Friday, October 24, 2014

Day 5 and there is a whole lot of WICKEDness PLEASE check post for Post Script...

Welcome Wicked Witches.....

What wowed us yesterday....

Wicked Wendy is cheering us all on
for the 3rd time in 4 years. She is so suited for this role
and certainly sightings of her on her broom are never far from view...
We all delight in her bewitching style and you just never
know what BREW and SPELL she has casted on YOU...
Schedule on side bar will link you to Wendys....
proceed with caution...

This is one themed blog hop that we do repeat
year after year. It was Ghastlies that started us off
4 years ago...

Some of you would be very surprised to hear

David and I wed on Halloween !
We met on Halloween 10 years prior, and year after year
of offers of my hand in marriage, I finally agreed and it seemed
fitting to marry at the exact time of our meeting 10 years earlier.

We have been together 25 years and every moment with 

this man has been one SPOOKTACULAR adventure...
This season brings such joy for me and looking at how quickly
we fill  this hop year after year....YOU must enjoy it too...

So let's gather all of our BROOMS and sweep by and visit

our LOVELY PROJECT Designers in training....

Friday, October 24

What a BEAUTIFUL end to this weeks WICKED PROJECTS...
( another week to come)

EVERY ONE OF our LADIES today could be highlighted HERE....
EVERY ONE -- outstanding....took 2 coffees this morning
to choose ONE... YOU all are to congratulated for always
raising the BAR and keeping us all INSPIRED...

YOU are all indeed WICKED beyond BELIEF....

Now this lady always thinks outside the box....a DESIGNER
in such a lovely wicked webbed way....( say that 3 times)

The background of spider webs and her use of the PURPLE splashes
in her web design really created a WOW WICKED QUILT...
ohhhhh The ORANGE binding ties it all in PUMPKIN delight....

Be sure to leave everyone comments, A CHEERLEADER
will note many many rewards in the upcoming months....

If someone leaves you a comment...I bet they would be thrilled
to hear from you too....it is just a nice thing to do...
and takes I TIMED IT....less than 7 minutes .....yep...

I cannot SHOUT enough-- 2015 --will be a constant delight 

for many of you......EVERYONE is ELIGIBLE...
Just continue CHEERING, get involved, take great pictures,

I can only imagine what will STIR US ALLL NEXT WEEK.....

We will do the same....wink..

P.s MONDAY is elections day here in ONTARIO Canada. 
I am Senior Deputy Returning Officer and will be looking after a  WARD for 13 hours...13 hours.....no sewing, stitching, no tech gadgets for 13 hours...???? now that is scary!

I will be late in leaving comments ( won't be able to get to you until Tuesday) but will select our top Wow  before I leave!  Please do not leave me any "WICKED" comments ....YOU have my WORD, in fact many of them, I will leave comments for you all on TUESDAY...

I will not have access to any technology except our voting machine...!  

P.s for WENDY.....our wicked cheerleader....she is away from any technology for a couple days , she wanted me to relay she will get to everyone when she reaches her destination....

So again...please no wicked comments.....WE will both make up for it realllllll soon...
Safe travels WENDY......... and enjoy your weekend everyone...be SAFE....YOU MATTER to us all...


  1. Oh I don't envy you today!!!!! Such wonderful entries!!!! You have truly inspired everyone to create their BEST!!!! I am just sad when I get to the last entry each day as I just want to see more and more!!!

  2. How fun! A nice ending to the week. Can't wait until next weeks projects are shown!

  3. Um, not sure how you will be able to choose just one to feature today... ;o)
    This hop has been amazing - filled with so many creative ideas. Such fun!

  4. What a Great Day to end the the first week, everything has been Witchy Wonderful!! I don't envy your task for today or really for anyday it has been such a Fun Hop full of so many wonderful creations!!
    Have a Great week end Madame!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  5. Wow what a day of Halloween happiness for those of us that love Halloween....Great job goes to all the ladies....and of course to you Madame Samm for giving us these wonderful adventures.... sgriff57@comcast.net

  6. Today did not disappoint, that is for sure. Lots of inspiration for us all to place in our already bulging at the seams folders! ha!

  7. Today was stacked full of creative spookiness. What a line-up of ladies and they did not disappoint - they are all WOWs.

  8. No time to peak at the creativity this morning, I'm off to quilt market in Houston today. I'll be back later tonight.

  9. I'm just sittin here with my mouth open...I'm in aww after everyone's awwwwsomeness today ! Wow.

  10. Another wicked day of inspiration!

  11. Oh my goodness....I wanted to make most everything I saw today! I'm glad I don't have your job of choosing. blessings, marlene

  12. This hop has certainly brought out the most wicked creativity from all the participants. The roller coaster ride just went up, up, up this week. Can't wait to see what the new week brings. Thanks again to all the talented people who made this happen.

  13. I am glad I am not the one to choose today! Lots of inspiration. Can't wait for next week.

  14. Just when you think you've seen the best wicked creations ever, another day starts and my mouth drops again. Wow, today is a day I can't even think of what to say except wow. A great day. I'm speechless. (And that doesn't happen everyday) WOW OH WOW!!!!

  15. These ladies are outdoing themselves. Wow! So many good projects. Creativity above and beyond!

  16. Thank you. I loved all the entries today so much! This fabric line certainly sings in the simple but also the more complex designs. Thanks so much to our sponsor for a Spooky but yet Classic palette.

  17. Whew, no easy task for the best of the day today! What an incredible bunch of Halloween goodies to choose from! My mind is spinning!

  18. Today was another exciting and wicked day! It will be a longggggg lonely weekend, lol!

  19. Be sure to keep everyone in line today at elections. Whoa, today had some serious sewing. Great projects!

  20. Well, I've decided. I'm buying a bundle of Black Cat Crossing fat quarters!


    1. hi Beth...nice to hear....I am sure the co. will be happy..next time you hop in..leave an email as you are a no reply blogger....
      google plus kinda erases your email...welll not kinda...they do lol

  21. Wouldn't want to be in your shoes today, not only because they would squish my feet and hurt like heck, but because of all the stunning projects the talented ladies showed us today. I bet today was another morning of sweating for you. ; )

  22. A lovely week of wickedness. Even if we not have Halloween in Sweden it is so fun to follow from the side. Marvellous and amazing projects so far. An overflowing creativity of wickedness. Have a great weekend

  23. Wow, another great day filled with wicked projects!

  24. This hop is the perfect way to end my week. Sew much incredible inspiration from sew many talented Wickedly Clever hoppers. Thank you for doing your voting duty.

  25. Great inspiration from today's participants! Everyone is so creative.

  26. Another bewitching day of spooktacular projects! Can't wait to see next weeks.

  27. There were so many fabulous projects today. Tough choice to pick a favorite.

  28. Dear madm Samm and all wicked ladies outhere.
    I'm very sorry that I have not had the time to visit each blog in this hop ans leave comments too.
    I saw every wicked item on the pintrest board, and I'm very impressed!
    The fabric collection is fantastic and you alle made the best out of it.
    Thanks for sharing, wish you all a very wicked time ☺

  29. I'm trying to get caught up but I'm sure you will be anxious to get back to the fun after the election work.

  30. Another beautiful wicked day full of black cats! Time to spray yours, Samm, LOL!


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