Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How do you measure.?....A Season of LOVE! Last day of See you in September...

It was a SEASON OF LOVE...
how did I measure it all...?

First let me serve you up a cup of your favourite brew...
and thank you all for popping in and being so much part of OUR
quilting and sewing world....
( this is an old diners cup,  it only holds 6 oz of brew but 
ohhh you will love sipping from this porcelain cup)

Big thanks to Shari for being a superb cheerleader and all
those who played a part in See you in September...
What creative, stunning and heartfelt projects you created to share....
and all those who left wonderful comments..I know you stirred many hearts....
Each one of you stitched a thread in my heart...

By now you have all popped in to see those I shared my day with....
Ohhhh did they ever create such magical and beautiful pieces..?
There is a lot of TALENT HERE!

Today Sept 16th

Here is what kept me busy this summer...

Although I completed all  the piecing and  sewing and the embroidery of these words...

525,600 minutes, how do you measure a year?
In daylights, in sunsets in cups of coffee, 
in laughter in strife..
how do you measure a man's life....?

For so many reasons, I just could not get it done...
It sits by our loungers  in our sitting room....a constant reminder of the love
that has grown so complete in both of our hearts.
It will ALWAYS remind me of all the minutes we have
spent together....

When ready- I will pick it up once again and  hand quilt it over 
our winter months.... when I have it completed. YOU will be the first to know...

It was all made with solids from RBD to mimmick GINGHAM of course...
( this one did not count as my finished projects however it is what I was
working on this summer) 

In the meantime, I did complete a few NEW things...
3 categories...wink...

I was busy making LA MODELES....whimsical, adorable
bend into any shape dolls....This one in a variety of GREEN ginghams....
reminder when RBD   had the small and large print...BUT wait, 
they are keeping the MEDIUM RBD GINGHAM print
so we will still have lots to celebrate...
I so love my RBD Gingham!
And to all of YOU who were on our campaign to SAVE RBD
Thank you from my gingham heart...

 and.....I did some gardening....

We have 3 of these MUMMS on our deck...they have demanded much water and food
this season....they are 10 gallon size....just gorgeous....that is what my Green Gingham
Modele is sitting on... and yes white with a bit of splash of some yellow...
( another fav colour of mine) 

And of course some special TAMMYs were created this summer...
Cori from Chitter Chatter Designs...   created this gorgeous PINNY with the bird on it for me....
(and ohhhh so special because she knew my colours would match my sewing studio) 
I did not have a Tammy to match-  I know shocking......So I made one especially for this... She made me SEW HAPPY, because I love the HAPPY video....

What is striking about this pinny is, it has a little pocket in the back to put your
scrap threads and a place for your needles...and a very small pair of scissors 
about 1.5 inches long was attached...

In the NEW YEAR I have coaxed  Cori  into creating 4 wee patterns so YOU TOO
will be able to place them on your Tammy Bags (wait till I show you how to add them) 
...More on that at the end of the YEAR...
Many surprises in store for YOU! 

And this was made for a very special lady who you will come to admire and love 
as much as I....She is busy creating 4 patterns too, very special ones
for you...more on this soon....All that PINK....how can you not love PINK....?

and this too was made for someone very SPECIAL...she loves Blues and GINGHAM
and soon you will see it dressed with something very special...more on that soon too...
 Oh my gingham cup was sent by a very sweet lady overseas....she is my special moments 
through and through..

And since I was busy as a bee on Tammy Bags- I did one in embroidery..
with lots and lots of french knots....
so this still is one of my 3 things...Another Tammy bag...
This one is already filled with Aurifil, Gutermann, Presencia and Superior...
threads...because each one has a special role with me....
( I will be travelling with this bag always) 

And then I found this x-stitch I did many many many years ago,
...while FALL cleaning, I found it in a container that  I had stored some needlework....
I could not find the pattern ( think it was lost in our flood) 
 I have no idea what  it was called and who did the design...
Any of you recognize it?  and it was not completed...she is washing in a tub...
She does not look to happy does she????? lol

sooooooo I made it into a longer coin purse bag, perfect for some
of my scissors when travelling.. alllll made from linen...
on the other side, it has a red ruffled  gingham pocket...

A grand idea to turn your needlework and cross stitch pieces .....
in coin purses and Tammy Bags.....

HOLD that thought....it will be coming in January....

And I too did some canning...OUR PLUM tomatoes, yielded us so many
I was able to make some marinara sauce...our home had that homemade smell for days...

Don't you just love those stems....like they were made for these PLUM ( tomatoes) lol
My very fav in the world timer sits proudly among them...

7.5 quarts of thick marinara sauce to do us a few months...I have never ever purchased
spaghetti sauce, I have always made my own...kinda spoiled us
a bit....Takes 36 hours to make, but ohhhh so worth it...

And in the distance...something else I have been working on..
soooon you will see it very soon wink...

 AND..... remember my GINGHAM HEART needlepoint. that I had designed in the early spring... 
Showed you a couple times - my progress...
this took a few months to complete...
then what to do with it....

WELLLLLLL,  I made it into a ruffled RBD gingham footstool.. Bet you never saw that coming...:)
David made me a few footstools over the summer, using a lightweight wood, I had some foam
cut to size and voila...another new stool in my sewing studio...

The stool is 18 inches square...and about 8 inches tall...
Not that I need to remind anyone of my LOVE for Gingham....

So there you have it...it was a busy summer
and like you all, I am sad to see this season end....

My red gloves are ready for the fall....

To seasons of love....
it was a lovely summer of stitching...
Thank you for joining me and all those in our HOP...
I am sure I speak for them too....YOU MATTER!

is our next hop using this very fine collection
of the same from Studio E fabrics
and that other lady is cheering...
and she has already won
according to the clues she has been sharing..
OH Yes......she wins.. wink..

I have a special giveaway...
You may have read about Anna my new assistant.
ALLLLL proceeds goes towards her tuition and books....
she is studying Marketing and Finance!

$30.oo gift certificate 
to our ETSY store..

congrats to you

be one of our NEW ADMIRERS
and we will choose a winner from there


  1. You know That Other Lady never really wins because you wow us with things like these beautiful bags and footstool...love them all!

  2. Well, you out did yourself again! The quilt is lovely and the addition of embroidery, perfect. You always come up with such unique Tammy bags, and the Pinny just 2 cute. Cori, step on the gas, want to see them, lol! Love the bee peeking out of the black and yellow Tammy. Yummy sauce and your gardening skills, well you can do it all! Thank you for all the Hops and to all the cheerleaders and girls who did the fantastic projects.

  3. Love the Tammy bags, your embroidery, and especially the La Modele, (s)he's sew cute!

  4. Such pretty things. You make this hop sing with pretty stitches combined with gingham and all your gardening...wow. The details, oh my, on all your bags. You have such a great creative mind and summer just shines in everything here. I wish summer could last a while longer... but then we wouldn't see those beautiful mums you have.

  5. LOVE it all especially the TammyBags. Oh, La Modele is another that I love. And your mums. You certainly were busy!

  6. Sjeeeeeeezzzzzz you must have been sewing flat out this summer! Good to see you had to get up from time to time to water those gorgeous plants (and the tomatoes of course). I love all the projects (that doll is just too cute), but my absolute favourite is the foot stool! It is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing and - as always - for starting another amazing hop.

  7. I know the Gingham Quilt will be very dear to your heart and such a beautiful song you chose to embroider on the Border, just love your ex~large Ginghams!! *smile* the finished footstool I bet looks gorgeous in your Sewing Room!! So feminine with the Ruffles!! La Modele and the Tammy Bags are just over the top Madame!! Your choice of fabrics and trims are just Stunning!! One of these days....... Thank~you again and again for all the precious time you put into creating our hops, everyone here is so very special and it just fills my heart with joy to be a part of all these wonderful Women!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  8. All manner of gingham goodness to be found on your blog post, that is for sure! We have come to expect it and love you for it. How cute is La Modele and the Tammy bags in all shades! Your gingham quilt.......we could go on and on and never be able to pick just one favorite. THX for another enjoyable hop, Mdm Samm. (I did the favorite thing on the etsy apple heart shop. That was right?

  9. The Gingham Tammy`s are beautiful. So much variation. The dolls are fantastic! My goodness! Love plum tomatoes.

  10. I have enjoyed all the stops on this Blog Hop and have seen some wonderful projects. It has made a great start to my day. Your projects always inspire me, I so want to make a Tammy bag. Thank you for all your hard work.

    1. loved your sweet comment however you were a no reply so could not send you note..

  11. Very nice. That little doll is so cut. Your quilt is bbeahtiful. Thanks for having such great hops. I really enjoy them.

  12. I do sew love all the gingham goodness. You amaze me with your talent, dear Samm. The sauce looks wonderful. Your Etsy shop has many beautiful things in it. I am definitely an admirer.

  13. Oh Mdm Samm you are t h e gingham lady! What great projects you did! Looove your quilt and it will be such a sweet memory. The Tammy bags are all so precious. Love the bee you added and the pin is just lovely. I love dolls and yours is so cute! My absolute favourite is your footstool - I think I need one too now, lol! And how great that you turned your old/new crosstich into a coinpurse!
    Another great bloghop ends but the memories and inspiration will go on - thanks so much! You matter too - very much!
    Hugs Martina

  14. Such wonderful, pretty, gingham goodness!! I adore that footstool, and your etsy shop is now in my favorites.

  15. Those bags, the doll, the footstool.... all just have your signature on them. Love them all. And you'll enjoy quilting your beautiful quilt when the weather turns and you want a quiet, sit by the window and watch the snowfall, kind of project. Thank you for the inspiration and all of your bloggy work!

  16. I'm glad to see you had plenty of stitching time over the Summer Samm. Such lovely projects. All those Tammy bags are just darling. I love that pink one. Thanks for another great blog hop, It was fun seeing everyones projects.

  17. Oh goodness grief!! I would have to write a novel in here to get in all my praise for these projects!! All gorgeous :) That bee of french knots particularly steals my heart though Cori's bird is a sweet cutie too! And the gingham quilt...what a beautiful tribute...and hmmm...those dolls look pretty special as well, I like their jaunty attitudes. Thanks for another great hop, though I didn't participate, I sure enjoyed the eye candy!

  18. You have indeed been busy with all that stitching. And your Tammys are all so lovely.Have a lovely day!!!

  19. OMG, I am speechless! I don't know what I love most! Maybe the Tammy bags, in such great variety! Or maybe the pretty way you combined the gingham for the doll. I would love to see your entire collection of mugs- but I guess I would be a little envious! And those mumms are my favorite type - I have some in a vase right now! Everything is too pretty - a delight for the eyes!

  20. You NEVER cease to AMAZE me...and touch my heart with the love behind what is written...I hope you had a wonderful summer with your love...
    Everything is so beautifully worked, stitched and orchestrated...I love the Tammy Bags...they are such fun! and that reworked stool...OH! And the sauce!!! I bet it is just heavenly! Thank you for blessing the lives of all of us...with all that you give...and all that you do...for us...You matter too!!!!
    Much love to you from Texas!

  21. The Tammy bags, are always a hit on these hops, so many ways to dress them up, and your. I love the dolls and many of my friends have made them and need one of my own. Love tomatos and sauce also. Great hop.

  22. Love your modele...she is so sassy and chic! A beautiful sentiment on your gingham quilt...fabulous Tammy bags, coin purse, foot stool, embroidery, Cori's fab pinny! ... phew; breathe ... a wonderfully busy and productive summer you have had! It has been great cheering this hop. Thank you for sharing my summer with me! xox

  23. I loved your La Modele so much that I went over and purchased her! She is darling! You sure went to town on those Tammy bags! That bee embroidery is impeccable!

    p.s.. Finally...You will have mail on the way tomorrow so be watching. :)

  24. All of your projects are beautiful! The quilt will be gorgeous when you finish! Love the doll and the bags, too!
    Of course, my favorite of all is the little Tammy bag with the bee! Perfect!

  25. WOW!!! you are a crafting machine!! all of your projects are adorable!!!! love all your color combos! awesome :)

  26. Your sewing machine was a hummin' this summer. Lots of yummy goodness to see. The Pinny on the Tammy bags is clever. Will be keeping an eye out for that and your handwork is lovely. It reminds me of some of the cross stitch projects I need to finish up. It's been a great hop!

  27. i have so enjoyed sharing a cup of coffee with you this morning, Madame Samm. Thank you so much for a wonderful blog hop.
    Your projects are so beautiful and I am really loving the Tammy bags, especially the ones with the embroidery. They are just gorgeous. Great job!

  28. Wow....all of your projects are beautiful.....and the sauce what a lot of love you put into that.....the Tammy bags are darling.....

    1. oved your sweet comment however you were a no reply so could not send you note..

  29. Your Tammy Bags are wonderful. Such beautiful fabric choices. Love your quilt. The red and white suits you to a T. Your doll is precious. You are so creative, and talented. Beautiful on everything.

  30. Great song from the show Rent. Really makes you think. I can't even begin to describe how awesome all of your projects are. From the gingham quilt, to the little lady on the mums, your flowers are gorgeous and all of your Tammy Bags are special. You always do such lovely work.

  31. You have such a wonderful way with fabric and color. I love everything you do but my favorite is the yellow Tammy bag. it does make one Sew Happy!

  32. Thank you for sharing your beautiful summer of love and lovely creations, dear Madame Samm ... <3 Pat

  33. As usual you have made me smile today! What fab projects- love the Tammy with the bee! Each one inspires me to get with it and keep on stitchin'

  34. Oh you do know how to dazzle us with your very special Tammy bags. I love the coin purse with the woman washing! Think I've had that look on my face a time or two myself! LOL!! Love your La Modele dolly. What character she has. Oh and your quilt!!! So many pretties.

  35. Thank you Madame Samm for everything you do!!

    1. oved your sweet comment however you were a no reply so could not send you note..

  36. All those bags made with gingham are so cute! The coin purse with the overworked woman is priceless! Would bring a smile to my face every time I used it!

  37. Ok am new to your blog and love all the bags, giving me ideas for my embroidery work,, your color combos are delicious too. Will be coming back often,

  38. Love all your Tammy bags. I share your love of gingham

    1. so nice to hear, we hope you pop in and next time leave an email so we can write you back..

  39. Fabulous projects! Your gingham quilt is so stunning and will be a perfect winter project for the quilting. Your Tammy bags are all so sweet, and I adore your cross stitch design on your stool. What a summer you had with wonderful stitching, food, flowers, family...awesome!

  40. Samm, you have managed to do it once again...dazzle us with your creativity!! I knew a footstool was coming...WITH a Ruffle! Would you believe I am in the process of making Black gingham valences with yellow gingham ruffles for my sewing room? For my cutting table in the middle of the room, I am also sewing A YELLOW GINGHAM skirt with a Black gingham ruffle! I could be accused of being a copycat but then who will ever know all the way down here in the Deep South, Alabama, USA!!! LOL! I do love YOU and all your delightful projects! I noticed Maggey & Jim say they are NEW to your blog...Oh My Jim and Maggey, you are so very lucky to have found the quilting/sewing center of the Universe at Sew We Quilt!!!! and Madame Samm is our Queen, not really, but she is pretty darn great!!
    Hugs & Blessings
    Gmama Jane
    P.S. I SEW regret not learning to make the Tammy bag!

  41. As always, a spectacular blog. There are so many fantastic sewers and quilters out there and I love seeing their talents being showcased. You, of course, are in that group; I can't believe how many wonderful things you made. The quilt is going to be outstanding - what a great idea to "create" your own gingham! All those Tammy bags are just so adorable - you put such just thought and care into them. La Modele is wonderful. I've been thinking about trying my hand at a doll; are those patterns all in French? Where might the patterns be purchased - in English?

  42. Oh, you certainly were busy. I just love your Tammy bags, especially the one with the girl on. And your gingham doll, so cute. Thank you for another great hop. I enjoyed my self immensely! !

  43. Hello my friend, another wonderful illuminating, stretching blog hop under your gingham belt, with a marvelous cheerleader and you as the cherry on top or should I say whipped cream? I always am a little sad when it is all done, but the next one starts so soon, we can look forward with glee. One of these days I will make a Tammy bag. I purchased your pattern, but haven't found the courage to make one yet. Maybe that will be my next personal challenge :) Thank you for all the beautiful work today!

  44. Dear Mdm. Samm.
    When I see all your sommer projects I belive the every day has 36 hours in Canada, how did you manage that?
    The wonderful stichery on the lovely gingham quilt, would take me several weeks to stitch.
    Such a wonderful declaration of love to your dear husband.
    The Tammy are great, and the doll so gorgeous, very elegant.
    Love how you gave new life to the stitchery, cute cute!
    The foodstool is so unique and perfect for your new studio.
    It has been a great hop, and I was very happy about the low number of daily participants.
    Liebe Grüße

  45. Wonderful things, the gingham, all your Tammy's, all your x stitch and needle point, french knots, tomato marinara ( totally love that little timer girl )and the dolls Samm, are just the cutest things ! My favorite thing is what you embroidered around the gingham quilt...powerful words from the heart. Great things from your head, to your hands, to our eyes. ! Shari was a gracious sweet cheer leader for this hop. Ya'll matter, HUGS for ya both !

  46. Great projects! Love the Tammy bags!

  47. I am in soooo much trouble. I know it is wrong to covet thy neighbor, but I WANT those Tammy bags....all of them.

  48. Samm as usual I'm so envious of all that you do! The yellow gingham Tammy bag with Cori's pinny - if I were close to you I'd steal it. :) And the bag with the cross stitch...oh my goodness it's gorgeous. And the stool is just so perfect! Wonderful wonderful projects as usual. blessings, marlene

  49. What wonderful bags, I love love love the washer woman!

  50. Wonderful Tammy bags and a lovely stool and a wonderful new Etsy I see. You have been very busy.....many great wishes for you and Anna...

  51. Another successful and amazingly creative blog hop! It's such a let-down on the last day to know it ends, but looking forward to the next hop. You bloggers out there in cyberspace are fantastic. I learn so many new things from you that I wouldn't otherwise. Thanks for all your efforts as they are sincerely appreciated.

    1. loved your sweet comment however you were a no reply so could not send you note..

  52. Thank you for such a fun and inspirational blog hop. I love your Tammy bags, especially when made with gingham.

  53. So many projects and I know that's not all you did this summer! Everything is lovely. I especially love the bee Tammy bag...adorable.

  54. My oh my. All those gorgeous Tammy bags. Gorgeous all fixed up with their pretties. Another very fun hope. We all love gingham.

  55. Dear Madame, your projects are all a feast for the eyes! Too say you have been busy stitching is certainly an understatement and you truly always make me sit back in awe! Beautiful work, each and every project ... La Modele, what a "doll" !!! Adorably cute and perched like a true diva model on the gorgeous mums! You are an inspiration to me and thank you for sharing!!

  56. Hello Madame, you do make me wonder, wonder how you do it all. I really like your bags and that new stool , I think it would be best suited in my parlour. Would you consider making another? Thank you for all you do for our loving quilting community. You matter too.

  57. Ach, Lady Samm, your Tammies are just wonderful, one is prettier than the other and I don't know which one I would immediately pack under my arms and run away, LOL. Sorry to be late to comment, my kiddies have the flue, I bet you know what this means.... days become even more crazy and nights are become nightmares, or something like this. ..... But it will soon be better, hopefully!
    I really had to laugh at your UR priceless, it is so funny, funny, it made my day !
    And your flowers are fantastic, all white, wonderful!
    I saw the cup, set perfectly in place, just for you for special moments, smile!
    big hugs

  58. I just love seeing your gardening and canning adventures, your tomato sauce looks delicious. I am amazed at all of your lovely Tammy bags and just adore the gingham heart footstool! I have favorited your Etsy shop and wish you lots of success and I am so happy you have a new assistant, you are one busy girl, you need one.

  59. I've been away for a day or two and look what I missed! I just love those Tammy bags. Still haven't made one but I have the pattern when I'm ready! Yours are just fabulous. The footstool is very lovely and just calls your name! You indeed have been busy stitching and gardening and canning this summer. Good thing you have Anna to help you. I bet she is a delight!

  60. Hi Madame Samm I don't know how you do it all. All these projects, run all the blog hops and all your other projects, it puts us all to shame! I am just catching up having had a very hectic week since my Day on the Hop. I love this hop and loved seeing all the projects which I keep adding to my To Do list! IT is get very long!!! Hugs Susie x

  61. LA modeles are so darn cute. Those shoes are killing me. How I would like one for me.
    those tammy bags and purses are so cool. I would love to see a bloghop just for these.
    what a wonderful hop this was. Thank you much.

  62. Loved this blog hop. Great to see and admire the great talent of all the participants! Your projects as always are so darn creative. Really loved the gingham quilt and hope you finish that one soon. Looking forward to the Rush Hour blog hop.

  63. WOW! I am speechless at all you did over the summer. The La Modele doll is adorable and I love all the Tammy bags. Your "gingham" quilt is truly a labor of love and will be a very special keepsake. Thank you so much for a lovely hop. It has been very inspiring.

  64. Fantastic!! You certainly have been busy! I'm so impressed by everything that you made! I'm not sure which I like the most! Too hard to decide. Thanks for sharing with us. I'm an admirer on Etsy!
    Happy sewing!
    array-dawn at cox dot net

  65. And BAMMMMM you did it again! A beautiful La Modele doll, a large collection of bright and cheery Tammy bags, an awesome foot stool, and homemade marinara sauce. You knocked the slippers right off my feet with your projects. I also make homemade marinara sauce; tried store bought marinara sauce twice in my life and hated it.

    This has been a wonderful blog hop with many, many stunning projects made by some very talented and creative women. Looking forward to finding out what you have under your hat for future blog hops.

    I'm a new admirer of your etsy shop.

  66. You already know that I love that doll. :-) I'm envious of all that marinara sauce and those Tammy bag atr just sweet. I especially love the bee one. Looks like you had a wonderful summer.

  67. They are all so lovely!! Love them all, although I love the yellow ones a little more than the others ;) Oh and your Mumms made me smile :)


  68. Of course, utter beauty! I am in love with the quilt and the foot stool. (Really I love them all). What a beautiful sentiment to embrodier around the edge. I am sew looking forward to seeing it all quilted with your touch. ;). Another inspiring hop!

  69. Oh all of your projects are just marvelous. You'd never make anything that isn't I'm sure. I've been beyond swamped so not able to play as much but I do so appreciate all that you do. You matter to me!

  70. Ok, well, now I want spaghetti and it's only 9:00am!! I guess I know what we're having for dinner. Thank you again for the wonderful hop, I'm itching to stitch today but have another 8 hours of work ahead of me, *sigh* Have a lovely day!

  71. You accomplished so much this summer! I love the quilt and all the cute bags, but my favorite is the footstool. It's just too cute. Thanks so much for all your wonderful ideas and blog hops. You are much appreciated!

  72. Eye candy. Beautiful. Love the gingham quilt, I can almost see you sitting by the window quilting it this winter.

  73. I'm just getting to the last day of the hop. I love the gingham flimsy. Wow! I always love the Tammy bags and must give one a go, soon. Maybe I need to dig out some old cross stitch and do something with some of it. Some of it would be a BIG Tammy bag - lol. I simply must get back to stitching in some form. I did commit to do a rework block for the guild's next participation quilt. GULP! It's only a 6" block. The sauce is making me hungry. I make my own sauce but it's not totally from scratch - I do use store bought canned tomato products. Yours looks divine. The footstool is superb. I don't know if you will be pushing Anna or if Anna is pushing you to new heights. Good team! Thanks again for all you do for the craft world.

  74. I've really enjoyed the gingham hop sporting RBD gingham. I'm glad to hear that they are keeping the medium gingham but I am sad as the small and large are really useful too. So sad. Wow! You did lots of canning. I used to can too before I got a glass top stove and now I have to freeze everything. I miss it. I'm just finishing reading all the hop participants this week as I was to a week long craft camp.

  75. It goes without saying...I will be late for my own funeral!! I love your gingham quilt, that goes without saying too...red and white with embroidery, my favorite kind of quilt. Your La Modeles dolls, just the cutest and your mums GORGEOUS!! There isn't a Tammy bag I don't love...love them all, especially the gingham ones, the first one I made was a gingham one with an orange and yellow flower print for the inside, still a favorite. Your cross stitch bag is so cute with the "wash girl" and your sweet little timer, I can see why it is your favorite. I canned the last of my tomatoes yesterday and like you said the sweet smells from the kitchen are amazing! There is nothing better than 'homemade' pasta sauce. Thank you, thank you for all your hard work in organizing all these fun blog hops. Happy stitching, Pauline


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