Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rush is over, come and join us for RUSH HOUR on Day 2

This was taken by my David on his way home
in a neighbours field of soy...
He thought YOU ladies would get a chuckle...

STAND OUT in your FIELD has new meaning! 

YOU all stand out in our HOPS, I note it every day...!

Oh yes- as I was saying....RUSH HOUR    has always been
part of my life...rushing for curfews, rushing for mass,
rushing for deadlines, rushing for product launches,....

You get the picture...much like many of our lives....
we always seem to be RUSHING....

Welllll this week and next I want you all to SLOW DOWN
long enough and praise our ladies who
RUSHED to get their RUSH HOUR by STUDIO E 
project completed...

They deserve applause and your accolades...

Much like our Carol who is a cheerleader EXTRA-ORDINAIRE
who happens to quilt like no other quilter I know...
and she does it as well as she does CHEER.

Now don't rush it either....
You will be at the receiving end someday
and you will wish that saying "what goes around 
comes around" bestows JOY on you too....

What an interesting morning of PROJECTS, sticking with 
the suggested colours of REDs, GREys, Blacks and Whites..
and one who created in RUSH HOUR>...
Today we celebrate these ladies...

What wowed us

Rush hour in bricks beautifully taken against a lovely backdrop..
her Plan C was impressive too...Her use of RUSH HOUR fabric
placement was really well done.

What filled us with  Creative Delight..

And this lady always knows how to bring a chuckle too.
she even wrote a poem about her Rush Rosie...very creative..
and she has a gingham quilt....adorable...

 YOU Matter!

new dates..

9/5 Riley Blake Designs - Flannel Play Dress

10/14 Sew We Quilt

10/31 Lucy Blaire


  1. Love the picture by David! When I see something like that, I am always taken back to my childhood when we would walk through fields of beans and marvel at the "volunteer" corn stalks. My Dad used to say that the corn just wasn't ready to give up it's home from the last year and that it had to struggle really hard to make it through all those beans to survive. He always ended those conversations with something like, "If the corn can survive all those struggles, so can you." Or my personal favorite, "Just look at that corn! Just because it's different than everything else around it, doesn't mean it isn't beautiful or useful. If only everyone lived like that stalk of corn, we'd have a real good world filled with really good people. Try to be like that stalk of corn an you won't go wrong." I sure do miss Mom and Dad. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories! :-)

    1. Joanne, what a lovely saying! Thank you for sharing your Dad with us, such an honor.

    2. Oh, Joanne, thanks for sharing those sweet comments by your dad...love it!

  2. Joanne... Your dad was a very smart man indeed. He and my granddaddy were much alike.

    I just visited everyone for today and found some mighty sweet projects! left some comment love for all except Madly Mid Mod... you have to sign up and register there to do so. You have some tough decisions this morning!


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  4. for Madly Mid Mod...your links are not working so could you please copy them again so everyone can find your next lady as easy as we found you..thanks

    1. Fixed - sorry. It looks like cut & paste doesn't add the links when using the ipad. I'm learning a lot about posting and what not to do next time.

      I'll see if I can get the comment problem resolved. Meanwhile, I'm entering all the comments in my giveaway. I can also be reached at notwendy@gmail.com

    2. I moved the page over to here: http://notwendyok.blogspot.com/

  5. Many ears of corn stood out today ! LOL

  6. Some beautiful work here today...great picks! Madly Mid Mod and Coral Canyon Quilting....great works...welcome...and sorry you couldn't receive my messages!

  7. Madly Mod Mid...your projects were great fun to see as was your kitty assistant, I had trouble seeing your post for some reason but was diligent and got it to load eventually :)
    I did leave a comment for Coral Canyon Quilting but as it says it bounces above I shall place it here too: Such a beautiful quilt, a wonderful tribute and the circular quilting is perfect! I look forward to seeing future posts!
    Thanks for another great day Madame Samm :)

  8. Madly Mid Mod an Coral Canyon Quilting, welcome to the blog hops! They sure are fun. Both of you have some great projects.

    Samm, lol, love the corn picture! Thanks to your honey.

  9. Yes, great corn photo. It would make a great inspirational poster!
    Madly Mid Mod I loved your project!!
    Coral Canyon Quilting, beautiful quilt and gorgeous quilting!

  10. For Madly Mid Mod - absolutely stunning quilt....loved it! Loved the "caffeine slump". And for Coral Canyon Quilting - what a wonderful treasure for you to remember your mom by..it's simply beautiful! And for you Samm - I would never have been able to choose today. So many wonderful projects! blessings, marlene

  11. It looks like Coral Canyon Quilting is fixed now. Such a great projects today! David's pic is priceless. ;O)

  12. All the projects were great and it seems a lot of people were really rushing around to finish. OH what fun it is to rush and rush and finish.

  13. Great projects today ladies.. ** Madly Mid Mod, great projects, sorry I couldn't comment on your blog.**

  14. Great projects again today. As with Mary Ann, I did not see a place to comment on Madly Mid Mod's lovely projects either.

  15. I'm on a break from class and decided to finish my hopping. Imagine my surprise when I saw that you picked my rush hour quilt for the "Wow of the Day!" I am honored and can't wait to share the news with my husband. I continue to be in awe of the talent that I see with each and every blog hop. Inspiration is all around us, if we simply slow down and notice it. Have a wonderful day. (I am also thrilled that my computer seems to have enjoyed it's time at the "computer spa" and is behaving properly. Now to take care of a number of items that had to be put in the "to do" pile.)

  16. Such a great projects today!! The doll is so lovely:)

  17. These were my favs too! I loved the rounds today...sadly though, I couldn't figure out how to comment on Madly Mid Mod...any suggestions?

  18. Super picks today! I went back to Coral Canyon and it showed my post even though I had received a failure notice last night. Madly Mid Mom will only let you leave a post if you join tumblr. Anyone familiar with that? Any how, your quilt is beautiful! Thanks to both of these gals for joining the hop.

    1. Sorry! I didn't know it required Tumblr to leave a comment. Good to know and I'll see if I can get that fixed. I did enter you in the giveaway - sorry for the confusion and thanks for stopping by. notwendy@gmail.com

  19. Great choices on today's picks. Got to love that Black, white, gray and red.

  20. Try leaving a comment with Coral Canyon and Madly Mid Mod but was unsuccessful. Great to see new bloggers on this hop!! Great projects by everyone!

  21. I couldn't comment on Madly Mid Mod. I don't want to join Tumblr just to leave a comment. I liked her "cat" mat and sewing machine mat.

  22. Your hops are always such fun and inspiring. 24Tangent@gmail.com

  23. I am certainly taking my time to enjoy this amazing Rush Hour hop and all the wonderful projects created by every participant. The colors of Red, Black, White and Grey are one of my favorite combinations. Thank you sew very much to each of you. Creative Rush Hour Bliss...

  24. How exciting, some new bloggers! I left comments at both places and so far they haven't bounced. I'll be back if they do.

  25. Please thank David for thinking of us!

  26. Aww, David is so smart and I love that picture. I see a few ideas that stand out today. Another great day of WOWs. I'm only a few minutes away from looking at tomorrow. YEAH!!

  27. Love the corn amongst soy. Is fitting in so many other scenarios. Another fabulous Eye popping day!!

  28. Even David takes beautiful pics. I'm off to hop!

  29. love rush rosie doll. another day of awesome creations


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