Thursday, August 28, 2014

News UPDATE, love Apple, hate Apple, LOVE ALEX!

Yes we have been away ( a lot) ....and yes I had many thousands of emails
to answer but my MAC has not been playing nice upon our return..

SOOOOOOOO I spent 7.3 hours with adobe and apple support today...
had my system restored, everything back to default...
loss all of mail, all of it...
loss all of my fav fonts all of them...
( anyone  who sent me something that req's immediate att: please resend) 

Apple could not even get me with their GENIUSES today
because they were filled with appt dates till next tuesday....

I have APPLE CARE still have 121 days left....
 and nobody could help me...

YOU always gotta have a back up....( working on my mac air)
Anna ( added text to my angry mouse) share all about her later...

so I am working on here for the moment...on my Mac Air...

Oh yes my back up plan...call someone else who knows MAC...
I know good people.......lol

I called upon my wonderful GENIUS Eric,  he tells me it could be my track pad...
It has been acting like it was possessed...had a "friggen" mind of its own....

Nobody at Apple could tell me that....they restored everything to factory
beginnings....now I have to spend a day or 2 getting everything downloaded from
my time capsule, so I can function again...

I called back Apple, in tears now...I am so frustrated...
ALEX ( a girl) had the answer, even though I could not get into the genius BAR...
I know HER, she said this...

"Come to the BAR, ask for me, we will do  a Swap, bring your track pad
and serial number....we will give you a new ONE....( 75.00) no charge"

Soooooooo I gathered all of my goodies, fed the cats, made sure they were fine..
( more on that later lol) and drove a 3.5 hour round trip to the Genius bar)

I walk in it is packed with at least 1000 people.....OMG
I am never going to get home, my 121 days will be up if I stay lol....
( there was no empty space in a room that is about 4,000 sq feet)

I lowered my dark  round glasses, brushed my hair back with my hand..
I am ready to faint...when........Barry comes up to me....read his name tag...
He says " are you ok, Maam....." I smile and I said  " I am here to see Alex"

He smiles back...." we were expecting you"

GET out of here...lol  Yep, they were, got my NEW trackpad...
no charge, in a sea of people,  I walked out
smiling.... all within minutes....
( and we know it works, because Barry tested it for ME)

I love ALEX and Barry....and I am somewhat happy...
somewhat tired, and somewhat missing you all..

GIVE Me back my routine NOW....
I will settle for maybe tomorrow..

(I want to go home. writing this in the parking lot, because
there is wayyyy too much traffic to try to get home now)

Mdm Samm 


  1. Ugh, what a day. Glad you're back & you're smiling!

  2. I had one of those days too. Youngest spilled tea all on our new computer. Yaaaahhhh! I so feel for you. I have to go this weekend and return a three day old device. So glad you are smiling.

  3. What a day ... I hope you will have a better evening !!!
    My best,

  4. Oh Dear...what a roller coaster you have been on with Apple. May you have smooth sailing on "Small World" from here on out. Soothing Tea to Sip???

  5. Oh my...I can feel your frustration. Perhaps everything will be brighter for you in the morning. Sounds like you did get some 'good people' to help you out. Fingered crossed that your computer problems will be solved and your daily routines will be back.

  6. Soooo glad your computer is all better! I hope you get home before breakfast time. :O)

  7. Macs do not usually behave so badly. On the rare occassion that I have computer troubles, I become obsessed and do nothing else but call the internet carrier and computer support until it is working. Hope you are all set for a long time.

  8. Yup, that's our Samm, in and out! Good for you! That's me and the hospital emergency room when I enter with a food allergy. In and out from seeing doctor in under 15 minutes...they don't mess around! Big hugs and wishing you lots of kitty snuggles tonight!

  9. That is a complete tragedy! Wrong on so many levels! Here's hoping it will soon be a distant memory. :). I've emailed you several times...just checking in. Will talk later. I'm at Sherrys but will be going home tomorrow. Blessings, Marlene

  10. Oh, I'm so glad that ended well. I had a flash of "Hotel California" for a moment. Hope you made it home and are ready for a better day tomorrow.

  11. Isn't it funny what a slave we are to our media devices! Can you imagine life before iPads and smartphones :)

  12. Sending you hugs and a virtual cup of tea. What a day you've had!

  13. Thank goodness everything is up and running! My Mac is going to the spa for a clean up, dust and such. I am sew lucky to have an authorized Mac man in my tiny town.

  14. When our computers are happy we are happy!! Have you ever used a "Hera' marker? It is one of those notions I can't do without much like the needle pullers. Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend. hugs Pauline

  15. Oh wow! So glad how it worked out for you. And so great to have you back smiling!
    Hugs Martina

  16. Hope things are better now! I use a Macbook Air too.
    Carole @ From My Carolina Home

  17. Other than the frustration and loss of so much, it was a wasted day for you. UGH! Glad things are back and working now.

  18. Isn't it wonderful to have people who know what they're doing to help you, but my goodness....What a DAY !

  19. I feel your pain! We have had problems with our new computers since last summer. It started with the new Dell that kept crashing and has ended with a Toshiba that also crashed! We are on about the fourth computer now in a year. (Also, Dell keeps calling us from India to see how we are liking our computer. We've told them it burned in a fire and we no longer have it, but they just keep on calling and asking! UGH!! We've blocked their calls and they just call back on a different number.)
    How wonderful to have a protege! She will be such a great help to you!!

  20. What a great story! Loved reading every single word. Such suspense! Gotta love our Apples, right? Tho at times they can get us on our knees with our insides in jello.

  21. Welcome back! I was beginning to get worried about you. I had almost decided to call and check on you when I decided I would give it through the holiday. So happy life is good again.... well as good as can be.... with technology problems.

  22. I am so happy what seemed to be a ugly day turned out with Sunshine! Thank Heavens for employees like Barry and Alex!! I am over the moon happy to see you back Madame, I emailed you a couple times, will re send one the other was just concern. *Smiles*
    Huggs, Nancy

  23. Oh boy what a nasty experience but I'm so glad that Alex and Barry got you all fixed up. That at least was great customer service.

  24. that sounds like a horror story to me! I am sorry that you were having such an awful discouraging day.


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