Thursday, September 25, 2014

RUSH HOUR has new meaning today....come and join us on day 3

Each day a new cup to match this lovely
RUSH HOUR collection...wink..

When I feel rushed I reach for my fav cup..
( ok, so I have a few ) pour my favourite
brew, today it is Breakfast blend...
and take in the moment and let the RUSH pass...

Oh yes- as I was saying....RUSH HOUR    has always been
part of my life...rushing for curfews, rushing for mass,
rushing for deadlines, rushing for product launches,....

You get the picture...much like many of our lives....
we always seem to be RUSHING....

Welllll this week and next I want you all to SLOW DOWN
long enough and praise our ladies who
RUSHED to get their RUSH HOUR by STUDIO E 
project completed...

They deserve applause and your accolades...

Much like our Carol who is a cheerleader EXTRA-ORDINAIRE
who happens to quilt like no other quilter I know...
and she does it as well as she does CHEER.

Now don't rush it either....
You will be at the receiving end someday
and you will wish that saying "what goes around 
comes around" bestows JOY on you too....

Truly an inspiring day....EVERY ONE put their best foot forward
or rather foot to the petal. ( figuratively speaking of course)
Rush HOUR certainly has new meaning today....
YOU all INSPIRED me...
Thank you all for participating and leaving comments to those
who certainly appreciate it...

What Wowed us 

It had the opposite effect on me...I did not feel RUSHED, in fact
it left me with a serene feeling...VERY FEMININE take on RUSH HOUR...
lovely placement, simple yet striking, the added striped ruffle
is exquisite...

What filled us with CREATIVE DELIGHT

And where do most  us of feel the crunch of RUSH HOUR?
Why in our cars of course....this tote captured it all..
everything you need on your excursions...she thought of everything
and created it all with finesse.!

 YOU Matter!


  1. I am really enjoying this hop dear Samm. When I see all the posts as I go through them, I feel like I am seeing old friends again. I think to myself "Oh, here she is. I haven't seen her for a bit. Look what she made this time." I have missed some of these ladies over the summer and I am always happy to see some new friends join in. I did get my project finished and so I will be here with it tomorrow. Thank you!

  2. Another day of beautiful projects. I decided to take a look at these BEFORE I left for school, knowing it could only put me in a great mood. I was right! Thanks again to you and Carol for such a wonderful hop and to all the participants for sharing their talents with us during these busy and rushed times. :-)

  3. Oh that was fun! I just finished visiting and commenting. Loads of great projects today...more additions to my ever growing and changing "I'd love to try that" list. Rush hour fabric can be used in so many lovely ways! Another great hop!

  4. Such a fun hop!!! I don't know how you do it! I really enjoyed these fabrics and everyone's projects!

  5. What a fun morning of Rush Hour projects!! I don't feel a bit rushed!

  6. I'm loving all your coffee cups! If I did the same thing there'd be three...a red one, a yellow one, and my favorite purple polka dot one (plus I'd be listing my teas, not coffees.) I wasn't rushing through all the amazing projects today. Just enjoyed the morning. :O)

  7. I am loving all of the interpretations of Rush Hour. Everyone is doing such a great job.

  8. Again a great hop of poetic writing on Rush Hours. They told a story and present their case with lovely quilts, car organizers and bags. Slow down they say as we rush around, and slow down I did to read what they had to say. Great hop.

  9. I've had such fun watching this hop. There are so many great ideas and lots of humor as we share our rushed hours. We all seem to have caffeine in our lives. Madame Samm, love it that you share a new cup everyday.

  10. Everyone has their own idea about rush hour, I can sure relate to them! Perfect choices again today, but all are winners!

  11. Great choices Samm - we've had some amazing things to look at on this hop already! blessings, marlene

  12. Superb picks for today! Love seeing the different interpretations of Rush Hour.

  13. Once again I am sew happy to slow down my own rushing and truly saunter among the amazingly creative participants and their Rush Hour projects. Excellent fabulous pieces today. Thank you sew very much for sharing and hopping. Creative Rush Hour Bliss...

  14. This has been another great hop!! Even inspired me to make a quilt in black, red and gray. If you are interested, you can see it here: http://farmquilter.blogspot.com/ Thanks again for all the hard work you put into these hops - I love them!!

  15. Really great projects so far. Can't wait for the rest of the hop. Oops, I am rushing....

  16. I've had so much fun reading and admiring all of today's projects. A lot of great talent out there!

  17. Another fun day looking at what the group came up with. Love that striped ruffle added to the clock inspired quilt. And wondering how she got that divider in the basket! LOL.

  18. love the bag and I'm sew into bags of late.

  19. Just a beautiful array of projects.

  20. It's amazing all the different pieces of Inspiration coming from this Fabric Line!! Thanks so much for putting so much time and thought into the Fabric Collections you choose for us, it gets our creativity going too!! I think I am all caught up now visiting everyone, and that I did in a relaxing mode *smile*

    Have a Wonderful Day Madame!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  21. Love the ruffled quilt and that organizer is such a wonderful idea!


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