Monday, October 13, 2014

.....inspired by my qtpatutie.... BABY FLANNEL NIGHTIES

As soon as RBD shared our next special hop was with FLANNEL.
My first question to RBD....
"Do you still have any  FLANNEL GINGHAM?"
I could see her smiling at the other end of the line....

I knew exactly what I wanted to create...
Now I had to rewind back decades  when my "rug rats" -what my 
Ob/Gyn called my wee ones... all wore 
flannel nighties...they looked just like
baby hospital gowns. They were so practical too, 
they opened at the back, so it was very easy to change diapers...
The first 3 months, I kept them in nighties....
They were so little for such a short time...I wanted them to look like babies-
as long as I could. 

I remember purchasing a few nighties and then I started making them
in all different colours...  I believe they were CARTERS, and I had to order them from the US
as we did not have them in Canada at the time.

I don't think there was any GINGHAM FLANNEL otherwise
I would have made them in gingham too ..
So from a photo that is decades old....I DESIGNED  a new UPDATED
BABY NIGHTie one in a lovely GREY Gingham...
It is perfect for my wee baby who is wearing one...his name is TOMAS...
I modernized it with the addition of  a gingham cap...
NOW tell me he is not adorable?
Ohhh and his gown has some smocking too......
and another in white (below- this grey one was me perfecting the pattern) 

A photo of my qtpatutie ( my first born) I still call her that today 
and she is a MUMM and will always be my little girl
who still brings warmth to my heart..
She was not crying here....she was just YAWNING...
she was such a happy  baby.... love her white tongue....

She is wearing a baby nightie in a very soft PINK...

And here she is....lying on a lambs wool rug.... ( she is going to be sooooo emBAREassed)  :)
YOU really cannot tell BUT those curtains
behind her were PINK GINGHAM yes they were....the Raggedy Ann doll, one of the
first dolls I started designing...I still have it... ( she will probably want it back now wink) 
She was really a beautiful baby who would have been about 6 months here...
Her BEDROOM was very large...with 12 ft ceiling...
I still remember purchasing a BOLT of PINK Gingham to make her curtains...
and yes they had ruffles...The bolt had over 20 yards of fabric. 

Now here she was crying, she was not too fond of my OTHER NANNY...
psst I wasn't too fond of her either...lol
But here she is in another PINK BABY NIGHTIE complete with PINK Flannel Bonnet....
I used to make those too...
All of my children wore nighties with bonnets and little booties and  knitted sweaters...
even my boys....
OHHHH and will you look...A YELLOW GINGHAM Diaper BAG....
Now what a shocker that is...wink...
This was my Nanny's house...will you look at that wallpaper? 
But it was a soft yellow, so I actually did like it for that period...

So you can see GINGHAM has really been part of my life for  DECADES
and I can still  think of many things to create with it...
Aren't we glad RBD did not get rid of all their GINGHAM...
OUR campaign WORKED.....thanks to all of YOU. 

I made the first baby nightie out of some white flannel...I did not want
to mess up RBD 's grey flannel...and this one is just darling too with the red smocking
and little watermelon button...
I am thinking this winter of making many of them....they really make
a baby look like a baby.... I am hoping grandMUMMs may want some
for their grandbabies.. maybe I can get new MUMMS thinking 
how practical these really are. 

( no manufacturer makes them anymore ..I checked) 

I have more  RBD flannel gingham nighties completed, 
but we were heading for holidays and I just did not have
enough time to photograph...will add to this post upon my return...

 OHHHH.....I think I felt a tear on my cheek....
brings back so many delightful memories..
I loved being a MUMM- still do! 

This doll belongs to my husband's medical /surgical company.
It is one of many that their surgical reps use to train nurses in mic-key Gtubes .

It is a very special and expensive doll...
psstttttt I am going to borrow if for a long while...:)
TOMAS wants to stay  HOME with ME! 

Thank you RBD for including me in this very special
heartfelt Flannel HOP....

I soooooo love FLANNEL GINGHAM! 
I am thinking of making these for ADULTS..

Here is complete list of OTHER FLANNEL ENTHUSIASTS
who are part of this hop.

Be sure to cheer for them too! 

This is still going on....
OMG I have to do a FLANNEL PROJECT ...lol


  1. Oh my, these are so lovely! Thank you for sharing your little girls baby pictures. They made my heart smile.
    And those white & gingham nighties are awesome!
    Yes, it was great to save RBD ginghams! Love them!

    Have a great holiday season!

  2. Sweet and adorable gingham gown...love it! Cute baby pics of your daughter, too!

  3. Oh how lovely those nighties are. I remember years and years of wearing flannel nightgowns as a girl but you wouldn't catch me in one now. I was never fond of the way they bunched up as I slept and I'm not a fan of drafts these days, but they sure were soft and snuggly. Your updated versions are fabulous, as your work always is.

  4. Just adorable - and I think you've made us all jealous of that baby! I love the look of the gingham but that white one...so, so sweet. blessings, marlene

  5. So cute! My kids lived in Onsies until the snaps wouldn't hold from stress. I loved keeping their little tummies warm in the winter. Thanks for sharing.

  6. A family friend made a kimono type flannel nightie when i had my oldest daughter. It had a matching double sided flannel blanket too. I loved it and it was so easy to care for a baby with the nightie than the pjs. Mine was baby yellow rosebuds.

  7. Those photos have brought back a flood of memories. Like you, I kept my babies in nighties to keep them babies for as long as possible too. I had little white flannel ones I found in the UK and they had tiny bunnies and deer embroidered on the yoke. Sooooo sweet. Didn't those years go quickly? I love your gingham, but the white and red is precious too. Tomas is adorable.

  8. So sweet and cute!!!! I used the little flannel nighties on my babies too!!!! Always so soft and cuddly!!!! Thanks for sharing your sweet memories!!!!

  9. What a delightful peak into your very "gingham" past!! {wink} Thank you Madame for sharing not only your adorable baby nightie but also for sharing your very beautiful qtpatutie :)

  10. Cute little nightgown! Love the gingham. Your daughter was a beautiful baby. I made my children's tiny gowns too. They are all grown up now and presenting me with grandchildren. They buy their baby gowns, but I still make them homemade quilts.

  11. Adorable flannel nighties! Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos and memories!

  12. I love the flashback of memories. I have grandsons and their daddies wouldn't appreciate a flannel gown on them. I may have to make one for a doll instead, like you did.

  13. Your baby girl is precious and Tomas is a sweetie. Your Nighties are just wonderful. They look so comforting for an infant.

  14. Oh Madame these Gowns are absolutely precious!! I hope this is one pattern you are going to sell, because a Infant nightie pattern like this, is one I am going to need for our little bundle in Feb. Oh yes my daughters too didn't care for Mom showing off the patootie pics, but, recently my youngest showed her oldest's back end baby pic too! Smiling I said to her 'shame on you for showing my granddaughters patootie' lol *wink* The RBD Flannels look so soft and cuddly too!! Thanks for the memories Madame!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  15. Awesome flannel nighties Madame Samm! I remember the smocked yellow gingham curtains my mom made for our kitchen windows when I was young. It's always fun to look at old pictures and I try to do that at least once a year. Your daughter was a beautiful baby and I'm sure she still is ... beautiful that is. Happy Thanksgiving ... enjoy your holiday!

  16. Oh Samm, what a blast from the past. I remember flannel nighties for my wee ones. and swaddling them too. Your nighties are looking top of the line .What a beautiful daughter, and Tomas looks divine too.

  17. Sweet! I also loved flannel nighties for my babes and me too!

  18. I still love flannel nighties and how they are so comfortable and cozy...just like a warm fabric hug. Your little qtpatutie was an adorable baby and it is easy to "hear" what a proud mamma you are. Little Tomas is quite the perfect little model for your sweet little flannel nighties with caps. Creative RBD Flannel Bliss...

  19. I love flannel night gowns! Lets have a blog hop and show our nighties! Thank you for sharing your sweet memories!

  20. Those baby nighties are adorable. The pictures of your daughter are precious. No wonder she got the name qtpatutie. Sweet. Now to find the gingham flannel for me. Yes me. I love flannel nightgowns. I have had to already start wearing them. Right now, mine all have flamingos on them. Gingham check would be nice!!

  21. I love flannel nightgowns, made many, many! Remembering back to my Missouri days when they were welcome for sure on a cold winter night. Quit wearing them when we moved south to Texas. It's not cold enough here for them or maybe it has something to do with that flashy age thing! My kids and grands love them too! Baby girl is a qtpatutie for sure. Bet she takes after her mom!

  22. That makes me want a baby.. almost... ummm.. nope.. Just give me grandbabies. :)

    I used soft flannel gowns with my girls and they had drawstrings at the bottom to help keep their feet warm.. but they always had their socks and booties on. I just loved cuddling my babies in all of their softness and breathing in that baby smell.

    Your daughter is going to be surprised when she sees your post.. Great photos. :)

    Love your contribution to the flannel hop!

    Hope you and David are having a splendid time!

  23. Aww. I was just saying my daughter will always be my baby. It is true. Beautiful pictures. Love your nighties for babies. So cozy and sweet. Diaper changes so easy with the gowns. Perfect in RBD flannel.

  24. Nighties are so much easier for wee ones. Yours are just cute as a button!! Adorable pictures of you babe when she was little.

  25. Awwww so cute. Your daughter was a lucky little girl to have a Mummy like you. I love the smocking on the nighties. I remember the flannel nightgowns so well. They were so easy to change diapers and if they got wet were so easy to take off the baby. I love the grey gingham but I think the white flannel with the red smocked area is cuter (but that's just one girl's opinion..lol).

  26. I love flannel and I love gingham, too. I just bought flannel to make Reindeer quilts for two of my grandsons. Their handprints will be the template for the antlers. I hope I can pull off this trick of the quilts. I make Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls for my children when they were young. My son's had navy gingham clothing and my daughter's was adorned in red gingham. I still have both sets of the dolls in the attic. They were huge - about three feet tall. I think a flannel sleeping garment is just perfect. Wearing flannel is like being hugged all the time - very comforting and no one need be in your personal space. I had a similar knit gown for my children. It was open all the way down and had a draw string in the bottom. It was very easy to untie the draw string and pull the bottom to a point to easily change a diaper. Thanks for the beautiful projects and for sharing your wonderful memories. You can tell that you have sparked memories in me, too.

  27. Your little statutory is adorable! Yes, the little flannel gowns and that do make the babies look more like babies! I'll bet they feel soft and wonderful too!!

  28. Oh how I loved Gingham back in the late 60's early 70's - I made skirts from it and when I got married I made curtains galore with it! Beautiful to work with.
    I love all the photos you posted.

  29. Good morning Mdm Samm...I loved the flannel nighties...yes my boys wore the flannel nighties. Then they were wrapped in flannel receiving blankets...how times have changed. This morning I finished quilting a flannel quilt, just took it off the frame...it's trimmed and ready for the binding. It is soooooo soft and cosy. All babies should be hugged with flannel...everyone should be hugged with flannel especially at this time of the year!! I smocked way back then...now I wouldn't where to start. I even made nighties for me with smocking. You brought back soooo many memories from the 70's. Thanks for sharing your love's....xop

  30. ADORABLE!!!! I really think those photos are charming!!! and all that Gingham! Loved it!
    But your little outfits...so warm and snuggly! Happy Thanksgiving!

  31. Gingham is in your blood. Those are so sweet. I want one (I'm freezing today.) So charming and cozy, I love the sweet little smocking. The pictures are classic. Thanks for sharing with us.

  32. Such sweetness! Love the nighties and your qtpatutie!! Haven't heard that term since I was alittle girl; thanks for the memories. :) I didn't keep my babies in nighties during the day but at night...they were the best! So much easier to change that diaper and I always thought it kept them toasty warm. Gray isn't a color I'd have thought to put on a baby but I can see you have the best taste - the color is wonderful!

  33. I know it's late but I just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you had a Wonderful Day!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  34. Love the nighties. My Granny always made sure we had flannel nighties with big ruffles at the hem when we were young. I loved them so much. Flannel is just so cozy. Gingham is definitely in your blood. It just shouts out HOME, doesn't it? I loved it when I was younger, but then I guess I outgrew it for a number of years. Lately I find it tugs at my heartstrings again. Full Circle.

  35. Congratulations on your blog. http://www.entredoslabores.com/es/ access and you'll find many lace designs and colors for your clothes

  36. Oh, what sweet little cutie-patooties! Love the little smocked nightie especially.

  37. I love both of these! The grey flannel image really shows the fabric nicely. They both look so comfy.

  38. What lovely post and such sweet gowns.

  39. Would love, love, love a pattern for this sweet nightgown. I remember these sweet gowns well. In the south, boy or girl wore these daily. Thank you for your inspirations. Mary

  40. Would have bet money that I commented on this.....but? Super sweet gowns and I love the little caps. I love little bonnets on babies. Thank you for sharing. Did you get to adopt Tomas?

  41. I love this gown!! Do you have a pattern for this gown? or do you know what the pattern is? Thanks for sharing!!!

  42. Is there any way I could get a pattern for those beautiful flannelette nighties?

    1. HI Annette, sadly I don't have a pattern to date....there is no pattern available which is why I make them...

  43. Would also love a pattern for the beautiful nighties. Thank you.


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