Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Day 1 of T'was the night....HOLIDAY BlOG HOP IDEAS

We are all familiar with T'was the night before Christmas..
Wellll, I came up with my own version to describe our FESTIVE HOLIDAY
Blog hop- and  I am no poet, but sometimes the words just fill my page..
( your screen) wink..

T'was the night...

T'was the night before posting we're told it's a gift
a holiday present that has to conjure a lift...
It has to be made within hours, something so sweet
a pleasure to masses that has meaning so deep..

So if you can think of a gift or a something to stitch
and you know it will take only hours to enrich..
then join us this season with hearts content
You know your time will be so well spent......

Mdm Samm x

I could not imagine letting the year end without a holiday blog hop....
suggested a- Holiday Season Hop and loved T'was the night...
so we went from there...

I love this time of year, I have noted many hearts swell
at the memories, I would love to create even more for you all..

Here is some of our post to describe what will be unfolding
these next couple of weeks...

WElllllllll YOU are all so imaginative, talented, filled with inspiration..
so here is your opportunity to share something CHRISTMACY,
that could be small gifts that can made within hours...not days...
that YOU can share with us all..

Some suggestions, embroidery, towels, cards, paper piecing,
small wall hanging, cookie jars, pajama bottoms,
jewels, fobs wine bottle jackets, dolls, pin cushions....

Anything that would make for great christmas gifts
that tells someone YOU CARE...

Everyone in our hop has received a 
 HOMEMADE gift from the person above them 
on the schedule. 

On the day of their show and tell...They will highlight the gift
they received and what
project ( s)  they made for Christmas and Holiday related...

Each day a new list of ladies, filled with tenderness and heart..
Be sure to let them know your heart was touched too...
And those in receipt..be sure to reply...they want to know
you did indeed see THEM....
remember 7.2 minutes each day to accomplish this...

Tuesday, Nov. 11

CeLynn’s Sunflower Patch ( received from Mdm Samm) 

 What a lovely beginning to our HOLIDAY hop
Soooo many delightful, beautiful projects...
All of you certainly put us in the mood for both stitchin and giving.....
and I thank you for that....

The SEASON becomes YOU! 

And look at what one of our ladies created...
lot's of bags...and gingham plaids....NOW how could you not be 
WOWED, of course it doesn't help that I may be a bit biased....
But really look at all these Christmas bags complete with 
lovely appliques...

and to put us all in the mood..
MY favourite song to begin a season..
I love this song.... HOME by Mr Buble...a Canadian! 
Always bring a tear or two....

 Pinterest T'was the night


  1. Woo hoo! Great ideas and projects. An inspirational day...such fun! Gotta go...my sewing machine is calling LOL

  2. Just finished hopping for today. Great ideas from some very creative ladies. I hope to use a few of these ideas myself.

  3. We're off to a great start today! Love your little poem and I'm looking forward to seeing all of the creative goodies. Oh boy!

  4. What a wonderful first day Samm! I saw so many things I want to make....all on my Pinterest board to remind me! blessings, marlene

  5. Was so excited to get this morning to start this hop. Now I have to get up earlier tomorrow! LOL What a great first day. And what fun it must be for all these ladies who share their talent to receive a gift. Giving is fun, but honestly, so is receiving. :)
    Many thanks to you and Miss Marlene for all the work coordinating this hop.

  6. A bunch of creative delight. Loved the pretty little tea cozy you created. Have a joyous day! ;)

  7. Good Morning Samm! Just had to write a quick note to you... the cozy is sew cute! LOVE it. You do such good work, kinda wish I was at the top of the list today..... It couldn't have gone to a better lady though... that CeLynn... I am beginning to think that she has connections to the big guy in red. Did you see all those projects??? Puts me to shame. Congrats to you and Marlene for another wonderful hop. I am SEW excited to see what is coming next. xx ~Cori

  8. The gifting season is off to a wonderful start! Sew many lovely new ideas to make. Thanks to all who shared today... :) Pat

  9. A great beginning with some fun ideas for gifts...I need to go sew! Your cozy and cup were beautiful!

  10. Nice way to start this one :) Your cup and cozy were beauties. Good to start accumulating all these ideas for gifts as the temps take a dive this week!

  11. What a spectacular start! This is such a wonderful hop idea :D

  12. Wow, first day was great, lots of lovely gifts!

  13. What a fun event. There are so many great ideas!

  14. Love your poem and your gift to CeLynn! Great start this morning!

  15. Such a Beautiful Start to the Gift Giving Season!!! Thank~you so much Ladies for thinking up this wonderful Hop! I think this might be a wonderful annual event~ One of these days I will need to find where you have your Cuppa Cozy Pattern, such a Great idea!
    Have a Wonderful Day!! Yes I can listen to Michael ALL Day Long!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  16. Oh, this is so fun. Viewing the love given to each other in sweet little gifts. I'm off to be inspired.

  17. Wonderful way to start my day, getting some great ideas for the holidays!

  18. What a perfect day of gift ideas, quick and easy is my motto!

  19. What treats we were given today! Inspired by so much and added several to my ever growing list of must try to make! Wonderful ideas!

  20. Good Idea to have a Holiday Hop a month before the Crunch time comes. I'll be watching for a quickproject to whip up for some of my Family!

  21. What a great idea this hop is. The first day sure got off to a running start. All these beautiful projects and gifts. I am getting so many ideas for stocking stuffers, etc. I better get sewing :)

  22. A great start to another hop, Mme Samm! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

  23. Yayayay! Can't wait to see what everyone creates!!!

  24. What a perfect way to unwind after work! Today was filled with so many great ideas for gifts. I have been truly blessed with my cuppa cozie gift Madame! Thank you

  25. This hop is sew much more inspiration than I ever even thought of. Great ideas and very doable projects. Thank you Madamm Samm for once again being amazing! Thank you sew very much. Creative T'was the Night Bliss...

  26. The first day of the hop was great. Lots of ideas for some cool stocking stuffers.

  27. There were lots of busy, busy elves for today. Lots of ideas and can't wait to see what's in Santa's bag for tomorrow.

  28. Nice cuppa cozy you made. Never thought of making a cozy just for my cup! :)

  29. Oh, I can't believe that I missed the sign-up for this hop. What a great idea! I'm having a fun time browsing through all these cute projects.

  30. Just got caught up with visiting all of the blogs. been away to a sew-in and to present a comfort quilt to a friend. Lots of inspiring projects!

  31. what a lovely blog hop and swap nice touch.

  32. I'm late to the party but it is wonderful so far.


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