Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What would ERMA say or better yet NORA...( if they were still here)

I grew up with the wit and humour or Erma Bombeck....a time when we read books and lots of them...... She passed way before social media...She would not have embraced this for a minute....No way...

And I also grew up and met Nora Ephron years ago, the incredible mind of a writer who knew women so well, she could write scripts that made women REAL....  both of these ladies made me smile, laugh and pee.

How I miss these ladies...they would have had a field day with this topic....PUMPS, HIGH HEELS,
back breakers...

Recently and I mean like a few days ago, I dug out some of my "nine west shoes..." I suppose by todays standards, I had a few....well more than a few, many of my colleagues called me Ms Marcos - it was reported she had over 3,000 shoes... and no I did not have that many .....

Although-I never went on any business trip without at least a dozen pairs...I know soooo ridiculous, I could have bought so much more in FABRIC....but I was not a quilter then....

So what has this got to do with quilting anyway? Well nothing... but everything...things are changing....

I tried on a few of these stylish over the top fashionable shoes in my wardrobe....I slipped them on...no problem they looked so fine....until I tried to walk in them.....OMG! I could not ! It was excruciating.....
Like someone had taken a hammer to my feet...I thought I had broken some bones....something was definitely amiss.

Soooooo I immediately called one of my best friends who happens to be a Chiropodist ( hi Kurt)...in between bits of laughter from him of course...he tried to explain to me, that I had  chronically taut (and shortened!) my  ankle and calf tendons over the years....and for the last few years I have been wearing COLE HAAN's leather clogs and Birkenstocks...my feet are happy and so is my back and the PAIN is to let me know, "YOU CANNOT WEAR THESE ANYMORE"

I hung up on him.....Of course he called me back...." YOU mean I cannot ever wear heels again" his answer was firm and convincing "YES, Samm, enjoy your comfortable shoes, your back and feet are thanking you."

only way I will ever enjoy my pumps! 

Nobody prepared me for this....I never would have thought I WOULD NEVER ever wear heels again...NOOOOOOOOO..... I love this decade of my life....I call it the winter of my life...there are soooo many benefits....but this one, as me in a stew...

Head over Heels Tribute...
by Mdm Samm

I loved my heels they made me taller
I could walk with pride and felt less smaller
The day had come to say goodbye
I was just not ready and had to cry
This can't be true, no "GLADS" per say
They will never see my feet another day
So I will ship them out to those who can
and slip my feet into some sand..
No pain, no stress, my body will be glad
and quilting stores will never be sad...

Some of my fav shoes....

and you wonder why I love black, yellow and red so much..

I have traded my heels for Cole Haan's  slip on clogs...
I have a few ... and some Birkenstocks...
I even purchased last winter some rubber boots that 
are the most comfortable boot I have ever worn.

So to all of you who can still slip into your Heels.....
I am sooooo happy for you...but let me share this...
enjoy these moments because like everything they are only here
for a short STEP..

ps. Robin Williams was always on my list
of the people I would love to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with...
He left us yesterday ( Aug 11th, 2014)  and we both are sooo sad...
My Husband really admired this character, this comic genius,
this man who has left us with so many fond memories...
Today we have shared a  few tears! 

HE too loved heels....as in his role in Mrs Doubtfire..
one of my fav movies next to Patch Adams and the Awakening...

Just another reminder to enjoy every
525,600 minutes in a YEAR...
a few minutes today were just for you sweet Robin!!!..


  1. Traded in my heels when I traded my office suits back in for nursing scrubs. These days at home I'm mostly in my well worn crocs (no tread left). Oh, and lawn mowing and gardening really don't lend themselves to a well turned heel (more likely to a turned ankle) *wink* I too kept my shoes around for some time, and last time I tried them on my feet and back too said no, no, no, and so they simply had to go. I empathize with you...it wasn't easy to say goodbye.

  2. For the first time ever, I did put 5 pair of my Heels in my Garage Sale over the week end and they sold. Around the house I wear Dansko clogs and my Back and Hip just Love them, even picked up a pair of their Sandals for Summer. Everything your friend told sure makes sense to me and is foot for thought. Hubby and I had a long distance convo about the iconic genius last night, it's so very sad and I think all who loved his work shed tears yesterday.

    I hope your day is Bright and Sunny!!
    Ps, I loved Erma and Norma too~

  3. Not being able to wear high heels anymore is definitely a right-of-passage into middle age. I recently gave away/threw away dozens of pairs of shoes I can no longer wear (some I hardly wore when new). But my back, legs and feet are much happier in sensible shoes, so I don't really miss them. I will greatly miss Robin Williams; a true genius who brought so much laughter and light to our world. R.I.P. Robin.

  4. I emptied my closet of heels several years ago, though I tried to walk in a pair last year and about fell over. LOL My heels are a thing of the past! Lots of tears for the loss of Robin Williams. May he find the peace he was searching for.

  5. I used to love, tall and sexy shoes. There is just something about wearing high heels that always made you feel so special. They are all gone. Flats are so much more comfortable.
    I am so sorry to hear about Robin Williams, He was wonderful. Loved his movies, and still remember the first time I saw Good Morning Vietnam. I hope he found his peace. So sad.

  6. I am lucky that I can still wear heels but I can't where them as long as I used to!!!!!!! I used to wear high heels all day at work and would run around during lunch shopping and then work all afternoon and then get the bus home! When I learnt to drive I would drive in heels as well. That all stopped when I had the Boys and I would be pushing the pram/stroller and running to keep up with a four year old and a baby, I then swapped to boots and flat shoes!!!!!! So I now only where heels when I go out. When I went to London for my Birthday I was wearing heels and ended up carrying them back to the hotel and walking back in bare feet!!!!! Love the poem. Hugs, Susie x

  7. Oh those sexy high heeled pointy toed shoes that are now in the past for me too. I love your post and found lots to smile about including your poem. And then the sadness hit. Robin Williams...such a tragedy in a world of far too many sad tragedy days and nights. I truly hope he knows how much he is loved. Blessings...

  8. I wore heels for years too! I realized recently I really didn't need all my business attire, including the shoes, and mentioned to my daughter I was going to go through my closet and donate much of it. She cried dibs on my fuchsia pink slingbacks that I had and the matching dress though. Many tears for the loss of Robin Williams though, he brought laughter to many generations and his comic genius will be missed greatly.

  9. Beautiful shoes indeed! I have been wondering why every single pair of shoes i put on these days since i have been back in the downtown Metro of Houston working...have been blistering and killing my feet....
    Goodness. I will have to wear heels a little longer...
    But oh am I counting the days til I move to the Hill Country, open my own shop and wear my little flippies all day long...

    Robin Williams... it's how he lived, loved, laughed and treated people that has made us all love him so...I wish he could have felt that at some point yesterday morning...

  10. I am so sorry to hear about this sad news too :( it's so sad...
    Ooooo... those shoes are so lovely..I love them ...
    Sweet hugs xxx

  11. My mom had a thing about heels and kept my closet full all through high school. Can't believe I used to walk a mile each way in heels! Today, it's flats with inserts. Heck, even my slippers have inserts. Happy Feet!
    God bless Robin, he gave so much to so many. Depression is a horrible disease.

  12. Such a funny post and one that I can certainly relate to. I don't even have a pair of high heels in my house and it's been that way for about 10 years. And gee, even when I wore them, I couldn't wait to get them off and put on slippers.
    And for the end of your post.... very sad. I hope he knew how many people adored him and how many laughs he spread throughout the world.

  13. I love seeing the young girls in their HIGH heels, but I know that my feet (and therefore me) are so much happier. I can live with that.

  14. I love this post Samm. I can't wear heels either and truthfully, I don't care. I wear the most awesome $100 flip flops all summer and comfy clogs all winter. In my world, life is all about being comfortable and happy.

    I think Robin was truly his happiest making others smile. We never know what another persons pain or demon is. His light is truly one that will be missed in this world.

  15. Dear Samm ... what a lovely post! At 5'8" I didn't often find an occasion to wear heals beyond 1 1/2" :) However there are so very many pretty heels to look at and enjoy and I can do so without punishing my feet :) As for Mr. Williams, he was one of my absolutely must-see actors and I am saddened to see he's departed ... I do so wish him peace in his rest. Best wishes to you, Wicked Wendy

  16. Ahhhh. I have not ever worn those heels, but we call my daughter miss imelda!!

  17. Well, I think you should keep a favorite pair or two and put them on and rest them on your footstool and admire your pretty little feet now and again. Then put on your comfy clogs and enjoy your happy feet. It has been years since I could wear high heels. I cannot say that I miss them much though. I will just admire yours ... :) Pat

  18. May the Pan be at peace in Neverland ... <3

  19. I have never been a high heel girl. I guess the construction worker job, kind of took that out of me! LOL!! Keens are my shoe of choice. Ugly,but comfy!
    So sad about Robin Williams. Goes to show, that sometimes even with the world loves you, you can feel so alone!

  20. Been years since I wore heels with any regularity and I don't miss 'em!! Yours look pretty though, perhaps you should immortalize them in quilt form to say a proper goodbye? So sorry to hear about RW what a talent!! And then today we lost Lauren Bacall, loved them both!! Lauren always makes me think about whistling...

  21. I taught in an elementary school in which teachers were required to wear heels. EVERY day! No excuses. Some teachers hid slippers under their desks and slipped them on when the principal wasn't looking. Can you imagine teaching second graders and trying to keep up with them in heels? As a result, I haven't worn heels for years. I consider it a punishment. I love the way they look and I love being taller than my 5' 1 3/4", but it's just not worth the pain! I wear sandals almost year round now. (It's warmer here and I can get away with that!)
    Robin was one of my favorite actors. I wish he had been helped out of his depression and I'm sure his doctors and friends tried. So sad!

  22. Yes it is bye bye heels and hello comfort! I do have a pair of wedgies for special occasions, but even those are getting to be a pain in the back. Don't forget, no more panty hose that liked to slip down, so hello knee highs and long skirts, LOL!

  23. I've never had to say goodbye to heels. I hate the way they make me feel 7 feet tall. I'm sorry for you, though. I believe in comfort...lol
    Robin Williams was one of my favorites, too. Mork and Mindy made me laugh as a kid and he has moved me through his craft many times. It's so sad.

  24. The saddest part Samm is that we don't even know we're wearing heels for the last time until months or years later when we try them on again. Would we have quit wearing them when we did if we knew? I don't know about you but I would have. :) blessings, marlene

  25. My favorite heels still have a small space in my closet, once in awhile, I take them out and admire them on my feet (as I sit)... I miss them, love them.... I also have my 'wedding' heels, my husband found them while sorting boxes and smiled. I ran down main street in these beautiful shoes with my hubby after we were married, it was quite a sight. My feet have grown since then, Cinderella no longer fits in her glass slippers, but I know I have found my prince charming. Our shoes along with our other treasures, hold so many fond memories.
    :) hugs, Cindy


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