Monday, September 22, 2014

Enough already let's move on....I am in a RUSH...

We do have something to celebrate 
FALL begins today, ( here in Canada on the escarpment)
we are smack in the centre of the heart of wine growers.

  I will miss my daisies and  my all white garden.
I will miss the few warm days of summer
and the light breezes that caressed my cheek while sitting on our deck
sipping my Guatemala coffee from my porcelain cups...

What I won't miss are the flies and mosquitos...

I have always LOVED FALL for so many reasons..
I love school, I love cool days, I love layering my clothes...
I love my fur head muffs... ( not right at this moment but soon)
I love canning and reaping the harvest of our local farmers...
I love the smell of apple pies, I have been preparing many 
pies for the upcoming months....All frozen in our freezer, waiting
to be pulled out on the cool nights when nothing but a HOT pie 
will do. 

I love that we have a trip soon planned....we will drive
through states of FALL colours....I do love this time of year...
I love that each season brings along many wonderful moments...
I love that I have many JOYFUL memories of another season 
that was too short but sweet. 

And now that  it is FALL, many of YOU are back
in some kind of routine where sewing is not far from your mind...

Take RUSH HOUR, appropriately named 
now that many of us are RUSHING to get our projects completed..

CAROL who is cheering this one has everything done...
SHE WINS, I will tell you that now....
I know her projects will be mind blowing..
they always are...

This is what everyone has been sewing with...REDs. BLACKs, and Whites...some Greys too..
LOVE this collection from STUDIO E....they knock my socks off..no they really do...

Here is a hint of what I have been working on...
if I could wrap my IMAC it would be there too..

Just a gentle reminder...


You will make their FALL extra special..

YOU matter
Schedule is on side bar...via CAROL


  1. OK, I am one of those who really looks forward to all of your hops but fail to comment. They are the first thing I look for in the morning before reading emails and sometimes I am eating my morning cereal while looking... Anyway, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all of your efforts, your patterns, your TIME, your ENCOURAGEMENT, and thank you for putting it all on Pinterest because it gives us one place to go look at everything easily! So, THANK YOU again, Madame Samm. You are the best!

  2. That daisy looks so sweet popping up through the wood. Great photo! I love everything about Fall and will be glad to feel some of the cool weather it will bring. No more rushing for me..I'm ready to hop!

  3. Good morning Samm, I am looking forward to fall too. I love the sights and smells of fall. It would have been nice if summer was a wee bit longer .... but we can not change that sew I will enjoy the moment and have a cup of tea on the patio with the sun in my face and the geese flying over head..
    Have a wonderful fall day in stitches
    . institchesabdseams@hotmail.ca

  4. Rush hour - not today its my day off - taking it slowly enjoying my coffee and putzing about the house - well, that lasted for a few minutes - I have a blog hop to sew for! :) excited to see what everyone has been working on!

  5. I love the crisp air and the rich jewel tone colors of Fall!! Our mornings have started with a chill in the air, last week I even had to pull out my morning jacket. Brrrr! Yes I am RUSHING! I am Binding 2 quilts today and will hopefully be able to get to the other 4 pieces I designed for this set done by Friday! I feel like the little train...I know I can, I know I can,....
    Have a Super Great Day my Friend, YOU so deserve it!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  6. Enjoy my dear..I truly love fall so much
    Sweet hugs xx

  7. I love the fall too. Bye bye mosquitos! It's sunny and cool and a bit breezy here today in NC. I baked some pie pumpkins so I could make pies this week! Looking forward to Rush Hour!!

  8. Here in Poland we will have a first day of Fall, tomorrow. I'm looking forward to see red and yellow leaves, brown chestnuts and acorns. But I really don't like rainy and short days:( In Poland, in Summer we have 19 hours of light (from about 3 am to 10 pm) but in Fall the days have only 7-9 hours. For me is a big difference:(

    And now I'm waving to You from the center of Masuria.

  9. I am getting so Excited to see everyone's projects!!!! I am still madly working away on mine! Wish we could see a real change of seasons here in Houston...maybe...it is supposed to be down in the 60s tonight...that's pretty cold for us here!!! I will be wearing sweaters!!!!
    Hugs Hugs!!!

  10. The golden and orange leaves, the mist on the lake, a fire in the firepit on my deck, pumpkins everywhere.....love everything about fall Samm. And right now the beauty of the Rockies makes me catch my breath. blessings, marlene

  11. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Can't wait to see all the lovely Rush Hour projects!

  12. Well Madame Samm, soon your white theme will arrive once again, but that kind of white a lot of people don't like driving in ... me included. ; ) Love the cooler weather that Fall brings.

  13. I, too, love Fall! The weather is glorious and I try not to think about winter coming. I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with in Rush Hour! I bet it will be fabulous.

  14. Spring and fall are my favs with fall having a slight edge. Looking forward to cooler weather after months of sweating in heat and humidity. I'm still sewing but stretching myself a bit in that department.

  15. I also love fall! I hated it as a child. I always got sick from allergies and lost my voice just as the season started to change. It still happens, but I have learned to deal with it better. The colors don't change so much here, but the weather is cooler!
    I'm glad to see on a map where you are. You are certainly surrounded by lakes! What a great spot on the earth!

  16. Fall and Spring are my favorite 2 seasons.. and yes, we are rushing here in NC.. Hoping to get all the crop out of the fields and in to the barns before old man frost rears his head...

    Looking forward to the hop!


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