Friday, September 5, 2014

day 3 of See you in September

What wowed us yesterday.....this lovely gingham quilt 
that will have you spinning with possibilities...

See you in September reminds me so much of my teens...
I loved school and September meant new beginnings...

That is what we will be celebrating for the next two weeks..
NEW BEGINNINGS with all of YOU....

Shari has been an exceptional cheerleader through the summer..
always cheering everyone on, I have seen many notes
she left to all of you ....such an inspiration she has been
and a pretty great campaigner for our GINGHAM with RBD...
The medium collection has been saved...YEAHHHHHHH! 

Check the side bar for the list she has put together of some
very talented ladies... ( or link here for the schedule) 

Here are those we will be cheering for today.....all of them will be showcasing 3 projects
they worked on over the summer... One of their projects had to be something with 
GINGHAM....so for all you GINGHAM lovers ( me included) I just know
they will be inspiring so many of us...

WE have such talented, inspiring over the top WOW ladies...
I adore them all and filled with GRATITUDE they are in our 

They all get so excited when they see a NOTE from you..
so be sure to share your delight with them....YOU HAVE no idea
how that sweet note can make such a difference...
They are WORDS OF "WE CARE"....

Many surprises today ....everyone's summer was filled
with treasures...here are a couple that stood out...

For WOW......

A lot of work went into this lovely quilt...filled with vintage blocks of embroidery..
the fabric reminded me of quilts I used to have on my bed in this French B & B I used
to stay at....the borders are just a perfect combo...


And look her dishes match this very colourful gingham breakfast runner...
the chicks give it away....don't you just love all that gingham delight....

YOU matter! 

gingham...my next best thing...well besides coffee Too.! 

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  1. I am up late, cannot sleep... so I made sure my blog post went live without a hitch and have visited a couple of the other ladies. I will check back in the morning for the others to see what they have been up to all summer. :)

  2. Awesome gingham quilt! Let's see who made it and the other creations!!

  3. These projects are simply amazing!! I couldn't leave a comment on yesterday's post. I am surprised you don't have a gingham umbrella! You are on your way to the store to pick up fabric and hardware, aren't you?! *wink*


  4. "hands clapping with glee" another fun hopping day; I am totally loving the variety of projects out there!

  5. aren't we getting great projects!!!! Love your choices too

  6. I loved Show and Tell as a child and then as a teacher. Now I can enjoy it as an adult! How fun to see what my online friends are up to!

  7. Awesome line up today! It's been great to see what everyone's been up to all summer :)

  8. Thank you Samm - that quickly became one of my favorite quilts. :) blessings, marlene

  9. Amazing again today! Love your picks.

  10. I do sew enjoy beginning my day with hopping and seeing such amazing and creative projects. I have always loved gingham and how happy it makes me. Shades of childhood. Thank you sew very much my dear. Creative Gingham Bliss...

  11. Another sweet day of creations!

  12. I am just loving all these creations, so nice to wake up and share my Coffee with everyone. Just like walking into a Candy Shop each morning. I hope your having a wonderful Day!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  13. Ginghams and lovely projects , what a treat to finish my day with today!
    Hugs Martina

  14. Another lovely day of hopping - oh, I just thing the place setting is just a delight.

  15. Really enjoy seeing the lovely creations done by everyone.

  16. I agree with Linda, it is like Show and Tell. Enjoyed the week and look forward to the next. ;)

  17. Am loving the blog hop. Thanks for letting us know about it. It's fun.

  18. Thank you so much for the mention of my runner. And the ladies have been so kind with their comments. I too look forward to the next day's posting.

  19. As usual I am struck by the things that this group comes up with--wowie is this fun! Next best thing to being at quilt group and watching show and tell which is always my favorite part. THX for giving us a platform to strut our stuff, so to speak.


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