Thursday, October 30, 2014

9 lives, 9 days, lots of black cats and no broken mirrors YET ....

WELCOME Wicked Witches....

What wowed us yesterday..
see graveyards are not so scary......wink

Wicked Wendy is cheering us all on
for the 3rd time in 4 years. She is so suited for this role
and certainly sightings of her on her broom are never far from view...
We all delight in her bewitching style and you just never
know what BREW and SPELL she has casted on YOU...
Schedule on side bar will link you to Wendys....
proceed with caution...

This is one themed blog hop that we do repeat
year after year. It was Ghastlies that started us off
4 years ago...

Some of you would be very surprised to hear

David and I wed on Halloween !
We met on Halloween 10 years prior, and year after year
of offers of my hand in marriage, I finally agreed and it seemed
fitting to marry at the exact time of our meeting 10 years earlier.

We have been together 25 years and every moment with 

this man has been one SPOOKTACULAR adventure...
This season brings such joy for me and looking at how quickly
we fill  this hop year after year....YOU must enjoy it too...

So let's gather all of our BROOMS and sweep by and visit

our LOVELY PROJECT Designers in training....

Be sure to leave everyone comments, A CHEERLEADER
will note many many rewards in the upcoming months....

I cannot SHOUT enough 2015 will be a constant delight 

for many of you......EVERYONE is ELIGIBLE...
Just continue CHEERING, get involved, take great pictures,

We will do the same....wink..

Here are our lovely WICKED ladies today...
return later in the morning to see who WOWED us
and filled us with CREATIVE DELIGHT...

Thursday, October 30

( missing links so do not forget our next hopper) 

If someone leaves you a comment...I bet they would be thrilled
to hear from you too....it is just a nice thing to do...
and takes I TIMED IT....less than 7 minutes .....yep...

Such lovely WICKED projects this day of Hallow EVE
everyone again rose to the occasion with stitchings, and runners and cats
and ORANGE...lot's of orange...perfect for this season....

YOU all deserve witches brooms.....!

HOWEVER what is HALLOW EVE without at least one 
GIANT SPIDER WEB... if  this lady keeps adding to it
in a couple years it will be the size of a bed quilt....
isn't it just a web you would want to cuddle with? 
I will pass wink....and just admire the detail ...


  1. Good Mornig Witch Samm.... LOL you know how I mean it, my dear! I wish you a wonderful day, strong coffee, lots of cuddles and sunshine!
    I love the colours and the creations of this hop, always sooo nice and I love this bright orange colour everywhere! Hugs

  2. Another spooktacular morning! Loving all of the projects!

  3. thank you dear for having me in..
    its so much fun..
    love xx

  4. A very successful day! Hope you and David have something spook-tacular for your anniversary tomorrow! Have fun xox

  5. So nice to enjoy all these fun projects. And I did see Dancing Moon's too. The link worked for me.

  6. Pat's design of the web is really creative ! Love it !

  7. Yes, it would be fun to cuddle up in a huge spider web! It is a wonderful Halloween project! The other projects today we're also wonderful!

  8. The spider web quilt is ever so much cuddlier than the big web I ran into in the dark on the way to the chicken coop this morning. Turned me into an instant karate master!!!LOL
    Great projects, wicked way to start my day. Just loved them all. Thank you ladies for all your hard work.

  9. Another good spooky day! And that's the only kind of spider web I want to encounter. Very lovely!

  10. Wonderful projects today. I got the links to work on Dancing Moon Farmstead and she did a great job too.

  11. The projects ROCKED today! I know that the Black Cat Crossing Fabrics folks are DELIGHTED to see how wonderfully their fabrics have been used!

  12. I've been bewitched by all the amazing creations! Tomorrow you'll be celebrating a big day...with your projects and your anniversary...it will be a great day for us and you!

  13. Great projects today! That Spyder Web quilt was AMAZING! Happy Anniversary too!!

  14. Fun projects today with a spooky spider web to top it off. Lovely seeing all the real black kitties too.

  15. Yes Lots of unique Orange Wonderful Creations today until I ran into this incredible Spider Web!!! Another inspiring day, and then there is tomorrow.....A Wonderfully Spooky Fun Day for All!! Thanks sew much to you and Wendy for bringing us such amazing Halloween Delights!! Big Halloween Anniversary Plans?? *smile*
    Huggs, Nancy

  16. So many fun projects today…love the spider web quilt (minus any spiders of course!!!)

  17. Another stunner! I'm just now getting to my computer to see all the fun projects and you are my first stop. Had to go get my annual October "Boob Crusher Exam" and swing by for some new baby snuggles with the 2 month old grandbaby so I'm late to the Hop.

    I had someone make a comment to me in our back and forth conversation that she thought this was the best HOP to date simply because of all the gorgeously made Spooky Quilts. I am getting close to agreeing with her. I really think your words, Samm, about stepping up our game, challenging ourselves to do more and better has resonated loud and clear!! Kudos to all these creative ladies for all their beautifully made quilts and More. Tomorrow will be even more fun! Black Cats have definitely NOT been Bad Luck for Witchy Halloween 2014!!!
    Spooky wishes
    Gmama Jane

  18. I have never enjoyed Halloween like I have this year with Wicked Black Cat Crossing hop. The amount of talent and Creative Bliss is over-the-moon...like a witch flying on her broom. Thank you sew very much Madamm Samm for your vision and Creative Bliss Vibe.

  19. Cuddle up under a spider web quilt? Ummmmm, not me. ; ) I love both versions of Pat's spider web quilts from last year and this year.

  20. Really love the uniqueness of today's pick! Great projects by everyone and looking forward to tomorrows offering!

  21. Everyone should be warm this Halloween with all these cuddle ups. I MUST make one of Pat's spider web quilts. Her tutorial looks very complete and easy to follow. Looks like I'm busy this weekend...thanks to Pat... Happy Anniversary eve...!

  22. Dear Samm, Firstly, Happy Anniversary to you and David! I have been too lax in visiting, shame on me! You are busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest! I truly do not know how you do all you do! You must be the greates time manager ever! I love the first quilt, the black cat crossing! What wonderful work! I have been making tons of miniature doll clothing with my wonderful Bernina! I am still so very happy to have won it here! I created a bit of nostalgia this week. I created my version of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz! Fall always brings renewal for me..nope not spring..Im backwards. I just love fall, and get a renewed interest, and much inspiration this time of year. So happy to have stopped in to see you. YOU are an inspiration to SEW many! xoxo Much Love, Christel

  23. Oh my but what wonderfully wicked works we have in this year's hop! Each and every blog has been visited and truly a treat to the eyes. Thank you Madame Samm for doing the heavy work and having to chose a top of each day ... inspiring to encourage a visit to each .... Best wishes to you and may you and your Dear David have a fantastic anniversary!


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