Friday, September 12, 2014

day 8 see you in september

What Creative Delight from yesterday..the back of this 
liquid sunshine dress....

See you in September reminds me so much of my teens...
I loved school and September meant new beginnings...

That is what we will be celebrating for the next two weeks..
NEW BEGINNINGS with all of YOU....

Shari has been an exceptional cheerleader through the summer..
always cheering everyone on, I have seen many notes
she left to all of you ....such an inspiration she has been
and a pretty great campaigner for our GINGHAM with RBD...
The medium collection has been saved...YEAHHHHHHH! 

Check the side bar for the list she has put together of some
very talented ladies... ( or link here for the schedule) 

Here are those we will be cheering for today.....all of them will be showcasing 3 projects
they worked on over the summer... One of their projects had to be something with 
GINGHAM....so for all you GINGHAM lovers ( me included) I just know
they will be inspiring so many of us...

WE have such talented, inspiring over the top WOW ladies...
I adore them all and filled with GRATITUDE they are in our 

They all get so excited when they see a NOTE from you..
so be sure to share your delight with them....YOU HAVE no idea
how that sweet note can make such a difference...
They are WORDS OF "WE CARE"....

Many created very COLOURFUL projects over the summer
and many had seasonal pieces that certainly brought smiles.

What Wowed us

Texas FEEL-LOOK-SUMMER....a beautiful contrast
to the background... 

What filled us with Creative Delight..

So many creative ideas....the green bag made from screen material..
gingham slippers, tissue box...lot's of colour
to smile about..it brings a tear to my eye....tissue please..

CHECK BACK tomorrow..
T'was the NIGHT will be announced..

YOU matter! 

Link HERE as gentle reminder what to expect from this blog hop...

And a FLANNEL HOP , well it will just warm
you up to the idea..

September 4 - Riley Blake
September 9 - Quiltscapes
September 12 - Sew Fishsticks
September 16 - The Stitching Scientist
September 19 - My Fabric Obsession
September 23 - Sassy Quilter
September 26 - Simple Simon and Company
September 30 - Fabric Mutt
October 3 - Just Let Me Quilt
October 7 - Jedi Craft Girl
October 10 - Rose and Odin
October 14 - Sew We Quilt
October 17 - Haberdashery Fun
October 21 - Leigh Laurel Studios
October 24 - The Cottage Mama


  1. What a nice finish before we start again next week! We're left inspired after all the things we've seen this week!

  2. Every day of this hop is like a sweet summer breeze bringing in fresh new inspiration. Thanks to all who shared today ... :) Pat

  3. En el mes de la patria, celebrando la independencia de Costa Rica el 15 de setiembre, que vivan siempre el trabajo y la paz!

  4. Always so inspired, always such a treat! Great week of hopping!

  5. This week has provided such a wonderful variety of inspirational ideas! Can't wait to see next week.

  6. It has really been a wonderful week in the Gingham Neighborhood, so many wonderful inspirations and memories we have all created!! Madame and Shari, Thank~you sew much for all of it!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  7. Fun hop lots of creative ideas and everything so sunny


You think they are just words...they are sew much more than that...your wee messages tell me, you are kind, smart and important...