Thursday, November 13, 2014

DAY 3 of our T'was the night Holiday Gift Giving ideas.

Teresa wowed us yesterday with her beautiful 
pin cushion and thread catcher....
A beautiful gift anyone would love...

We are all familiar with T'was the night before Christmas..
Wellll, I came up with my own version to describe our FESTIVE HOLIDAY
Blog hop- and  I am no poet, but sometimes the words just fill my page..
( your screen) wink..

T'was the night...

T'was the night before posting we're told it's a gift
a holiday present that has to conjure a lift...
It has to be made within hours, something so sweet
a pleasure to masses that has meaning so deep..

So if you can think of a gift or a something to stitch
and you know it will take only hours to enrich..
then join us this season with hearts content
You know your time will be so well spent......

Mdm Samm x

I could not imagine letting the year end without a holiday blog hop....
suggested a- Holiday Season Hop and loved T'was the night...
so we went from there...

I love this time of year, I have noted many hearts swell
at the memories, I would love to create even more for you all..

Here is some of our post to describe what will be unfolding
these next couple of weeks...

WElllllllll YOU are all so imaginative, talented, filled with inspiration..
so here is your opportunity to share something CHRISTMACY,
that could be small gifts that can made within hours...not days...
that YOU can share with us all..

Some suggestions, embroidery, towels, cards, paper piecing,
small wall hanging, cookie jars, pajama bottoms,
jewels, fobs wine bottle jackets, dolls, pin cushions....

Anything that would make for great christmas gifts
that tells someone YOU CARE...

Everyone in our hop has received a 
 HOMEMADE gift from the person above them 
on the schedule. 

On the day of their show and tell...They will highlight the gift
they received and what
project ( s)  they made for Christmas and Holiday related...

Each day a new list of ladies, filled with tenderness and heart..
Be sure to let them know your heart was touched too...
And those in receipt..be sure to reply...they want to know
you did indeed see THEM....
remember 7.2 minutes each day to accomplish this...

You did well today to continue the HOLIDAY inspiration...
Some just made me chuckle, others tear.....however a great showing
today ladies...THANK YOU...

This lady showed us what to do with some SEASONAL fabric
and some ruffles...how can you possibly go wrong with RUFFLES.?
Welll had she included gingham I would have rocked right off my rocker...lol
Such lovely ideas today....

 Pinterest T'was the night

Kenny G was one of the very first concerts I ever went too
where my eyes were completely wet from beginning to end...
He knows how to play like no other....
he can touch your soul with every note...

I hope you play him and sit still and drink your morning brew
and be so thankful for wellllllll


  1. I'm really enjoying seeing all these gorgeous Christmas gifts.

  2. Wonderful idea. I'm off to take a look

  3. Wow. So many wonderful gift ideas, enough to keep us inspired and stitching like crazy! lol

  4. Unbelievable amount of inspiration springing from this hop. It is just wonderful...and Kenny G he is one of my favorites.....enjoy Madame Samm.

  5. Oh yes...many many wonderful ideas out there. A few hours here and there, will have my family and friends thinking I've slaved away on homemade gifts for weeks and weeks (says Mrs. Grinch gleefully rubbing her hands together!!). Today is like a baseball hit out of the park!

  6. Some really great stuff today. That retro apron is calling to me! Love Kenny G. His music is a Christmas staple here. Have a lovely day!

  7. Just finished hopping this morning! I have been away to a 3 day sew-in so behind for the swap... but catching up this morning. So many inspiring projects! One grinch made me spend some money this am.. too early to spend moo-lah but had to have it! ha! It is all Joan's fault! I am telling Santa! :)

  8. Rosemary B here:
    This hop is so adorable. I will find time to look at each days participants later.
    My cell phone gets wifi so I can look at everything while I am at the dentist with mom getting her last three teeth pulled (it is time)
    and the adventures that follow (new bottom denture) and then the podiatrist, and the retina specialist.
    I wish someone would kidnap me and put my in sewing jail
    This hop is just absolutely the cutest idea ever.
    I will send you a proper email later Gotta run
    I love all of you hooping ladies and you Missie Samm

    always, Rosemary B

    1. ps: by the way, your webpage takes forever to load.
      Try compressing your photos, and videos before you upload.
      If you are already doing this then never the mind.
      I love you more than cookies

  9. Looking at all these wonderful projects is a great way to start the day! Cute ruffled apron!

  10. Mixed emotions this morning... happy to find...sooo many wonderful quick gifts ideas!! I luv the apron and I knew I had that book ....some where....yes I do!! Found it!! It has aprons with ruffles to 'squeal with joy' for!! I just want to sew!!!

  11. I'm up now!!!! so sorry everyone!!!!!

  12. Another day of delightful treasures !!! Inspiring to be sure ... What a neat idea to see all of these quick projects with plenty of time to make a few before Christmas rush is upon us. Thank you!

  13. Great ideas this morning!
    I happen to be great fan of Kenny G! I had all his Christmas albums and they were great for background music this time of year!

  14. I love that cute pin cushion and thread catcher. A great idea for a gift!

  15. That apron is SEW adorable! I am just going to have to hop on over there and let her know....maybe she will make me one! I just LOVE it!...and yes, gingham should be somewhere, because I can't think of anything else that would go better with camping! Just reading through your profile picture to the side here, and feel so blessed that you chose this industry to come to Samm. Don't know what we would all do without you. You are just treasured by me and many others, hope you know that. xx ~Cori

  16. How fun to see that my apron made the wow pick. Thank you darling Samm! I should have put the pocket on.....in gingham fabric! :)
    So many great projects again today. My new list of things to make is gonna be huge by the time this hop is over.

  17. Great day, full of great ideas. Have already printed off a couple of projects. I am sew far behind for Christmas. :-( Full time baby sitting has caught up with me. Inspired and depressed at same time. I DO NOT like being behind. Thanks to all the lovely ladies helping us through another season of gifts.

  18. What another fabulous day of projects! Seems we have the same music at my house!

  19. Ho, Ho, Ho, Kenny G just fills my soul, so do all these wonderful Gift ideas!! Making my list and at the top is No. 1 Please more hours in my day to SEW!!!
    Thanks Madame and Marlene, the Best of Santa's Elves!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  20. Another great day of terrific ideas for quick projects! Thanks to all the ladies!

  21. Kudo's to another wonderful day of great ideas. Thanks to all the participants!

  22. A great day of Christmas cheer! I am doubling my blog hopping fun and catching up on yesterdays's nifty gifties, too. Thanks to all ... :) Pat

  23. Well today has been Sweet! Gotta love that gingham ruffle apron. Another inspiring day...

  24. love the pincushion and thread catcher and the apron is adorable. I'm an apron person. Full body too I'm a mess cook. ;P

  25. There are so great presents being shared, and ideas of things we could make. Great hop.

  26. A ruffled apron and Kenny G.... don't know how it can get much better than this.... Fabulous projects today!

  27. Such fun ideas today. Am I the only one starting at the end of the list of the day and going up so I can see what they sent to others? That just makes sense to me...lol I'm always a little backwards and sideways. You can never go wrong with an apron. Love it.

  28. That apron is great. Trying to think what I want to make out of that fabric :). Fun projects today! Okay, I need to do what Carla does & go backwards = great idea.

  29. These small gifts were such a good idea! Thanks Marlene and Samm! PLUS, My youngest daughter took me to see Kenny G in Concert 3 Christmas's ago! He was Wonderful...so at ease with the audience and played all his hits plus an hour of Christmas music. He has been a favorite of mine since he came on the scene.
    Gmama Jane

  30. So much fun and I even bookmarked a couple to make for myself.

  31. Love Kenny G
    I've seen him in concert and it's moving
    What cute ideas


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