Monday, October 27, 2014

We're BACKKKKKKKKK Day 6 of more WICKED projects..

WELCOME Wicked Witches....

What wowed us on Friday...

Wicked Wendy is cheering us all on
for the 3rd time in 4 years. She is so suited for this role
and certainly sightings of her on her broom are never far from view...
We all delight in her bewitching style and you just never
know what BREW and SPELL she has casted on YOU...
Schedule on side bar will link you to Wendys....
proceed with caution...

This is one themed blog hop that we do repeat
year after year. It was Ghastlies that started us off
4 years ago...

Some of you would be very surprised to hear

David and I wed on Halloween !
We met on Halloween 10 years prior, and year after year
of offers of my hand in marriage, I finally agreed and it seemed
fitting to marry at the exact time of our meeting 10 years earlier.

We have been together 25 years and every moment with 

this man has been one SPOOKTACULAR adventure...
This season brings such joy for me and looking at how quickly
we fill  this hop year after year....YOU must enjoy it too...

So let's gather all of our BROOMS and sweep by and visit

our LOVELY PROJECT Designers in training....

Be sure to leave everyone comments, A CHEERLEADER
will note many many rewards in the upcoming months....

I cannot SHOUT enough 2015 will be a constant delight 

for many of you......EVERYONE is ELIGIBLE...
Just continue CHEERING, get involved, take great pictures,

We will do the same....wink..

Here are our lovely WICKED ladies today...
return later in the morning to see who WOWED us
and filled us with CREATIVE DELIGHT...

Our Pinterest Board WICKEDNESS photos here)

What a wonderful return to WICKED
this Monday morning...I was up early enough
to capture all the pretty amazing projects..
Don't you just love "CROSSING" yet another project off your list....?

Today this lady really WOWED us all...the CAT focal piece..tail comes off....lol
and the wonderful blocks and borders makes fills us with creative delight...
Her QUILT against the landscape ..... realllllly AWE-SPIRING! 

friendly reminder...I am away at Elections today.. just leaving in a few minutes....
will leave comments to you all tomorrow....( did get to all of our participants today but not
all the mail that found itself in my inbox...) 
I will not be returning till after the elections close....
in the pm....13 hours++


  1. I think this is my favorite hop of the year. I love looking at all the wicked creations and am inspired by all the talented artist.

  2. Oh guess what I just saw------------- A new Steam Punk Halloween fabric! It's from Timeless Treasures and not up on their site yet so probably won't be available until late Spring.

  3. i am visiting all the blogs and its so much fun..
    love cucki x

  4. I'm tickled pink this morning. Thanks Samm :) I'm having a great time on this hop. There is so many creative projects to see.

  5. Just finished my hopping and plenty of black cats this morning.. Lovely projects by all!

  6. Off to another wickedly fun week!!

  7. Another great day of creativity,.

  8. Today had me giggling. Black cats of all sizes and shapes. What fun!

  9. Lots of black cats to inspire us today...loved them all!

  10. Projects today are too cute!!! I loved the winner's quilt today...it is just Halloween Spicey!

  11. Today was a day of wickedly cute projects!

  12. A day full of some uniquely designed Black Cats, of all crazy types! A wonderful start to our second week, Thank~You Black Cat Dou!! Madame I do hope you enjoy your day out of the office!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  13. There have been some busy ladies again today!

  14. You chose well!! This quilt is very creative, unique,colorful, ans Spooktacular!!
    Gmama Jane

  15. Great quilts today! Let's play pin the tail on the cat. Here's to elections, and serving the public :). Any plans for your wedding anniversary?

  16. Using a quilt as a game is so very creative.

  17. The pin-on-the-tail black cat is so purrfect! A great idea for a Halloween game for sure. I enjoyed all the bright and cheerful Halloween themed projects today.

  18. Another day of fun hopping. Got to it late but was still just as fun. Good job ladies. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  19. The variety of designs is quite inspiring, having great fun looking!

  20. This is truly a fabulous hop and one I am enjoying...every Wicked Wonderful project from sew many talented creative people. Thank you sew very much dear. Creative Black Cat Crossing Bliss...

  21. Finally had time to sit down and enjoy today's projects. Great job by everyone.

  22. Another bewitching day of fabulous projects.

  23. A wicked day of project for sure! Better late than never! :)

  24. This was truly a great day of projects. Now I'm off to see the next day and hopefully get caught up.


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