Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I RUSHED every HOUR Of this hop! Whew...I made it

 Welcome to my world of RUSH!

So by now you have visited with my MOST AMAZING
Project Designers today....and there will be no surprise to me
that they will all be RUSHING to see what YOU have got 
to say about their amazing PROJECTS. 

That is what WE do...WE continue to cheer them on 
from the very first day to the last...
you do it  because YOU LIFT
someone else's HEART the way we have lifted theirs..
As I keep saying it PAYS to be a CHEERLEADER....
( next year especially) 

 AND LOOK WHO shares my day!
Please cheer for them..
It is never easy to be on the same day as ME
is it ladies?
There are a few of you....That I JUST KNOW
will have my heart RUSHING....

Tuesday, September 30

And CAROL that other lady, who always manages
to keep us all together and constantly cheers from beginning to END.
Pay attention future cheerleaders...BE a CHEERLEADER NOW, 
never ever be late, keep creating and raising your BAR....
That is what we are looking for.... MORE CAROLS lol
So CAROL, thank you! YOU MATTER....

Now what do I have in store for YOU?

Let's see....From the moment I spoke with STUDIO E,
I just knew this MAN would keep my heart pounding...
He has had me in  a STATE of RUSH for months! 
 ( and here is a shocker I still  like him) 

So what did I want to DESIGN...?

It helps to have some JAVA in my veins...and as much as I love 
my KEURIG, on occasion I LOVE my BODUM... 
Guatemala has been my favourite
ground coffee for this FRENCH PRESS...


what drove me crazy - after the first cup was poured - the rest is cold.

SOOOOOOO I created a JAVA JACKET that has a pillow sleeve inside filled with 
100 % goose down ...This FABRIC matches our home, my kitchen
and speaks to me, even with its sweet red ruffle...
YEP, that was my very first DESIGN. 

Ohhh by the way it keeps my whole pot,  HOT  for 2 hours..

CHECK that off my list....

Next I needed a cover for my iPhone... I HATE CELL PHONES of any kind...I usually leave it at home....problem I hated the black leather cover it was in....
so I created it like an envelope...and it is so compact
it fits perfect in my iPad or iMac Air, or my Tammy even...and it is stylish....
And now I don't mind bringing it along.. I DON't use it...but it is with me...

Check that off my list....

I sit outside a lot in the summer and fall- on our lovely deck...

I have my breakfast there each morning and nothing annoys me more
than bees and flies snooping in my space..
So I DESIGNED a new cover using 8 different pieces of RUSH HOUR...
They cannot peak and cannot get in...

Problem solved....Un Covert.....cover in French! 

Now check that off my list....

I also have an iPad...- I have had so many covers for it...nothing spoke to me...
I needed a theme to match ....will you look here...A LARGE COFFEE BUTTON
that was gifted to me. ( LOVE IT) ...PROBLEM, where to put it...

PROBLEM SOLVED, fits perfect with this RUSH HOUR coffee cups
and ruffle and handle ( needed padded handle, because I am balancing
my tray to have breakfast outside and I don't like making 2 trips.
......and on the back I even stitched...
I'm UP since it is the first gadget that I take with me when I go outside
to read what you are all up too...)

Check that off my list....

By the way all of covers, were stitched with SUPERIOR METALLIC 
Magnifico Threads.they are perfect for that bit of bling and my machine loves it..
does not break like other metallics....did this one in reds...used different colours for my 
other projects
Thanks to BOB for great THREADS! 

Next I needed a PADDED cover for my iMac Air.....it travels the most with me
so I wanted it to be durable....and something that would not show WEAR and TEAR.

This Lettered Rush HOUR collection was a perfect choice since
it answered my problem of having one that is Stylish and functional...

Check that ONE off my list too...

NO problem solved here...I just wanted to make another doll..

La Modele is a doll I have been making since 1992....
I have made her in so many styles it amazes me that I have never tired of her...
She looks quite appealing in RUSH HOUR....and looks rather calm..
Could be I just wore her out...
But wait there is MORE......
I was not happy with just one Padded IMAC COVER,
 I wanted another.....Wellll what if the other is soiled..
cannot have that can I ....so I have a PLAN B...

So check that off my list too...
A back up cover for my iMac Air....

And I never need an excuse to make a TAMMY BAG...
the only problem I had was which RUSH HOUR fabric to choose from...
I chose 4 different ones..check the pocket for cups...

and check that off my list...
Just got off the phone ( this would be yesterday ) but I am writing this today * yesterday
and you are reading it today...wink... confused...let me pour you a cup of coffee....
We will be working with STUDIO E next year 
 TWICE-- yes 2 more times....

 A collection for Christmas in JULY
and a collection for next years WICKED theme.....

He was funny...I said " no more talking till next year." 
his  comment " we will see"

I do like him and I thank him for believing in me and YOU...
because my sweet LADIES you ROCKed it on this hop..


Oh gosh....I am away and not on my regular routine...
FORGIVENESS, I am tardy.......it was a day that was pretty good...
I think many of you brought your best....and the best is what we look for..


RELAX NOW, Look at what this divine SWISS Lady created..
did you catch the RELAX on the left side BORDER
Brilliant, WOW, filled with so many possibilities..
This lady just knows how to leave us with ENCORE...x

and filled us with CREATIVE DELIGHT

And this lady always brings MOUSSE  and MOOSE---to our table...wait till you see
them ) gosh I M tired lol...
on her blog...her CREATIVE heart felt bag also is stunning...
and we are always leaving her blog with a smile...
YOU Will see wink..

ps. I am away at the moment
 but I will be showing a tut
on how to make a food cover like this..

so be sure to check US out...

Riley Blake Design Team


  1. You totally rock, really you do! I'm exhausted just looking at all your beautiful Rush Hour projects. Did you take time to eat and sleep? I think not! Thank you for your sweet words and for leading the way with all your inspiration.

  2. Me three! Each of your projects just scream covered with love. Thank you for the fantastic hop.

  3. Holy cow Madame Samm you have everything checked off that list. Look at that WOW factor you have in all your projects. This fabric is just perfect for all your designs. I really do love your doll. This was a very fun hop and I can't wait to see those fabrics next year. Thank you for what you do for all.

  4. Another beautiful batch of projects. I love your stitching on the back of your cover and of course your ruffles just add the right touch! Thanks again for another great hop. Well, off to get ready for my morning a Rush Hour. ;)

  5. Beautiful projects, and your La Modele is sew cute in her Rush Hour outfit! Thanks for organizing these hops!

  6. No wonder you were rushing! You did loads. And all of it gorgeous. A ruffled java jacket? Amazing. I loved all you projects, but the doll is my absolute favourite. Well, that or the java jacket. Or the phone cover.....or the.... Thank you for sharing and organizing yet another amazing hop. Already looking forward to the next one.

  7. I can't imagine you rushing - things seem to just roll. All beautiful projects but I adore your doll! This was another great hop. I tried best to catch it all (pretty hectic here) and may not have got to all and not always a sweet comment here. Keep us inspired

    1. I have to differ with you Sharon..your comment was sweet ...)

  8. You, continue to inspire me time and time again. I think I would take them all, each one is perfect. What else is in your coffee Samm that we should know about ? Where do you get all these ideas? Thank you and all of your cheerleaders and your sponsors who really are lucky to have you in their lives.

    1. you are a no reply blogger Sara...next time leave an email so we can respond..thanks for your note

  9. Been watching and admiring all you do to bring us together. You never disappoint me , through these past few months I have been wondering how you keep it all together. Your projects are inspiration in itself. I too love your doll all dressed in rush hour. I really appreciate everyone efforts in keeping this quilting group one of the best in the world. I will be joining if you will have me in the new year. Thank you Madame.

  10. A Java Jacket and a Food Saver for Pesky Bugs, there is nothing you can not create with such Beauty!! I just Love how you coordinated all your Projects together for a well planned day!! Next year sounds wonderfully exciting, thank~you so much for bringing such fabulous Events, Encouragement and Creativity into our lives, especially mine. Always something Unique and Over the Moon exciting to Look Forward to just compliments my every day!!
    With Gratitude and Huggs Sister Samm,
    I have put a La Modele on my Christmas Wish List, so divine that lady is!!.

  11. I think it is pretty amazing how busy you are and still you have time to make such beautiful designs. Your pictures are always so good. I hate to see this blog hop end but we can count on you and all of your lovely friends to keep us inspired for the next hop. Really love your doll and Java Jacket Izzie x

    1. HI Izzie, also a no reply blogger...I believe you are with google plus which takes away your email..next time leave an email so we can respond...

  12. You came up with excellent projects again just like always....I think the Un Covert was the biggest surprise to me, you have everything you need to sit outside and start your day perfectly !

  13. This was a wonderful hop and your projects are all fantastic! I love all the ruffled touches, especially on the Java Jacket!

  14. You always blow us away. I love everything you made but I think my favorite thing.. besides the doll of course.. is the umbrella cover. Love that! and IHCP.. where have I seen that before? :)

  15. My goodness! You're the winner hands down! Beautiful projects every one! Love the body for your French pres$, the bags for your technical equipment, the doll, everything! Great job!!

  16. I thought this was supposed to be a quilting blog? Not impressed with your projects you probably stole all the ideas from others. Who does all your sewing?

    1. Hello Guess Who? As you are a no reply blogger, I cannot answer you directly but I thank you for leaving a note and I am happy to share with you that I do all of my cutting, sewing, piecing and yes even quilting. If you know someone who can sew for me, I would love to know, imagine what else I could share. And before I forget I own all of my own designs, these all came from my pretty little head.

    2. Oh my, Guess Who is anonymous or I would love to share with him/her all the wonderful things Madame Samm's original creations add to our quilting world. Maybe he/she could show us their creations and all they add to helping us be more creative and motivated...

  17. A plethora of projects! You always come through with so many delightful projects to inspire us. Thanks for the inspiration and all of the blog topics and organization. Another great hop!

  18. Such wonderful projects. All so useful and this fabric really shines, doesn't it. Love the laptop covers the best, I think. Everything is really great. Such talent you have.

  19. Wow Samm, you've been busy... as always ;) Great job on your projects. Love all the pretty ruffles.

  20. I am feeling very relaxes now that the rush is over. It was truly an amazing hop and all the FABULOUS projects, including yours has provided sew much inspiration. I wanted to say again, how very appreciative I am to have received the fabrics from StudioE. Tomorrow I draw 3 winners for my RUSH HOUR giveaways!

  21. Hi!!!! Wow!!! Your projects are AMAZING as always!!!! I love your French Press cover!!!! It is just adorable!!!!! Your Tammy Bag is awesome!!!!! I always love your dolls and she can pose as a cheerleader!!!! So fun!!!!! Thank You for being You!!!!!

  22. What wonderful projects. I love the doll, so cute. Thanks for all you do.

  23. wow you were really on a roll. I love all your projects. my husband just got me a new I Phone 5 to replace my very old flip phone. I love the cell cover you have, will have to go looking. thanks for sharing and for inspiring.

  24. Wow were you busy! I love the La Modele - is she still in consideration for a Blog Hop next year?
    I love the Tammy bag too - need to find the frame here in the states!
    Thanks for the great hop

  25. Thanks for leading the rush this hop, so many great projects this time around, yours definitely included - the fabric really added a great pop. How will you choose which IMAC cover to use as they are both beautiful!! You were so busy, I can imagine that timer was working overtime!! Glad to see so many useful items to brighten our days.

  26. You jumpped right in there with some top projects including the doll. Thank you Madm for being there and cheering us on and for thinking up so many diffrent hops to bring out our creativity.

  27. Wowie! All kinds of red, black, white and gray goodness from Studio E showcased here. Love that they are on board for two hops next year as their fabric is gorgeous! Are the food covers like little umbrellas??

  28. Somehow my words to you which I wrote this morning just RUSHED away and dissapeared somewhere in WWW....... smile.
    I just wanted to tell you that your projects are again great, I love this little doll, and I am a huge fan of my bodum-french presses, I have 3 different sizes at home to drink my Sumatra.....
    Congrats for you getting a designer, waoh, I will provide Switzerland with your collections, that would be fantastique!!!

  29. You never cease to awe us with your creative mind and incredible talent. Of course the fabrics are wonderul and you have had so much fun with them. I love the doll! Each of your practical items turned out so well and completely useful.

    It sounds like we are in for continued fun in the upcoming year.

  30. Wowziers, you have a spectacular "Rush Hour" array today! Where do I start...A down coffee cozy! I thinks you must have the best dressed coffee pot on the planet! :-) All your cases and covers, and of course that Tammy bag are just too perfect with this fabric line. La Modele is like the Vanna White of Rush Hour! (of did I just make up Vanna's last name...You know from Wheel of Fortune) LOL!! Hummmm so glad you found a place...for that button! Wink! This was just one big ole fun blog hop and you were the icing on the cake.

  31. You gave me a rush with all your stuff! I was wondering about the doll--did you use a purchased pattern or did you just make it up yourself?

    1. Hi Susan...you too are a no reply blogger...leave an email....and the doll she is mine...no pattern...I have no pattern for her they are all different sizes ...depends on what I am feeling lol. been making them since 92...

  32. For Heaven's sake...these are all SO CREATIVE and SMART! Your Java Jacket (the name is so awesome!) is really a great idea! Your projects are always so Creative and lovely...and those ruffles are to die for...and your little lady...she's adorable!!!! What a wonderful way to end this hop! So glad we will be using Studio E again..their fabric is so easy to work with!
    I am so glad you share all your talents with us...Thank you...

  33. Absolutely beautiful and creative projects! You never cease to amaze me with what you creative. You have raised the bar for all of us - again! :-) Your doll is so fun and since I've seen a few of them during the last couple of hops, I find that I am being gently pushed to give in and make one or more. With four grandchildren as frequent visitors, I know they will be loved. I too have made duplicate or multiple device covers for when one is in the wash. My husband thought that I was a bit strange, but when I made two for him as well, he "got" it. I'm looking forward to using Studio E projects again, as I am never disappointed with their products. Thanks for sharing your talent, creativity, enthusiasm, and encouragement with us all!

  34. Good grief woman! LOL....of course I am on the same day as you ha ha. I don't know where to begin. Everything is way above and beyond. I LOVE the dolls that you make. I need one of those bug umbrellas. I hope you decide to sell the pattern. I would not know where to start with something like that. You are a great inspiration for sure!

  35. What wonderful projects you created! I love the doll, La Modele. She is beautiful!! I really enjoyed being a part of this hop! I've never done it before and I just loved seeing what so many people made. What a huge bunch of creative people out there. Thanks so much for putting all of these hops together. You are such an inspiration!!

  36. Perfectly adorable - everything! And all with your signature ruffles. Love your little cheering doll!

  37. It's the ruffles. They are why I love all your projects. It's the ruffles. :) Not to mention all the creativity, practicality, and just how darn cute it all is. There are going to be a lot of disappointed bugs in your back yard. :)
    This was a great hop. Confession: I wasn't too crazy about this fabric at the start, a bit too modern for me. After all the creativity I have seen, I have changed my mind. I have been shown how versatile it can be and am looking forward to the next Studio E Hops!

  38. In a word, inspiring. Thank you for the Rush Hour Tour :D

  39. Those ruffles...LOVE them! I have a weakness for ruffles. Your model is adorable. I also have pesky problems with food being outdoors.Those bugs are a pest. The cover is a fabulous idea. Hmmm...maybe another project to add to my list :-)

  40. Very lovely projects! I especially loved the table cover. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

  41. First comment ~ I love how you have centered your paragraphs! What fun!
    This is my very first blog hop with you all ~ Abi at The Blended Blog was my introducer when I received an e-mail of her post and her daily listing of Rush Hour participants. I have enjoyed all the great ideas shared. La Modele is fantastic! I like the outdoor covers to keep the bugs away from your food and drink and would like a cozy cover for a teapot for me. Would be cute like a Polly Pocket clutch bag with the pull tie at the top ~ hmm... envisioning here ~ that's where it all begins. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House lanehillhouse[at]centurylink[dot]net

  42. WOW WOW WOW!
    So many projects completed in this wonderful fabric. My favorite is the downy coffee pot cover. And the coffee button is really cool too!

  43. WOWZERS!!! That was quite a list! If anyone could knock that out, you could! All of the projects are just fabulous. My favorite was the Tammy bag. Nope, still haven't made one. :( But.... I will one day and surprise you!

  44. You're like the little Energizer Bunny ... you keep going and going and going! You always amaze me with your projects and how many you manage to create. They are all so beautiful I can't pick a favorite because I love every single one of them. I'm really looking forward to seeing the fabric collections from Studio E that will be used in not one, but two of your blog hops next year. That's terrific news! Scott may be watching what your blog hop participants make with his fabrics, but we are also watching him and waiting to see the fabric collections he has in store for us. It's going to be hard to beat the Rush Hour collection. ; )

  45. Extra, extra, can Ms. La Modele and Tammy come live at my house, lol! Of course they will need to bring the umbrella cover to keep the bugs away. Thank you and Carol for the fabulous hop!

  46. As in true Rush Hour form we are rushed into no more hopping...now to sew and create from all the amazing inspiration we have so generously been given by all participants. Madamm Samm your projects are truly wonderful and it is easy to see how you would never grow tired of sewing La Modele and Tammy bags. Each of your tech covers is perfect. That French Press cover will be very popular I am thinking. Thank you sew very much for organizing and sharing and hopping. Creative Rush Hour Bliss...

  47. As I was reading your blog today I felt I was watching an info commercial where the announcer says but wait there's more! (lol) As usual you didn't disappoint and your projects are fabulous. Many thanks for putting together a great and very creative blog hop! Looking forward to the next one.

  48. Dearest Samm, it has been way too long since I have been in Blog world to see what magic you have sent our way. I have to say, as always, I am totally not surprised at what a RUSH it was to see all your wonderfully created goodies! As always a complete treat that only our Madame Samm can spread our way. Much love xoxoxxx Ree

  49. Over the top Samm. Wow. So many great ideas/creations. I have a mug cozy-but a cozy for the whole pot, amazing. You will be traveling in style with all your electonics' covers.
    Thanks again for a great hop.

  50. What a wonderful collection of rush hour projects. But the ruffles make them extra special. And your doll is beyond cute. What lovely projects were stitcched for this hop.

  51. Cute and Fabulous projects...whew...such a busy busy girl! How exciting to hear there will be more StudioE in our future!!!

  52. Oh my goodness, Madame. What a wonderful post with so many beautiful projects. I have to say, living in the buggy south, that the cover for your breakfast tea is my favorite. Thanks for being the never-ending positive support for all of us.

  53. The ruffle! Perfect placement for that ruffle and the coffee button. Love the idea to cover your food!

  54. You have done it again. Love, love all your projects. WOW! You are amazing.

  55. Goodness Samm - what creativity you have! That cover for your plate....where's the tutorial? :) And the IPad case and the phone case....I need them both! I love it all! blessings, marlene

  56. Fantastic projects! I love the metallic thread, it really showcases the fabric well. One can never have enough red, black and white! Great that Studio E was so happy with all of the projects. And it's okay to be tardy once in a while ;)
    It was a fun hop, as usual!

  57. You are our 'uncover agent' who works tirelessly to make these hops fabulous. And...this time you even made a cover-up...hmmm...reminds me of an umbrella...I think. :) I am really into your La Modele and this one is no exception; I noticed her sitting on the Tammy bag and wondered if you'd forgotten to mention it until I read further. If your day doesn't start out perfectly with all these wonderful projects then it probably means you need to head back to bed for the day. lol

  58. You sewed up a great group of pretty accessories! I love these fabrics so it's great to hear that Studio E is on board for future hops. I'm glad to see that you are doing a tutorial for the food cover. I was wondering how you kept the shape.

  59. You are totally stylin' from the second you step out the door in the morning!! You made the most amazing project! That coffee cozy is pure genius and all your electronics should feel very special!! Your La Modele is adorable and looks so cute sitting on your Tammy bag. Heavens, even your food is protected from uninvited visitors in style!! When do you find the time to do all that you do? Do you main-line coffee and only sleep 3 hours a night??

  60. Your projects are SEW....YOU!!! I was away all day until very late with DR. appt.s and some needed babysitting so I will be commenting early Wed. morning. I am very tired and need my sleep.
    Gmama Jane

  61. What terrific ideas you had. I love the coffee cover. That one I need bad. Nothing like a hot cup of coffee to get you going. All your projects are sweet....and that doll, oh so cute. Thank you Samm!

  62. While all of your projects made wonderful use of the fabric line my favorites are La Modele and Un Covert. She is a perfect model for the line and the food cover is a stupendous idea.

  63. Wonderful projects as always. Love the doll and I really love that cover. Looking forward to seeing the tutorial for that. Awesome.

  64. As usual you have outdone yourself! I love that you did a lot of small projects. I think that they really made that Rush Hour traffic stand out better than a big item does. More interesting...but I HAVE to ask...how do you make the dolls' hair? And where can we find the pattern? I think I'd like to try making one of them sometime... Thanks for all of your hard work! yessewingisfun@ayhoo.com

  65. I always look forward to the last day of a blog hop because I know that you always "out-do" yourself- You're AWESOME! That food cover is really intriguing. I'll be looking forward to your tutorial and the next blog hop, of course. Thanks again to everyone for such a tremendous job. You keep me motivated to learn new things!

    1. hi ...you are a no reply blogger and I am not home to get retriever your email....thanks so much for the cheer....I soooo loved working with this collection, the tut is at RBD link is at bottom of post..wait till you see what is up next....

  66. Another great hop, and your have some yummy goodness from beginning to end. That java jacket is a clever way to solve your coldness problem. And I love all the ruffles. Ruffles seam to make everything just a little bit more fabulous. Your doll is wonderful. What is her hair made out of?

  67. Oh my word. I'm ready to fall off the chair. Wow. That's an awesome collection of amazing projects. That button is so perfect with the fabric. Love it all!

  68. Waiting impatiently for the food cover tutorial for my soon to be purchased back porch table overlooking the lake. AND the cover for my Christmas present...new Mac Air. The ruffle on the coffee cover was a pleasant surprise...love ruffles. Busy lady.

  69. I'm late. Oops. I knew there would be a Tammy for the hop. Cool. I'm lovin' Java jacket and all the other necessities. Neat goodies. Was I the model for that grey haired model?

  70. Bellissimi! La caffettiera è la mia preferita!

  71. Thanks for sharing the Food Cover tute over at RBD Blogs, the Cover is as cute as can be, and just got the Brain Cells storming this morning!! Hope your having a safe and lovely Drive!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  72. Wow!!! So many clever and fun creations!! I love them all!! Brilliant!

  73. Another amazing collection of goodies! You make such cute things, especially with these great fabrics. Love the electronic covers, seams like something I need to get around to doing. LOVE the cover up. Such a great idea for the food outside, these days I need them inside. I look forward to your tutorial. The flies are terrible this year! Thank you so much for another great hop Samm and Carol. It is such a treat to see all of these cool projects out of the same fabrics. Love ya, xx

  74. They are so pretty and clever, and your java jacket stole my heart! LOL!!


  75. You are one crazy women, so amazed, again, I would definitely not want to be on the same day as you, my goodness. Love the Un Covert, off to see if the tutorial is ready, so dislike flies and all those other pesky insects near my eating area we normally cove with an upside down bowl, but this would look so much cuter.

  76. Wow!!! What a beautiful projects. Great work, Mdm Samm !!! You are very creative woman !!!
    All the best,

    Ps.I love Your food cover:)

  77. Oh my. You really outdid yourself this time, as you always seem to do so well. I truly do love all your Rush Hour projects. Thank you again. And that hint about next year's Wicked hop? Oh the temptation. I'll be anxiously waiting to see what those fabrics will be. You know me....I love Halloween and am so sad to have to be missing the Wicked hop this year. I won't be doing that again. Promise!

  78. WOW just one cute project after the other. You are the energizer bunny in disguise. Thanks for sharing.

  79. "Whew", indeed! Wow, Madame Samm, you really stitched up some gorgeous and useful projects using Rush Hour. What a stylish group of covers, each one is Fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing your creative talents with us.

  80. I refuse to Rush for a while. so I moseyed, sauntered, and meandered through the Rush Hour Blog hop today. Very lovely projects love the Tammy Bag. Now I must wander off to do something productive!

  81. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one rushing through the hop, lol! I really enjoy your java jacket, but the breakfast cover is my favorite! I'm popping over to the RBD site now to find out more! See you again soon!


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