Monday, October 6, 2014

So Berry Me....

It  must be the year for BERRY's for me.....I can't seem to 
avoid them....Presently I am working on a Vintage BERRY cross stitch on 
black cloth....really a challenge but with my handy Barnett laptop hoops
my Beam n Read light attached to the frame.... My needle and scissor keeper
( has a berry charm on the end) 
and ring of threads....welllll I can travel anywhere and  X-STITCH
and that is what I am doing...

A big shout out to Brooke Nolan who got me so inspired
that I  have picked up on my long lost passion of stitching once again..
and good thing too- because wait till you see what we have stored  for JANUARY....

and speaking of BERRIES, I have acquired a NEW Mammy, well actually 2 
new ones with BERRY dress that is so BERRY ME...
Cheryl is a long time friend and creator of Mammy Dolls....when I saw
this fabric I just had to order it ....She asked me what colour of HEAD Scarf...
IT HAD TO BE RED....it looks wonderful in my sewing studio
and I am ever so grateful for a dear lady who rocks my world with her 

She sits above my ironing station...a lovely addition and perfect
for my NOW COMPLETE gingham sewing studio.

David surprised me with new light fixtures, he felt the other
round dish was fine but did not provide the perfect lighting,
have to admit rectangle shades are just perfect.....
and the room just glows at night.... I see STARS...

I have so many wonderful projects to share for 2015... some will have  BERRIES too...

Think Gardening....wink.

p.s my sewing studio is always this neat....at a seminar a few years ago ..our leader
said creative individuals can create more if they have uncluttered work areas....ever since, my sewing studio gets cleaned up after each project, everything has a place... and creativity just flows from here....wink David mirrors me which is why our home is always very organized.


  1. Oh your New Mammy's are just the Sweetest!! I Love your Lighting. I think the 4 corner rectangles look really good with the 4 corners of the Gingham squares!! What has me really intrigued is your Lap Hoop and light, that has got to be the best to go set up, Love it!! I am always taking something in the car to do, either as a passenger or sitting waiting for someone like the Dr. Have to keep these creative hands busy!! I hope your having a lovely day!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  2. The dolls look wonderful sitting in your beautiful room! Sweet lamps, too!

  3. Love your new dolls...the red headscarf is a lovely accent against your gingham walls. A perfect setup indeed! Good lighting is so necessary, those darn holes can be so very tiny indeed! Berry delicious!

  4. Now I want to know how your space can be so clean and neat with all you create and do !!!!

  5. I was wondering the same. Everything looks beautiful. My room is always a mess.

  6. I noticed the new light fixture right away; that David has good taste!! The sewing room is beautiful - and a nice improvement. The Mammy dolls are wonderful and I'm going to check out Brooke's site. Thanks.

  7. I love the yellow details in your sewing room; especially the iron!


  8. David was right about the lighting...That is just lovely! And that stitching stand is FANTASTIC!

  9. Such a beautiful place to create :)

  10. Your new dolls are gorgeous. Yes, stitching on black can be a challenge. Many years ago I cross stitched a possum on black and the finished look was wonderful.

  11. Oh the berry hand work is going to be lovely! My first kitchen in 1980 (umhmm!) had a bright sunshine yellow gingham and strawberry theme! Loved it! You mammy dolls are just precious! So adorable dresses with the berries. And yes David is right the rectangle shades are perfect! He's so smart!!! Oh wait we knew that, he has you! :)

  12. Love your dolls, they are berry sweet. Your sewing room is sew lovely. I long for the day when my sewing room will have walls. I have a Barnett lap quilting hoop. I absolutely love it! He makes the best.

  13. Oh, I do love that sewing studio - it looks so inviting and ready for some creative mojo going on! Love your new mammy dolls - precious.

  14. Love your sewing studio! I read an article also about keeping a tidy room helps make creative things..I'm a fanatic about it as well. Can't create if you're constantly moving things out of the way! Hope you are doing great...I am excited to be back online. Hugs!!!

  15. Your studio looks fab. Love the lights. Great decision.

  16. Samm I love the new lights - just perfect for your wonderful studio. I'd love to know how you attached your Beam n Read to your hoop! blessings, marlene

  17. Your new Mammy dolls are sew cute! David is right as usual, lol! Will have to check out the nifty hoop.

    1. OK Miz Smarty, how did you connect the Beam n Read to the hoop? I have the light, marvelous for aging eyes, but need one of those hoops!

  18. Your new studio makes me smile each time I see a photo of it. and those Mammy dolls are such a great compliment to it. LOVE those lights!! I must look for something like that! Those make me very happy!

  19. Clean and neat, Mammy Dolls, cool hoop, great lights, terrific DAVE...you got it ALL!!
    xx, Carol

  20. Oh the stitchin is adorable and I too have been trying to getting back to making those Xs again. I used to that a lot more before quilting came into my life.

  21. The Mammy doll is wonderful.Her dress and kerchief are perfect. Love the strawberries you are stitching too. Always good to have handwork, especially when you are on the go!

  22. To always clean up your studio after every project is a wonderful goal for me to try to emulate. Your studio is such a ray of sunshine and inspiration. I adore your Mammy dolls and they are wonderful in your studio. Bless you and your David. Creative Bliss Dear...

  23. Your cross stitched berry is so pretty! I agree that berries are a great subject!
    Your doll is adorable! Yes, love that fabric!
    Wow! I will have to work harder at keeping my sewing space neat when I finally get one again! I agree that it is much easier to work in an oranized space!

  24. I've also done cross stitching on black (B.C. Ott Lights) a white dish towel really helped me illuminate the holes in the cloth. You do beautiful work and are so very creative. I love seeing your projects.

    1. Bobbie next time you pop in Bobbie..leave an email so I can reply...
      yes great idea...I have some white flannel underneath...having stitched before on black ..it is almost impossible to work ...I even have a little light
      that i place underneath that is effective too. This has been a wonderful project..very vintage looking...thanks for popping in

  25. Love your needlework set-up! Haven`t seen a Mammy Doll in years.

  26. Your studio inspires me to be a little neater. Now, I am a certified Clean Freak...ask my family. I even have a small purse size black light that I carry with me to hotels to shine a light on any "unwanted yuck". All the surfaces get a quick Lysol spray or wipe down. I could go on and on but my point is that my cleanliness doesn't always transfer to "everything in it's place when it comes to my sewing room. You inspire me to raise the bar as always! Working on Black Cat Crossing and Twas the Night Before Christmas. My Rush Hour Quilt is winging its way to my oldest sister who is recovering from a stroke. Her colors have ALWAYS been Black, White and Red!! Even her bathroom !!!! So she is going to be very surprised when she opens her package!! Thanks for inspiring, challenging, and cheering us onward, upward, and outward (out of our comfortable boxes).
    Gmama Jane


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