Saturday, October 4, 2014

Black Cat Crossing... blog hop.

Wellll around the corner I see many  BLACK CATs CROSSING…
our Wicked Wendy who has cheered this one for the past 3 years
will be flying on her magic broom checking to see what you - all are creating...
She has no fear of black cats…. in fact there is little she fears …
She is so amazing in so many delightful ways and the perfect choice as our
WICKED Cheerleader...
(  her schedule is up  on the side bar)

Update on some blog hop changes....

You may have noticed we do not do giveaways anymore….after seeing how little impact this brought to sponsors bottom line , we  are doing things much differently.

Can I just say “they" are very happy with the results. We have booked
many blog hops for 2015 already and we encourage
YOU to continue inspiring all those who are following us very closely.

It is clear how quickly our BLOG HOPS fill that we were are doing something right.

And it is clear that those who do participate are all winners... 
NO ONE LOSES in our hops....
Every participant notices new followers, great comments and  encouragement to keep
sharing their pretty awesome talent.

I love that we have WOW and CREATIVE daily highlights...
 note: prior to choosing top 2, we did notice a great number were just mediocre..
Once we changed it to our daily top 2....everyone raised the bar 
and sponsors took notice... WE would not be getting what we are getting
had we not done this...

I hear from many of you that this does indeed challenge you to raise the bar
for yourself time and time again.  I hear from many of you, that you 
have stretched to unknown territories with dramatic results...
That thrills me... 

You all Matter really you do....I have always mapped what 
our future would look like and pssst it is happening...

I see so many of you developing such wonderful skills..
I note your projects keep getting better and your photos....
Can we talk about your photos?...they are AWE striking...

So keep that up...Many will be rewarded in so many ways...
just wait and see....

Change can be scary at times but it  does comes with rewards. If you are looking to be 
challenged time and time again, if you are looking for a community that really cares,
if you are looking for the “LATEST, GREATEST, BEST” 
( our tag line from  the very  beginning -3 years ago this month)
wellll my sweet ladies, 
YOU are in for a lovely 2015. 

I am scarce at the moment but there is much going on behind the scenes…
WE have the most delightful news to share very soon….

And being FALL, I seem to be a tad more creative.
I should come with a WARNING!

Rush hour bundle from Studio E
ps. Scott was very happy with our Rush HOUR hop
he is giving away a BUNDLE.

This is still going on....
OMG I have to do a FLANNEL PROJECT ...lol


  1. The blog hops totally push me to try new things...thanks for the challenges! Can't wait for Black Cat Crossing!

  2. Sounds intriguing! Can't wait to hear more about it. have a great weekend.

  3. It is sew much fun to hop and see all the creativity! Halloween is my favorite holiday, sew will be watching faithfully, as usual!

  4. You have always had the greatest blog hops! Looking forward to seeing all the project in the Black Cat Crossing blog hop!

  5. The time I participated, I didn't do it for the giveaways. When I check out the blog hops, I don't do it for the giveaways, either.

  6. Looking forward to another great hop. You have the best bunch of bloggers.

  7. I enjoy the creativity. Seeing new quilters take the challenge and grow with it. And yes, the growth in photography is just super - I still haven't mastered that.

  8. I love everything about the challenge. Everyone I try to do something new and different. Congrats to three years!

  9. Wow. Hard to believe it's already been three years! Knowing you, Wicked Wendy and the rest of the hoppers, we shall all have lots to enjoy during the Black Cat Crossing Hop.

  10. I can't believe it has been 3 years! Time flies when you are having fun. Fall makes me feel more creative too. The weather is so invigorating. I may not participate in as many hops right now, but know that I visit everyone and cheer for them. I love to see the creativity that inspires me to greater heights every day.

  11. This blog and the hops are great. Even those who do not participate enjoy seeing what others are creating. Putting this all together is time consuming..I know because I diligently worked behind the scenes a few years on the Bead Journal Project. Your efforts are appreciated and I might even say depended on judging by the number of creative sewers who participate.

    Another aspect of this that I personally appreciate is that it promotes blogging. With so many bloggers jumping to Facebook and abandoning their blogs the hops continue to expand and sustain blogging. A HUGE thank you for THAT too!!
    xx, another Carol

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  13. I know I can hardly wait to get up and turn on the computer on blog hop days! Oh the inspiration and the warm and wonderful comments. That's really what it's all about...bringing us all closer together and sharing in what we all love to do so much! Just being a part of that, makes each and every one of us a winner! Thanks to you... for all you do.

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    1. Only 3 years, I thought 4. But every single day since day one after checking email, here I come to Sewwequilt. For me it's a daily dose of something happy! You're a wonderful lady Madame with so much good to share and I gravitate to all that is good and positive. Sew here's to a Exciting world of change that is good because of growth, and to all the future wonderful Blog Hops and Creativity that stem from Sew We Quilt!

      Huggs, Nancy

  15. I'm excited to see what everyone will be making for Black Cat Crossing - I love Halloween. :) I love all our hops Madame Samm and I agree with Carol - the top two inspire me and challenge me and oh my the great ideas I get from some of our talented bloggers. Sometimes they make me slap my head and say, "why the heck didn't I think of that!" :) blessings, marlene

  16. I'm very excited to see all the wonderful projects in Black Cat Crossing and to see what you have in store for the future! Black Cat Crossing has me stretching my free motion quilting skills and photography skills. Sew much fun!

  17. Love taking a new direction with the hops. I always love a challenge, not that I'm competitive or anything. Lol. I can't wait to see Black Cats Crossing. Halloween is such a fun project making holiday. Wendy is great at keeping us on track.

  18. I always enjoy these challenges and I do agree that these hops encourage us to test our limits. You have been such a great Hop Mother to all of us. Thank you.

  19. I am so blessed to be part of such a wonderful network of friends. I'm so glad I found you! Thank you from the bottom of my toes to the tip of my crown! I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store!

  20. I am so excited about Black Cat Crossing!! Wendy is fabulous and you are wonderful :)


  21. I am like Marlene.. I catch myself saying "Why didn't I think of that". I do appreciate the blog hops and how they have brought so many of us together. I have made new friends I would have never known if it had not been for you. I need to stretch myself more creatively and really work on my photography. I enjoy seeing everything the bloggers create and have an inspiration file bulging at the seams. I have sat Black Cat Crossing out but will be anxiously waiting for my day in the Twas The Night Hop. You can be sure I will visit everyone to see how many black cats have been created for the October hop though. I get up early and hopping around to the ones on for the day is basically the first thing I do.

    I hope you and your sweet man are enjoying yourselves tremendously!

  22. This issue certainly a great community of people! Thanks for being our cheerleader!

  23. Love to play with all the fabulous Sew We Quilt quilters...what a talented bunch :) I am furiously Black Cat sewing!! Thanks for all you and the wonderful sponsors do to enrich our lives with fellowship and fabric!


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