Saturday, November 1, 2014

WITCHED WICKED DELIGHTS and I am sooooooo Happy it is Halloweeeeeeen~

Greetings to you all on this day of HALLOWEEN...
EVERY ONE of you brought something bewitching to this hop...
I was very worried that my post today would not even come close
to WOWING YOU........I will have to raise my bar in future hops...
YOU are all shining as  excellent photographers, stitchers, sewers and quilters...

YOU do make my witching heart swellllllll! Thank you for that.....

OUR Wicked Wendy swept into our hearts once again in her 3rd year
Cheering for us ...She kept all of our brooms ready so we could  sweep
in and nobody could have done it better...And she was flying herself
all through various STATES.....how did she do it all? ---she had one wicked brew
that I am sure everyone would love a sip of. 

Gratitude to Maywood also known as eeschenck for creating such a lovely collection...
 You can be sure-I will send them all of the highlights
 with a link to our Pinterest board. 

By now you have visited all these LOVELY bewitching ladies
I shared my day with....
There is no doubt they will  WOW you with Halloween delight! 

Be sure to leave them some lovely comments and  for those in receipt
it would be very nice if you send them a quick note too...it takes as I already 
shared...less than 7 minutes to do ......
BE a cheerleader ! It really pays to do so...


Sew We Quilt ( here I am )

So what kept me busy in my bewitching hours
welllll let's see..... 

I needed some hot brews, so I captured some spider webs in  the form
of goose down, and make this cuppy cozie to go over my wicked
mug that kept my brew hot for at least 2 hours....
Seems many times I was so focused on task, I would forget
I poured myself a BREW of stitching fuel.... and when I remembered
-it was still HOT....a goose down liner is an excellent insulator..

Ohhhhh and I made another MODELE Witch....
alllll with our themed fabric... and although she does appear
a bit shy, let me share she had some very INTENSE moments
when I was stuffing her very thin legs lol

Ohhhhh and yes a BLACK ( faced)  CAT did make an appearance......
Sumatra appears to be somewhat bewitched at all the attention she is getting
 .. since we returned from holidays--- she is never far from sight...
My camera certainly cast a spell on her...

And a BLACK CAT just had to be X-stitched into a panel 
of my Tammy Bag.....I drew her right on the orange linen
and just x-stitched her in 3 days.....Added a polka dot bow....
and voila--- a very lovely seasonal Tammy Bag.....
( new layout design here) 

Ohhh and my Monster HIGH Doll was inspired by Carol ( that other lady)
and as much as I  like wicked things, she is the mistress of that talent...
Mine was just a sweet Ghoulish Cat.... nothing scary about her....
you want SCARY, Carol will look after you...

next.....I had this PINK lamp with a VERY striking FUSHIA lamp shade....
( now that was frightening....) I had purchased it from our hospital auxiliary 
to assist them in purchasing new medical equipment.... I paid far too much for her
to be hidden in a closet.......SOOOOOO with some
in colour I gave her a new look.....JUST LIKE THAT.... 

I then made a ruffle.. a very long ruffle...kinda like a skirt ruffle.....
and folded it in half, I stitched her onto the lampshade...gathered
it all in pleats..and now I have this LOVELY Black cat Crossing 
lamp for my studio to celebrate this season...

and yes she is holding a wine glass....instead of coffee cup...
SHOCKING and SCARY...I only drink COFFEE!

I then made a new cover for my MAC AIR using 
the colours so matched B.C.C. that I thought it would be a perfect addition complete with 
crawling bugs as a ruffle....Who said you cannot be frightening and pretty
at the same time? 

And here is my collection...of all my small projects........to help those down the road, here are a few 
tidbits that may help you.....

1. Pick up some barnwood somewhere ( I called on someone who knew a couple who were tearing down their barn) forever grateful to that person... ....cut them in pieces for a variety of photo shoots...
Here I have 3 different ones....together they make for an interesting backdrop...

2. This photo was taken at around 7  in the morning...no sun out....perfect for the feeling of this 
one shot...it was actually cloudy...Why is this so good... Here is why....on your camera setting of either M ( manual) or AV Aperture-priority mode ( which means blurs a background) it brings all other pieces in front to a very sharp image.... It is the perfect setting I often use, with no flash...FLASH  IS BAD.... it changes colours of everything...you do not want that....Do groupings...tell a story with your photos...

3. If you are only doing one shot of one project, put at least 2 other things in the photo to stage it....it helps to scale of how little or big a project is...,  it gives your photo shoot personality.... I  have many PROPS for such a theme....

Like this one...this Mammy doll  made by my sweet Cheryl ( she is in our hop today Mammy stitches) ---  she needed a new PINAFORE. my Mammy not Cheryl wink......So using Black Cat Crossing and some Peppered Cotton in purple...I made this and added a 3 Dimensional C for CAT..... This has already been spoken for, and I  heard the sweet tot...just loves it....she told her Mummy, she wants to be a MAMMY too complete with head bow  lol...

Ding Dong  the witch is DEAD.....so much
goes into all of our blog hops....
I think I am completely worn out....
NO rest for this wicked lady....
already planning next years hops.........


I am heading to my kitchen for something with CAFFEINE in it..

come on back a bit later to see who was our WOW for the day!

GRATITUDE... for such a lovely wicked, inspiring seasonal hop...
YOU all keep raising the bar and yesterday was no exception....
FILLED with creativity and lot's of groovy PROJECTS....

EVERYONE KNOW HOW much you appreciated
them entertaining us all...


And what wowed us totally...this CAT....complete with the PASSION of cats
eyes in this cats eyes lol..very well done and her photos inspired us allll.....

thank you thank you thank you 
see you soon at our next hop..


  1. The tammy bag is my favorite.. the cat is purrfect! Thank you for all your effort in putting on the most wicked hop ever!

  2. Modele Witch is wickedly awesome, the cat on the bag...well, that's just perfectly noncreepy (thanks for leaving the creepy stuff to me.). LOL You outdid yourself with "small projects" and even took time to share photo tips....wow!

  3. You are amazing with all you do. Once again, there isn't a thing I don't love. Your attention to detail is always wonderful, but that cat on the Tammy is over the top, purrrfect! Your Modele Witch is very wicked, in a good way and love the way the lamp shade really compliments the lamp. Loved this hop. Some are late to the party today and I will have to come back later to see their wickedness. Happy Halloween and Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Happy Halloween! Have a beautiful day. I need to be dressed at 7 in the morning and outside taking photos! I wait til evening & then I get busy and then it's dark. Thanks for the tips. Your projects are so detailed and fun. Sumatra's expression is priceless. The hop has been amazing. Looking forward to seeing today's wickedness.

  5. I love all your projects today, but the lampshade to me is by far the most clever, very cool, may have to try that myself. Love the cat on the bag, and the cup with the eyes on it, I'd buy that in a heartbeat myself. :)

  6. What a fun group of projects, every one of them screams you, LOL! Sew enjoyed the hop. Happy Halloween and Happy Anniversary to you and David.

  7. Bewitchingly beautiful! I love the orange cloth with the black cat stitched upon it. Everything you stitched up was gorgeous! Happy anniversary and Halloween!

  8. You are so creative with all your projects! Sumatra, the Black Faced Cat, fits very well into your setting, but my favorite is the black cat stitched on the Tammy bag. I am so happy you organize these blog hops, it is so interesting to see all the projects that are being created.
    Happy Halloween and Happy Anniversary!

  9. Poor Ding Dong, but she can relax now up to next year, and then she will be even stronger and more creative!
    Happy anniversary to you both, I hope you are going zo gave a puuurfect day :-) I love all your projects, but the Tammy is again so special and the LAMP, waoh!!!!!

  10. You always have such beautiful projects. I love what you did with the lamp, much better than fushia. Also the Tammy bag, ofh and the dolk, soo cute. Thank you so much for this great hop. Once again I had a Wickedly good time. Oh, Happy Anniversary!!

  11. A whole load of ghostly projects! I love them all. Amazing. The cuppy cozy is my favourite. With ruffles! Thank you for yet another amazing hop. I had so much fun looking at all those pretties! Have a happy Halloween!

  12. What a wonderful post with so many Halloween treats! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. Enjoy your very special day and thank you for yet another fabulous hop!

  13. You are amazing my dear friend
    What a great post dear and I truly love your tammy bag and it's my favorite.. the cat is perfect! Thank you for all your effort in putting on the most wicked hop ever! You are a great cheerleader too :)
    Happy Halloween dear xxx

  14. Wow so many wickedly wonderful projects! And your photos are always so clever and beautiful. Thanks for yet another really fun blog hop! Happy Halloween and Happy Anniversary!

  15. Spooktacular job as always! Thanks again for this hop.

  16. Enjoyed your post today. Such a lot of cute little things. Love the Tammy bag and of course, the dolls are great too. I can't imagine that lamp in those crazy colors, but your re-do of it is wonderful. And as usual, you even give tips to better photos. The other tip I would give to some is to re-size the photos larger. On some blogs they are so tiny you can't really see them very well. And Happy Anniversary to you today as well. I hope you have a wickedly lovely day.

  17. See, I told you nothing to worry about! I LOVE your doll... have the one I purchased upstairs in my sewing room. Love her to pieces! The Tammy Bag is Black cat puurfect! All of your creations are over the top, as always!

    Happy Anniversary to you and David!

  18. I KNEW IT!!!! YOUR projects ROCKED!!!! SO CUTE!!!! From your spooky lady to the down coffee cozy....WOWSERS! The tidbits will certainly find their way into my future photos! But I can't go without saying something about that GORGEOUS Tammy bag!!!! I LOVE it!!! Sew much stitching goodness going on here! I hope you and David have a wonderful Anniversary!!!!!!

  19. Samm, all the projects and photos were great but I just love that witch photo at the end. So funny! Happy Halloween and happy anniversary.

  20. OMGosh I just don't know what to say about each and every project. Couldn't pick a fav if I had too.
    Happy Anniversary. Thank you for putting on such a wonderful blog throughout the year and the Hops you promote. I hope to be a participant in the coming year. You are the BEST.
    xx, and Happy Halloween, Carol

  21. As always, I have enjoyed all of your great projects today! Everything has your "twist" on it to make it special. Thanks for another great hop. I've certainly been awed and amazed at all of the creativity. Happy Halloween and Happy Anniversary!

  22. What delightful projects Ms Samm! Your kitty on the tammy bag is just adorable. You did a wonderful job, as always :)

  23. OH! and a very Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetheart!

  24. Great group of bewitchingly beautiful projects. Thanks for all you do.

  25. Hi Missie Samm,
    Sumatra ♥
    and and all of your fabulous creations. So pretty.
    Everyone shared so many beautiful creations, I checked almost all of the blogs, but left sooo few comments.
    I loved the quilts. I am keeping so busy. I will try to email you soon. My parents are like twins.
    I miss my old fun silly life.
    One cool thing I have done is rearrange my sewing office. The biggest change is that I tossed my ironing board and made myself a big work table ironing board. it is so cool.
    I love you dear friend, and to any one that reads this comment, I love you too.
    Always and most sincerely, Rosemary Bolton (the happy exhausted parental care supervisor)

  26. Another great group of projects :) Every year this hop is full of such deliciously spooky fun! Happy Halloween!

  27. I really love all your beautiful projects, Madame Samm. They are all so delightful it is hard to choose a favorite. Great job!
    Thank you for another wonderful Blog Hop. I am wishing you a very Happy Halloween and Happy Anniversary!

  28. Your dolls are so perfect, Samm !!! I love them <3

  29. First of all, Happy Anniversary. I hope you and your husband have many, many more.
    Your projects may be small but they are big in WOW! What exquisite detail in each and everyone of them. Your coffee cozy, great idea, I hate cold coffee (I have a cute Ladybug lid for my cup, helps a lot but not 2 hours worth. That is impressive in itself LOL) La Modele, so dainty and lovely. Your Tammy bag has to be one of my favorites. The tiny cat neck sporting the big bow, I just love that. I love the Edgar Allen Poe fabric. Want to make something for my daughter from it. Mammy is adorable in her new outfit too. I would say you wowed quite well dear.
    Thank you, Wicked Wendy, and Maywood Studios for one of the best hops ever. Have thoroughly enjoyed it. Best part, Pinterest makes it so easy to go back for a second look. Thank you for that too. Happy Halloween everyone.

  30. My Dear Madame Samm, I want to thank you for your encouragement. I want to thank you for all your time and energy that you put into giving us a place to come and be creative. You boost our spirits and push us to our creative limits. Happy Anniversary Madame Samm you Rock!! I would have to say I love the Tammy Bag and the lamp just Wow is all I can say how do you find the time and the energy I need a cup of it! Happy Halloween to all and thank you all for sharing your Beautiful works of art.

  31. Happy anniversary, Madam Samm. Your projects have delighted us again today. The Tammy bag is just fabulous and I love your Mammy doll. You always know how to wow us. Thank you to Maywood Studios, all of the participants, and especially YOU and the Wicked Wendy for another fun and creative hop.

  32. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you have a lovely, lovely day.This has been a wonderfully spooktacular hop. Thank you for all your creative help, and encouragement. You are the greatest. Your projects today are super wonderful. Lot the Tammy Bag, and your doll, too cool. Love your Mammy doll. Have a spooktacular day.

  33. Happy Anniversary to you my dear and your sweet David! You pack a might punch in such little projects! They are fabulous as usual! And there's that Tammy Bag again! :) .... someday! Have a wonderful and blessed day celebrating!

  34. Fabulous hop! I'm thinking I want my own skeleton now. Thank you & Wendy for putting this amazing Halloween show together.

  35. Your kitty model is so purrfectly sweet! Love the fluffy fur and little black face. Your projects are exquisite, and I love all the attentions to detail. Thanks for all your encouragement and have a wonderful Halloween and anniversary!

  36. You had no reason to be afraid your projects wouldn't measure up! They are all inspiring. I loved your dolls, your repurposed lamp and its new shade, your coffee warmer, your Mac Air cover a nd even the spider web mug rug! And by the way, I hope you have a wonderful anniversary today!!

  37. Never fear my Wicked Clever Dear. Your projects are Wonderful and I love each element. I could not pick a favorite if I had to as I adore each one. Well...maybe the Tammy bag...no it has to be the dolls, Modele and Mammy are precious...see I could never pick for the love of them all. Thank you sew very much for participating and hopping. Creative Black Cat Crossing Bliss...
    Happy Anniversary Miss Clever Madamm Samm!

  38. All of your projects are perfect and as always, thanks for sharing photography tips! Happy Anniversary!

  39. Wickedly-amazing! Such a great collection :)

  40. Mdm Samm, I can't tell you what an inspiration you are to me with you projects, ideas, kind words and willingness to help others. When I grow up I want to be just like you. Your are blessed and a blessing to others.

  41. Hi!!! Wow!!! Wow!!!!! They are all wickedly purfect!!!!! I love them all!!!!!! This hop was awesome!!!!! Thank You!!!!! You are awesome!!!!

  42. I love all your wonderful projects especially your tammy bag! This has been an awesome blog hop. I think if I remember correctly, today congratulations on your wedding anniversary are in order sooo......Congratulations and Happy Halloween!

  43. <3 Happy Halloween and Happy Anniversary! <3
    Thank you for this wickedly wonderful blog hop. All your projects are so creative. The fabric in the MacAir cover look perfect with all the Black Cat Crossing fabrics. Your photos are all treats and your photo tips and tricks are all good. May your day be as wonderful as you ... :) Pat

  44. Oh, my gosh, Samm! So, "sew" cute! And Sumatra's picture gave me a giggle. What a cute collection - I especially love the black cat Tammy bag and the dead little witch on her spiderweb. Everyone's projects have been amazing - thanks for the Pinterest page so we can easily see them all together. Can't believe it's been 4 years! I still snuggle in my Wicked little quilt every night.

  45. This was my first hop. Such fun seeing everyone's amazing creativity. Thank you for inspiring me!


    Happy Halloween and may I say I love the picture where Sumatra is peeping behind or around the board. She is quite the scene stealer. Your projects WOWed me and to know you cross stitched that Black Cat on the Tammy Bag Freaks me OUT!!! It would take me 3 days to locate a pattern and draw it. I need a cup of whatever you're drinking...some extra ooomph to my coffee. Alas, Fibromyalgia, has me in its grip and I find it hard to move fast for anything or anyone.
    Can't wait to see what is in store for us in 2015!!! I'll be here!
    Gmama Jane

  47. I have enjoyed this blog hop so much!! Your projects are very bewitching. Absolutely stunning. I specially love the Ghoulish Cat Monster HIGH Doll. She is beautiful!! The witch on the spiderweb mat made me laugh!! Thank you!! A Very Happy Anniversary to you and yours :)


  48. This has been a great blog hop! Thanks!

    1. lovely Ruth and thank you...next time you hop in ...leave an email so I can you to our data and I can then write directly ..you are a google plus which erases your emails..

  49. You never disappoint! Your creativity knows no bounds and this hop is no different! I love all of your projects, but I think I love your skinny-legged doll the most. She is so colorful and sweet, even if she is witchy! I could use a new lap top cover, too. Great idea adding the ruffle.

  50. Black face cat, too cute and too precious. Your projects are always wonderful. Love the Black Cat Tammy bag and the dolls, especially the Mammy Doll. It's been a great hop. Happy Anniversary.

  51. Such a fun way to end this Wickedly Fun Hop, with everyone adding sew many Details to their creations! Just one inspiration right after another! Love your Projects Madame from La Modele to Mammy's New Pinafore everyone is Spooktacular!! To see my sweet Sumatra in this last post of week has made my day! I Thank~you, Wendy, and Maywood from the bottom of my Heart!! Such a wonderful Collection for us all to create with!! Happy Halloween and a Blessed Happy Anniversary Wish to you and David!
    Huggs, Nancy
    I just know 2015 is going to be a killer year and I can't wait for the Challenges you bring our way!!

  52. My oh my, you always amaze me with the number of projects you make for the hops. They are all absolutely beautiful. I especially love the Modele Witch, the Tammy Bag and the Mammy doll.

    Happy Anniversary to you and David!

  53. Love the way you set up all your amazing projects!! Your photos are always so interesting - thanks for giving us tip on how to do that too!!

  54. Thank You for the great pictures of your projects & the photos tips!!! Happy Samhain!!

    Blessed Be Tricia

  55. I, too, forget my coffee (hot & cold) when I'm INTO my sewing; that cozy sounds like a great solution. Of course, I love you doll but each and every project is so fun. You inspire us all with your talents, your creativity, your willingness to share info (like the photo tips today). Thank you, MS, YOU do make life more fun and interesting. Is it not just amazing to see all the creative projects during this hop?

  56. Happy, happy anniversary. October is a great month to be married - ahhem - it was 45 years this month for hubby and me!

  57. Wicked and wonderful projects, Mdm Samm! I love how your projects can fit into everyday life, not just for Halloween décor. Each project has your special touch of magic (I must make one of your cuppa cozies... no more forgotten and therefore COLD tea ;o). Beautifully done!

    Oh, Sumatra. She is a scene stealer, that one. Brilliant capture of Miss Gorgeous, Samm. She has the most bewitching eyes.

    Wishing you and David a very Happy Anniversary!

  58. Delightfully wicked projects. I for one can be bribed with wine any day, so the lamp is just perfect!! Hope you have a fabulous anniversary!

  59. Such cute projects. Never go wrong with a Tammy Bag...don't think I've ever seen one I didn't like. Thank you so much for the info on taking pictures. Great hints. Another bootiful hop done...thanks everyone!

  60. What a spooktacular hop. So many wonderful ideas. And your collection is a perfect way to end. The witch doll, Tammy bag and new lamp cover are lovely. Thanks for providing such a creative venue for others to shine.
    Happy Anniversary.

  61. Loved all of your projects, as always. This was an amazing hop. Everyday brought something new and wonderful. Thanks to you and all of the hoppers for a wonderful hop. Can't wait for the next one.

  62. Very cute projects. I'm especially lovin' the lamp. Everything looks better with black on it.

  63. Happy Anniversary and Happy Halloween! Your projects are so fun. My favorites are your Tammy Bag and the lamp makeover. Oh, but then there is your model witch. So much fun! Thank you so much for all the work you put into your blog hops. This one was hauntingly delightful to follow along!

  64. I wanted to ask about the spider web mug rug. Where did you get it? Or did you do a tutorial on it and I missed it? kthurn@bektel.com

  65. Thanks for the photo tips! Using other pieces for scale is genius.

  66. Happy Anniversary…and many, many more!!!!! :o)
    Love all your projects…especially the cuppy cozie…gotta make me one of those since I'm always forgetting about my hot tea or coffee.. only to find it's gone cold :(

  67. Happy Happy Anniversary!!! & Blessings Galore for Always!

    Your Projects (& stories) are sooo fun...& Awesome!! Thanks for this Wonderfully Wicked Hop!! :)

  68. Happy anniversary!! As always you did disappoint with your creations! This has been a wonderful hop and all of the participants did a wonderful job.

    1. Oops I just noticed that I didn't proof read, mainly due the fact that I've been up too long. It should have said ..As always you did not disappoint with your creations! Can't wait for the next hop and all of the wonderful talent that will be on show.

  69. My, my what lovely goodies. All so creative and carefully stitched. Mammy is sweet with her new clothes. Great ending to another successful hop. Sew much fun.

  70. Another wickedly successful hop! Love your new Tammy...fun to find you on C.T. website! Hope you come out in catalogue too so I can say...hey, I know her and her ever fabulous hops! LOL Thanks for the tips on photo taking...gonna need tips on cameras too...no savy there. Rest up...the Christmas hop will be here before you know it! xox

  71. absolutely awesome projects. I love them all

  72. Hi Samm - I've been out of town for several days and apparently my internet connection wasn't too good. I commented yesterday but I guess Blogger ate it. :) I'm totally in love with that counted cross stitch cat - and your Modele's skinny legs made me smile! The Mac bag/cover is adorable and I love the addition of the lace; but my very favorite is the lampshade. That's really thinking outside the box....and making it beautiful. I didn't see it before but this is wonderful. You're going to love it in your studio! Thanks for keeping us hopping. :) blessings, marlene

  73. Another wonderful hop has come to an end. Always so sad. Love your projects, each and every one of them but my favorite has to be the Xstitched Black Cat on the Tammy bag. He has so much character.

  74. I see Sumatra stole the show again. Great projects all, your creativity is shining through., The witch can't be dead, tell me she is just hiding in the cracks of the weathered barn board and will rise again next year. Watch where you step!

  75. Trying again since you emailed me. My comment I left you yesterday isn't showing, and I am not at all certain this one will either. I have enjoyed the hop.Carole

  76. What lovely, creative projects. It's hard to pick a favorite but I love the black cat (and bow-tie) on the Tammy bag. Thanks so much for sharing your photo tips and for another great blog hop.

  77. So many projects again....how do you keep up with it all! :)
    My fave is your cross stitched cat Tammy bag.

  78. Oh wow!! Your projects were wonderful and I was so inspired by your photos. Thank you for sharing how to take such wonderful photos. I am hoping to improve mine and you are so supportive!! I loved your Tammy bag and that you updated the pattern on Craftsy. I will be making at least 1 this week. You are truly 'the cat's meow' (merveilleuxeuse)!

  79. I love the cross stitched kitty! He is quite the handsome fellow and I like how the tree limbs on the lamp shade go right into the body of the lamp. Gives it a spooky look. Everything you have created is unique and fabulous! A great way to end the hop. Hope you had a great anniversary!

  80. You have so much creativity, it's incredible! I'm starting to think you must have learned to access more of your brain than the rest of us with all that you accomplish in your life. Thank you for sharing your creations with us, and for pushing us to expand our minds. Thank you for the photo tips as well, I really appreciate it. Please pass on snuggles to Sumatra and T-Cup, and also happy anniversary to you and David. :)

  81. Spooktacular projects Mdm Samm!!! Love all of them, especially the crossed stitched cat with the bow tie on the Tammy bag. Love the lamp too, the shade is purrfect...and the Mac Air cover with ruffles...purrfect too!! Thanks for the photo tips and for another great blog hop!! I missed participating...I joined the first three...there will be next year. Thanks again for all you do to keep us hopping and creating!! Happy stitching, Pauline

  82. I'm glad you liked Webbed Kitty. It is always a fun opportunity to participate.

  83. Hi, Sorry I am late to comment I went out of town for Halloween! Thanks for all you do! All of your projects are great! I love the dolls. I want to make one one day :)

  84. Wow and just more wow. You never disappoint with the wonderful things you create for each hop. Thank you for such an enjoyable Halloween season.

  85. Your dolls intrigue me!!! You made them?! And the lamp is marvelous now - can't imagine it pink and fuschia (sounds rather hideous). This was a really fun hop - thanks so much for organizing it. :D


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