Thursday, September 11, 2014

day 7 see you in september

Our creative choice of yesterday....soooo lovely aren't they?

See you in September reminds me so much of my teens...
I loved school and September meant new beginnings...

That is what we will be celebrating for the next two weeks..
NEW BEGINNINGS with all of YOU....

Shari has been an exceptional cheerleader through the summer..
always cheering everyone on, I have seen many notes
she left to all of you ....such an inspiration she has been
and a pretty great campaigner for our GINGHAM with RBD...
The medium collection has been saved...YEAHHHHHHH! 

Check the side bar for the list she has put together of some
very talented ladies... ( or link here for the schedule) 

Here are those we will be cheering for today.....all of them will be showcasing 3 projects
they worked on over the summer... One of their projects had to be something with 
GINGHAM....so for all you GINGHAM lovers ( me included) I just know
they will be inspiring so many of us...

WE have such talented, inspiring over the top WOW ladies...
I adore them all and filled with GRATITUDE they are in our 

They all get so excited when they see a NOTE from you..
so be sure to share your delight with them....YOU HAVE no idea
how that sweet note can make such a difference...
They are WORDS OF "WE CARE"....

Before we moved forward here...ALLLLLLL of you created
such wonderful projects over the summer...you could all have
been featured....YOU do so inspire me to keep our hops going
really you do...Thank YOU!


Where to start...first this lady is an exceptional artist on so many levels..
her INDIA curry influence here as turned a CLASSIC gingham into
a spicy adventure....and take a peak at her quilting....WOW!

What filled us with  CREATIVE DELIGHT

Now this lovely dress made me tear..it is so beautiful and wait till
you see it adorned on the sweetest young muffin....The use of dots
with gingham wellllll simply ...SUNSHINE in a DRESS..

YOU matter! 

WE share this flannel hop with you as RBD is our wonderful sponsor for 
continuing one of of fav staples of gingham

OH YES FLANNEL, NEXT TO gingham...my next best thing...well besides coffee Too.! 

Riley Blake DesignsFlannel Exhibition Blog Tour

September 4 - Riley Blake
September 9 - Quiltscapes
September 12 - Sew Fishsticks
September 16 - The Stitching Scientist
September 19 - My Fabric Obsession
September 23 - Sassy Quilter
September 26 - Simple Simon and Company
September 30 - Fabric Mutt
October 3 - Just Let Me Quilt
October 7 - Jedi Craft Girl
October 10 - Rose and Odin
October 14 - Sew We Quilt
October 17 - Haberdashery Fun
October 21 - Leigh Laurel Studios
October 24 - The Cottage Mama


  1. Thanks Lady Samm, I really appreciate. But you know, the quilting time was so relaxing with this project, (even if it does not appear so), I really enjoyed every minute "bathing" in curry LOL
    Merci tellement!

  2. Two beautiful pieces! And lots of wonderful oh's and ah's again!

  3. WOW!! The little dress is stunning!!!

  4. Hard choices, I just love both of these...talented people

  5. The dress was just adorable and reminded me of all the dresses I sewed for my girls...sweet! Another fabulous day!

  6. That little dress is so adorable! The quilt is gorgeous! (Her other one was too!)

  7. I went to your blog before I visited today's blogs....when I saw that quilt, I knew right where to go....oh....my .....goodness, that is just gorgeous. And that dress is the cutest thing I ever saw ! Great day !!

  8. Hi Madame Samm

    It was a great idea for this Blog Hop as it actually made be finish (well almost!) the projects I had. I still have three which need finishing so am going to keep going, only problem is I sit down to quilt and then someone in the house needs something and there goes my quilting time!!!! Hey ho.

    Susie x

  9. Fantastic again today! Sew much talent out there.

  10. All the projects were fabulous - the two tops are so worthy the honor - just adore that little dress!

  11. Another stunning, over the top day!! When I saw that little dress I wanted to grab it right out of the computer!! I know 2 little girls that would look adorable in it! Madame, Your really making this fabric of the past a come back in a super BIG way!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  12. loving this hop and alllllllll that gingham!!!

  13. Where can I purchase the gingham/dot dress pattern?


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