGINE A KING....?
it just does not seem like Christmas unless we watch
Preachers WIFE...


  1. Good morning! A great day filled with inspiration. Sorry about Cucki! Will keep her in my thoughts and prayers! I cannot believe that we are already more than 1/2 way through November!

  2. Sending healing prayers for Cucki and pauline's hubby.

    BRRR!! It looks cold up your way! We woke to a wet and dreary morning. At least we don't have to go out unless we just want to. So let's stay inside, blog hop, and sew! :)

  3. Thank you for the snow pictures. Makes me feel even more festive this morning. I was just listening to some holiday music and wanted to share with you. Have your heard of the Piano Guys? They are amazing to hear and to watch. Google them. They have a video of Angels We Have Heard on High. AMAZING. I bought some of their music last year and it is a new favorite. Happy Monday.

  4. Lots of snow for you and yet those birds just keep on coming! Sweet gift ideas today that make me want to sew, sew, sew! Thoughts and prayers to Cucki and Pauline's husband.

  5. My prayers go out to Cucki and Pauline! It's never easy to deal with illness or accidents,but it's especially hard during yt? He holidays for so many reasons!
    What an inspiring morning!!

  6. Having trouble getting to Sew. Darn. Quilt, keeps coming up a re direct to a gambling site. Great choices again today! Hugs to Cucki and Pauline.

  7. Snow??? Yeeeek, no, I cannot use this at the moment....nonono... although my kiddies would love to play in the snow...

  8. I too really enjoy The Preacher's Wife and the original black and white version the Bishop's Wife. Your scenery is quite beautiful this morning as are all the shares visited along the hop this morning ... thank you so much and I wish you all a wonderful day!

  9. Prayers and Healing Energy lifted to the heavens. For me traditional red and green are perfect for Christmas. All these great ideas are wonderful. Beautiful ethereal snow outside and warmth inside while sewing or beading or doing anything creative. Creative T'Was the Night Bliss..

  10. Keeping Cucki and Pauline's DH in my thoughts. Hope they both will be okay. Lovely morning hopping. Was reminded of some past ideas and got a few new ones. Such generous ladies for taking time to share with us. Lovely view outside your window Mdm Samm. Chilly here but sun is shining and pugs are sleeping with their bellies up to the sun. Kinda want to join them. ;)

  11. Lots of wonderful things today. Your snow pictures are beautiful.

  12. I am really late to the party today, but along with all the beautiful assortment of inspiration, your snowfall is Gorgeous!! I cherished those days so Thank~you for sharing them with us!!
    Keeping Cucki and Pauline in our Prayers, they're Creations are surely missed!! Have a Beautiful Day Samm and Thanks again!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  13. Wow, you really got a bit of snow! We had some but it was just a dusting. Great ideas from the ladies!

  14. I'm not playing the Christmas Music just yet. I am getting lots of good ideas of things to make and GIVE this year though. Gotta get moving int he Sewing Zone soon and quilt looking. Thanks for a very Timely Hop!

  15. That's a lot of snow!!! It looks so pretty and is perfect for a day of Christmas gift giving. Loved that fabric and all of the gitfs she made with it.

  16. A lot of good ideas are being show out there. Wow. You have more snow then we do. Got a little this afternoon. I am really enjoying this hop. Sending well wishes to Cucki and Pauline's husband.

  17. Whoa - winter! I've been in denial because it was such a lovely fall... Snow day = Sew day, right?
    Another fun day of terrific ideas from our blog sisters today! Thanks for letting us know about Cucki and Pauline's husband. I'll add my prayers for both.

  18. A wonderful start to the week with all the quick gift ideas shared today! We have had snow already too,but not as much as you!
    Thoughts and prayers to/for Cucki,and Pauline;s husband...

  19. We're off to another great week. The snow looks pretty as long as it's in your yard and not mine! Prayers for Cucki and Pauline's hubby.

  20. Prayers for Cucki, Pauline and her husband. Only had a light dusting of snow here and it's already gone. The first snow of the season is always pretty, but after that just a nuisance. Some great ideas today!


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