Friday, September 26, 2014

Ok, Rush is over...come on over and enjoy the Rush HOUR view on day 4

Link above to what difference we all are making! 

Each day a new cup to match this lovely
RUSH HOUR collection...wink..

When I feel rushed I reach for my fav cup..
( ok, so I have a few ) pour my favourite
brew, today it is Breakfast blend...
and take in the moment and let the RUSH pass...

Oh yes- as I was saying....RUSH HOUR    has always been
part of my life...rushing for curfews, rushing for mass,
rushing for deadlines, rushing for product launches,....

You get the picture...much like many of our lives....
we always seem to be RUSHING....

Welllll this week and next I want you all to SLOW DOWN
long enough and praise our ladies who
RUSHED to get their RUSH HOUR by STUDIO E 
project completed...

They deserve applause and your accolades...

Much like our Carol who is a cheerleader EXTRA-ORDINAIRE
who happens to quilt like no other quilter I know...
and she does it as well as she does CHEER.

Now don't rush it either....
You will be at the receiving end someday
and you will wish that saying "what goes around 
comes around" bestows JOY on you too....

OHHHHHH you will be very AWED by the creations today...
some were just outstanding...so proud of all of you
who RUSHED to do your projects, we are filled with GRATITUDE.

What Wowed us

 What's NOT TO LOVE, the border, the rush hour traffic, the quilting...
this lady knows how to keep us inspired and.. WOWED.

What filled us with CREATIVE DELIGHT

And this lady had numerous projects and EVERY ONE was outstanding
but this round carry case reminded me of one I had in my travels years
ago...it had wee elastic strips that held all of my brushes, combs and toilettes...
very creative....

 YOU Matter!


  1. I love Hello Kitty, I want that cup!

  2. awww i love that cup too..
    sweet hugs x

  3. Okay, I admit it. I come here first to see the cup of the day. I love Hello Kitty. Happy Friday!

  4. Great choice, Madame Samm!!! I love both projects!!

  5. So many great projects today. I was inspired at every stop. Love the red, white, black, and grey.
    What a sweet cup. Who wouldn't smile to have a cup of joe in Hello Kitty.

  6. There were some wonderful projects today Samm but your kitty cup - oh my goodness, love. blessings, marlene

  7. lovely entries in the blog hop again today. Bags are all the go these days.

  8. I don't think I could say this often, but I am really glad I'm not you today. Having to choose only two projects today would have been such a challenge for me! Like you, I had one of those round travel bags with the elastic strips and loved it. What a fun hop! By the way, Sew at Home Mummy is up and running now. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Oh wow....it was a tough day today! What beautiful ways to showcase these fabrics!

  10. I agree with Needled Mom...Such a FANTASTIC day! Loved the choices on here too! That little round bag is perfection!

  11. Loved all the projects for today. My favorite was the round case,too. And I am glad I don't have to judge them.

  12. WOW! Such a over the top Creative day!! I think it is so wonderful to be able to get such inspiration from all these ladies, and they are all so wonderful about sharing~ Yes, tough decisions you had again today!!
    Have a wonderful Fall week end Madame, I hope it is a dry one~
    Huggs, Nancy

  13. You must have a separate room for all of your sweet cups! Love your pics again today, sew much talent each and every day! Sew at home Mommy is up now.

  14. Hi Samm. Sorry for beeing late commenting, but my smallest one is ill and the last 3 nights were... ach, let's forget them and drink more coffee to be able to comment all these GREAT projects! I love love the quilts today, and the bags, uiii, just bought the pattern, LOL

  15. Well helllloooo Kitty! Another wowzer days of projects!

  16. The round bag reminded me of a hair dryer case--such a neat retro look! Lots of RWBG goodness today. Now I have got to get my piece finished!!!

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  18. You sure did have your work cut out for you today. So many stunning items there is no way I could have just chosen two. I just did a quick drive by will have to go back to leave comments later.

  19. Great hop as always, love all the inspiration.

  20. This Rush Hour is the best hop possible. I am truly enjoying my mellow slow hopping. Creative Rush Hour Bliss...

  21. Wow! That round tote is amazing. Love all the inspiration I am seeing.

  22. Well, today has been inspiring! All of today's projects are fabulous and shows great creativity by everyone.

  23. There were some gorgeous projects today! Wow!

  24. What a beautiful way to end the week and to lead us into the next.

  25. Both are beautiful. Love the round tote.

  26. A lot of inspiration here for future projects, Madame Samm. No wonder you loved so much sewing with this collection - your colors! The variety of projects it's amazing, Studio E must be proud seeing how all these talented ladies gave life to their fabrics.


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