Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ok- RUSH Is OVER.....it is time to enjoy the view with Rush HOUR on ....DAY 1...

When I feel rushed I reach for my fav cup..
( ok, so I have a few ) pour my favourite
brew, today it is Sumatra Reserve...( yes same
name as our cat) and take in the moment
and let the RUSH pass...

* for those asking about the plant above this cup and future ones 
is it called a BACOPA...they flower all summer right till late fall....

Bacopa need a bit of shade..they don't like direct sun
and they require feeding every week...

Taking yesterday as I was writing this post! 

Oh yes- as I was saying....RUSH HOUR    has always been
part of my life...rushing for curfews, rushing for mass,
rushing for deadlines, rushing for product launches,....

You get the picture...much like many of our lives....
we always seem to be RUSHING....

Welllll this week and next I want you all to SLOW DOWN
long enough and praise our ladies who
RUSHED to get their RUSH HOUR by STUDIO E 
project completed...

They deserve applause and your accolades...

Much like our Carol who is a cheerleader EXTRA-ORDINAIRE
who happens to quilt like no other quilter I know...
and she does it as well as she does CHEER.

Note she is first on the list so you cannot miss
her, so be sure to say hi and make all of our ladies
who follow her FEEL THE LOVE....

Now don't rush it either....
You will be at the receiving end someday
and you will wish that saying "what goes around 
comes around" bestows JOY on you too....

Tuesday, September 23

A great start to our RUSH HOUR hop...
some very interesting projects using these colour colours
and Rush hour COLLECTION....wellll done everyone...and thank you for
being part of our hop...

What WOWED us 

It was a day of bags and blessed designs...this one captures
RUSH HOUR perfectly...and the bag has a lovely and roomy
components....loved the piping trim...
great piecing.!

and filled us with CREATIVE DELIGHT

And this too was striking as a lap top cover that shouts style, this lady also did
plenty with this collection...wait till you see it all.

 YOU Matter!

new dates..

9/5 Riley Blake Designs - Flannel Play Dress

10/14 Sew We Quilt

10/31 Lucy Blaire


  1. I stayed up late to see the first day. You know how exciting the first day is....
    There is a lot of WOW. No one "rushed" through these projects. Thank you for this hop. Love these colors.
    I forgot to thank Carol, so if she stops by I will tell her thank you for keeping the hop organized and being a great cheerleader!!!

  2. It's so much fun my dear :)
    Hugs x

  3. Just finished rushing to see the projects for today. Fab-u-lous! So glad it is you choosing top 2 and not me! :)

  4. Everything is lovely. Always great inspiration out there!

    1. nice to see you Wendy..next time add an email...no reply blogger has it we can not reply

    2. Sorry about that. I hope it works now. I tried that darn Google + recently and I hate it.

  5. I am looking forward to this hop. I have the grandson in 10 minutes, so I know I will feel rushed and not get done in one setting. Thanks for all the hops.

  6. What a fabulous start to Rush Hour with so many creative projects! Thank you for showing off my projects and being that sweet push from behind. :0)

  7. I'm feeling appropriately " rushed" this morning! We had a great start!

  8. Those fabrics are simply wonderful and everyone did such a great job today.

  9. Woo hoo...way to wow us ladies! Great projects...showing off a really fun fabric! *wave* Hi Sumatra...you look lovely!

  10. And we are off and running!!! Yayay! Today's offerings were GREAT!

  11. We're off to a "rushing" start! Awesome projects today. Don't know why but I'm really excited about this hop, even more than any of the others so far. But then I think I say that every time too.

  12. It sounds funny, but I am slowing down to take a gander at all the beautiful and creative uses of this Rush Hour fabric line. I was really looking forward to my class break so I could cross my fingers, turn on the computer (hold my breath until it started working properly) and check out today's posts. I certainly was not disappointed and am looking forward to the rest of the hop.

  13. There were some very clever uses of the Rush Hour fabric this morning! Guess that means I have to rush out and find some for a new jacket,LOL!

  14. First day and so many wonderful projects are happening!

  15. Another great hop Samm! I love the color combo in this set of projects! The bag is really awesome...love the handle ties and basic construction of it...pretty cool! I got a laugh from the bib...rush hour bib...perfect. I also loved the sewing mat, just too pretty to cover up! Thank you so much for hosting these awesome hops. A big thank you to Carol for cheering and keeping it all organized. I really enjoy your hops, they are a treat! I will be rushing back to see the rest *wink* ! Love ya Samm, xx~Cori

  16. First day for Rush Hour and it is moving along pretty fast. I was so happy to make the Wowed list that I almost rised my tempture and had to call my friend Linda to tell her this morning. I am looking forward to seeing all the other creative and inspirational ideas using this great looking fabric.

  17. Great choices. The Slow Quilter not only has a fabulous bag, but a pretty fabulous photo too! Great start to the hop!

  18. Yea! Another blog hop! I love visiting new blogs and getting inspired by all the creativity shared.

  19. OMGoodness What a Great Kick Off Day!! Too much pretty and Inspiration out there, isn't it all fabulous!! Wish I could Chat but I am Rushing today and everyday until Friday~ You both are Terrific, and I am sew appreciative of every minute you put into this~
    Huggs, Nancy

  20. A beautiful Hour to Rush around a look at all the beautiful creations. Sumatra looks just beautiful sitting there. What kind of flower do you have above your coffee cup? I love it!!

  21. Wow, what a great day. There were a lot of beautiful projects today.

  22. Fun day out of the box seeing how others interpreted the theme. Hard to go wrong with black, red, white and grays in combination.

  23. I have enjoyed savoring the Rush Hour hopping and all the wonderful participants and projects. Thank you sew very much for this Creative Rush Hour Bliss...

  24. The first day's projects were beautiful! I love everything but the bag with the watch in front was fantastic,

  25. I just love this color combination and fabric line.

  26. The first day was fabulous. So many creative projects, Samm.

  27. what a fun day all the blog hoppers made such lovely creations.


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