Monday, September 29, 2014

RUSH here to see what else we have created with RUSH HOUR

I need to sit awhile...I feel very RUSHED! 

Each day a new cup to match this lovely
RUSH HOUR collection...wink..

When I feel rushed I reach for my fav cup..
( ok, so I have a few ) pour my favourite
brew, today it is Guatemala..
and take in the moment and let the RUSH pass...

Oh yes- as I was saying....RUSH HOUR    has always been
part of my life...rushing for curfews, rushing for mass,
rushing for deadlines, rushing for product launches,....

You get the picture...much like many of our lives....
we always seem to be RUSHING....

Welllll this week and next I want you all to SLOW DOWN
long enough and praise our ladies who
RUSHED to get their RUSH HOUR by STUDIO E 
project completed...

They deserve applause and your accolades...

Much like our Carol who is a cheerleader EXTRA-ORDINAIRE
who happens to quilt like no other quilter I know...
and she does it as well as she does CHEER.

Now don't rush it either....
You will be at the receiving end someday
and you will wish that saying "what goes around 
comes around" bestows JOY on you too....

I am so looking forward to seeing who
is our Wow and MOST CREATIVE....

Always SAD when someone is a no show..
it does not happen very often anymore.
MY apologies for the place that person took that could have
been YOURS.... she will no longer be in any future HOPS!


Oh yes this lady will need smelling salts this morning but realllllly
wow...love her borders, simply stated and even with a couple ruffles..
yes you did GREAT! 

and filled us with CREATIVE DELIGHT 

And the illusion is this BAG of this lady who looks like her banner, 4 x 6 feet tall..
and a case for disks...no mistaken whose BAG this is ...blah blah blah lol

Link here to our PINTEREST PAGE

 YOU Matter!

ps. I will get back to you all later this week..
besides tomorrow...I  have  TUTORIAL to finish for tomorrow
for WED for RBD......
Goodness me.....


  1. Just finished hopping around to see today's Rush Hour projects! Now about to get dressed and rush to town to get the truck cleaned up so I can take my MIL and aunt for a Girl's Day Out! :)

  2. I love today's cup. My daughter is a prolific knitter, and sheep things always catch my eye. Is that a Lucy doll up there? So cute! Rushing of to the hop now! Have a great day.

  3. That's really cool! I am very happy I haven't missed this post, I just love today's cup. Very excited to see today's Rush Hour Projects.

    1. No reply blogger leave leave an email so we can answer you..

  4. Love your cup...sew ewe LOL I've just finished my cuppa, and my rounds of today's list of lovelies. I've no doubt who I'd pick for my wow factor today, and there were some lovely projects out there. Sad that this hop is coming to an end tomorrow...Studio E fabric has given these hop projects some fantastic wow factor!

  5. Its was a great showing for the morning rush hour. Love the cup and doll.

  6. Hello Lucy :) Those glasses are perfect! Love that bag today, Carla did a wonderful job with that! These projects for this hop have really all been stellar, great fabric choice - thanks for a great hop Mdm Samm!!

  7. Your Lucy doll is adorable and looks like she is enjoying this hop as much as we are!!

  8. Love your doll!!!!! and the picks are great....that Carla is genius , isn't she!!! Loved it!!!

  9. I feel Honored!! ME???...WOW???...If I can do it, ANYBODY can do it!!! My Rush Hour Quilt is going to be a gift to my older sister who suffered a stroke and has spent the last year recovering many of the skills we all take for granted. I've told her over and over to SLOW DOWN because she was always RUSHING! God has a way of getting our attention so now she can cuddle up in her chair with the Turn Turn Turn Quilt.
    Thank you my friend!
    Gmama Jane

  10. Lucy looks very relaxed next to that baaaaaatiful cup! Lots of fab projects and that Carla made an amazing self portrait bag...loved it!

  11. Great Rush Hour projects again today. I love seeing all of the ideas each morning.

  12. How cute is that cup and your doll is gorgeous. I'm trying to figure out which one is "too hot." She's a looker, for sure!
    You made me do a happy dance this morning. Thank you!
    It was a great day of Rush Hour. There are a lot of projects to get excited about!

  13. This doll reminds me of my Little Miss Revlon Doll. Do you remember that doll? It came out the same time as the Barbie Dolls and my mother who was always just a little bit different, thought the Miss Revlon Doll had the best clothes (which she really did). So I didn't have a Barbie Doll for after Christmas Show n Tell I had Little Miss Revlon. Mother never did convince me I had the better doll. Now, of course, I wish I had my Revlon doll. Her clothes really were quite stylish and elegant. Just had to add that info.
    Gmama Jane

  14. Oh Lucy...you look maa-vaal-ous as Billy Crystal would say ! Carla totally blew me away today.....they were ALL awesome......but in my opinion....Carla rocked it !

  15. Beautiful finishes! I just love your doll and teacup. I wish I could sit and relax like her.

  16. Today's projects were fun and had a little element of SURPRISE! Carla really did ROCK this one!!!

  17. Some really different things showcasing the Rush Hour fabrics today! Can't wait for tomorrow.

  18. I have to ditto Vicki, when I saw Carla's bag I thought I would fall off my stool! Lots of neat projects today over all!! Thanks for giving us another great day of dynamic projects, well of course they were encourage by the dynamic duo :)
    Huggs, Nancy

  19. I had to giggle at your cute little self-portrait dolly! Another great day of amazing projects - and so much fun. Carla's bag and CD holder were right on the money!

  20. Your picks were my picks for today's choices. That does not always happen but then my vote only counts personally. They did a great job! Too bad about the no show. I thought we were passed that, dang it.

  21. I am glad I do not have to pick the top two each day, that must be the hardest job of all. But today, gotta admit, Carla's self portrait, in her own car.....wow. That was great. And so were the others.
    At least Bquiltin Studio put up the schedule for today. I am sure even that was difficult, an admission to yourself that you messed up.

  22. Really enjoyed hopping around today. Great projects by everyone and your creative pick of the day is absolutely fabulous!

  23. Some great projects today, but Carla really blew it out of the water with her tote!

  24. Great job on the picks for today. Holy cow on Carla's tote. You sure do a great job on encouraging us. This has been one of the most amazing hops.

  25. I am sew enjoying Rush Hour with every talented participant and their amazing fabulous projects. How could I not feel Creative Rush Hour Bliss with sew much talent being shared?!! Thank you Madamm Samm...

  26. With every new hop I say, "this is the best hop we've had!". And here I am, saying it again. :) blessings, marlene

  27. Just lovin all the black, red, and grey! Looking forward to seeing tomorrow's!

  28. Oh my those are just fabulous! So sorry about the missing poster and I'm glad that it doesn't happen often but I understand how frustrating it is.


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