Wednesday, September 3, 2014

See you in September...IT IS NOW!

See you in September reminds me so much of my teens...
I loved school and September meant new beginnings...

That is what we will be celebrating for the next two weeks..
NEW BEGINNINGS with all of YOU....

Shari has been an exceptional cheerleader through the summer..
always cheering everyone on, I have seen many notes
she left to all of you ....such an inspiration she has been
and a pretty great campaigner for our GINGHAM with RBD...
The medium collection has been saved...YEAHHHHHHH! 

Check the side bar for the list she has put together of some
very talented ladies... ( or link here for the schedule) 

Here are those we will be cheering for today.....all of them will be showcasing 3 projects
they worked on over the summer... One of their projects had to be something with 
GINGHAM....so for all you GINGHAM lovers ( me included) I just know
they will be inspiring so many of us...

WE have such talented, inspiring over the top WOW ladies...
I adore them all and filled with GRATITUDE they are in our 

Wednesday, September 3

They all get so excited when they see a NOTE from you..
so be sure to share your delight with them....YOU HAVE no idea
how that sweet note can make such a difference...
They are WORDS OF "WE CARE"....

So nice to see you BACK, I love that our summer was just filled
with stitching and painting, canning and celebrations...
and YOU....the nicest gift that keeps giving...

Tops for WOWED US..

WE were certainly wowed by all the creations today....so nice to see you all
back....This young lady dressed in gingham certainly wowed us this day.....
all ready for some pinning ( clothes pins gave it away of course) 
Her stresses all bound up in curls makes for a lovely pic too...
wait till you see more on her blog...


She called it simply a GINGHAM quilt...but it is more than that..
they are just turning the page to spring, and it just screams
energy and vitality....a gingham quilt using a gingham check pattern..

YOU matter! 


  1. Oooo enjoy my dear
    Sweet hugs x

  2. It really is just like the first day of school, and I am ever so excited. Welcome back ladies...you are all in fine form; and I am just so happy to see you!

  3. It feels so good to be back to hopping and being creative...it's a great day!

  4. Great start to the hop! Looking forward to the next two weeks to see what everyone has been working on this summer.

  5. Cute stuff today Samm - and you made some hard choices! blessings, marlene

  6. Hopping again makes me happy ! I'm betting there's more out there who feel the same way. Wow what cute summer creations we spied today !

  7. Oh it's so good to be back and see what my blogging buddies have been up to. Hope you had a wonderful summer.

  8. What a nice start for the hop. I'm loving that doll!

  9. Hello Mdm Samm,
    it is so nice to back bloghopping isn't it *smile*
    The first days shows where greate, must have been hard to choose.

  10. Seeing You in September and enjoying everyone's summer creations is off to a great start! This is a wonderful idea for a hop. Thanks for hosting. Thanks also to Shari for her wonderful cheer-leading. Looking forward to seeing all the inspiring summer creations ... :) Pat

  11. I made a quick browse this morning, but need to go back and leave comments (had an early morning appt). Gingham in September is a refreshing reload.

  12. We are out to the starting gates for this years blog hop and I am loving it. Frist day show is just a taste of what will be show for summer projects and I cannot waite to see what is coming up for tomorrow.

  13. It was good to have some place to go blog hopping this morning. Everyone has started the blog hop off with a bagfull of terrific projects. That Rainbow Gingham quilt is gorgeous and the doll is precious! Great choices!

  14. Great first day for the gingham blog hop!

  15. What a fun way to start the day!! I loved everyone's creativity - a great kickoff. These were my top picks today, too, just terrific! So nice to see you all again - it's like a virtual SewWeQuilt family reunion, isn't it?

  16. Such a exciting Day!! Gives me Goosebumps with Happiness to see everyone's creations again!! These to were my top choices.....that Quilt just screams HELLO GINGHAM!! and of course I am always a sucker for a red haired doll!! This Hop was a incredible idea to kick off the New Year!! Enjoy a Happy, Happy Day!! It's sew nice now that we can sit back and enjoy all the hard work from all these special Ladies~

    Huggs, Nancy

  17. First day is a hit. Love seeing what everyone did. Looks like it has been a busy summer for everyone, and now they are ready to start hopping again. You come up with the greatest ideas. Have a great day.

  18. What great ideas from such creative minds!

  19. What a fabulous start to another awesome blog hop!!! You always come up with the most fun ideas!! Thank you!!!

  20. Yes indeed, it is a great day in Madame Samm's neighborhood! The gingham quilt is truly creative. All of today's creations are inspiring and looking forward to tomorrow's creations.

  21. Loving all the gingham. Such a beautiful day to hop!!

  22. I couldn't wait to see this hop even though I loaned out my computer and am viewing on my cell phone. :)

  23. I am sew happy it is September Blog Hop time and I am able to visit each participant. Once again I am amazed at all the talent and projects created. Gingham is such a HAPPY fabric. Thank you sew very much Mdm Samm for being such a wonderful organizer. Creative Gingham Bliss...

  24. Woo Hoo we're back in business and off to a super start! Lovely projects from all of the ladies today with more to come in the days ahead. I sure missed the blog hops and all of the creativity that goes with them.

  25. Wow, those ladies have been busy. busy busy. Fun to be hopping again!

  26. Good stuff. It's so nice to be back and I'm certainly enjoying a little gingham eye candy.

  27. I really missed the hops, only watching or taking part. It is always so much fun and so much to be inspired. So glad you keep on doing them. And I especially love to see all those gingham creations. Cute, cute!

  28. Like most of the commenters, I do NOT know where the summer went. I missed not hopping though I was far from dawdling. Still have one more hop item to make but decided I was going to get caught up with the group--and of course, see who had been picked for creativity and wow factor. My scissors and rotary cutter can hold on, LOL.


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