Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Black cats just keep coming...on day

WELCOME Wicked Witches....

What wowed us yesterday..

Wicked Wendy is cheering us all on
for the 3rd time in 4 years. She is so suited for this role
and certainly sightings of her on her broom are never far from view...
We all delight in her bewitching style and you just never
know what BREW and SPELL she has casted on YOU...
Schedule on side bar will link you to Wendys....
proceed with caution...

This is one themed blog hop that we do repeat
year after year. It was Ghastlies that started us off
4 years ago...

Some of you would be very surprised to hear

David and I wed on Halloween !
We met on Halloween 10 years prior, and year after year
of offers of my hand in marriage, I finally agreed and it seemed
fitting to marry at the exact time of our meeting 10 years earlier.

We have been together 25 years and every moment with 

this man has been one SPOOKTACULAR adventure...
This season brings such joy for me and looking at how quickly
we fill  this hop year after year....YOU must enjoy it too...

So let's gather all of our BROOMS and sweep by and visit

our LOVELY PROJECT Designers in training....

Be sure to leave everyone comments, A CHEERLEADER
will note many many rewards in the upcoming months....

I cannot SHOUT enough 2015 will be a constant delight 
for many of you......EVERYONE is ELIGIBLE...
Just continue CHEERING, get involved, take great pictures,

We will do the same....wink..

Here are our lovely WICKED ladies today...
return later in the morning to see who WOWED us
and filled us with CREATIVE DELIGHT...

Wednesday, October 29

That's Sew  Julie ( links not working but she is there)

If someone leaves you a comment...I bet they would be thrilled
to hear from you too....it is just a nice thing to do...
and takes I TIMED IT....less than 7 minutes .....yep...

YES blogger was not playing nice...we were certainly scheduled
for the AM but not until I woke did I note it had not loaded...
Time check, published check......
something wicked at blogger again....

HOWEVER soooooo worth it now .......EVERY ONE had
created some pretty wicked and fall projects....
YOU all took some pretty amazing photos toooo..

and this lady has been in our hops for 1 year now ......she keeps growing
and showing some pretty amazing projects.......
TODAY no exception ....her unusual very large block with 
PURRRRFECT border just wows us all with CREATIVE DELIGHT


  1. Bon matin ma belle Madame! Today was another treat day! Have a great one...

  2. Looks like Blogger was being a very wicked cat this morning. Glad to see you up and running. :)

  3. What a fun day on the hop! blessings, marlene

  4. Another WOW!!!! This lady is who I get to send a Christmas gift to in a few days for our Twas the Night Before Christmas blog hop. I'll have to step up my game!! I love how we don't compete, we CHALLENGE ONE ANOTHER TO BE BETTER.
    Gmama Jane

    1. Gmama Jane, I've seen what you do and you're pretty amazing yourself. I know I will love whatever you put yourself to the challenge of. Thank you for your sweet words!

  5. Must comment on the photography, it is getting as creative as the projects. I love all the beautiful settings and vignettes the participants are using. Really sets off their projects. Great job ladies, have loved every day of this hop.

    1. I shutter to think and look back at how terrible my photography was in the beginning. It's a wonder I was ever asked to participate again! lol. So glad y'all had faith in me and kept encouraging me! I've come a long way and am constantly researching for tips and tricks to make it better!

  6. Gmama is so right on...we do challenge each other! I loved all the projects today and the top quilt was certainly a gorgeous addition to the hop!

  7. Another fun and inspirational day of hopping. We're wickedly close to the end. :(

  8. AGREED! That cemetery shot was AWESOME! All the projects today were GREAT FUN!

  9. What a great day of inspiration! I love that there were so many wonderful photos and those settings were great!

  10. More fun today....I hate to see it coming to a close.

  11. Another great day. You do inspire us to be creative.

  12. What a Great Day!! Yep Blogger is not being itself this morning. I have had a difficult time leaving comments, have had to re write a few a couple times. The Cemetary, what a Great place for Halloween Shots!! So much Inspiration and New Ideas in this Hop, Thank~You Madame & Wendy!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  13. Great projects! I like the border in your pick today. It's pretty WOW.

  14. Wonderful quilt again today! The photos are as striking as the projects. Think I had better find the charger for my camera.

  15. Great projects! I so enjoyed the inspiration from our creative gals today!

  16. Doris was creative in so many ways ... pictures in a cemetery, the quilt design and the quilting is out of this world!

  17. I am so thrilled to be enjoying this Wicked Black Cat Crossing with Maywood fabrics. I am rewarding my hopping time only in between my household chores. Boy am I getting domestic down! Sew many amazing projects have been shared and I am Wickedly Swooning...

  18. Another wonderful,day of wicked delights!

  19. A very great day of wows. I just love what Doris did with that stencil. The quilt and the sign are wowsers. Everyone did a great job of inspiring.

  20. They certainly didn't disappoint us today.

  21. Playing catch up since I was out of town. Love your choice for today's pick, it certainly is a Wow quilt!


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