Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lot's of LIFE here ....

 There has been a lot of BUZZing going on here..
and it has not just been in my sewing studio..

Yesterday afternoon, I took my latest project and went and sat our on our patio
with my camera of course and had a bit of company to say the least...

Our bacopa's are one of those flowering plants that our bees just love...
I was lucky enough to capture this one in flight...

It is so amazing when one can seize the moment and be soooo appreciative of the life
around us....I was in heaven yesterday...

I have noted lately we have been going through quite a few peanuts...
This is a very young blue jay..he doesn't even have a comb yet on his head.
I thought it was because we have a family of blue jays helping themselves....

( note, our bald blue jay is just waiting for a new do..
apparently this happens a lot in late summer..they look all their plumes...)

I asked Sumatra and T-cup had they seen anything....they acted like 
they did not know what I was talking about...

When all of a sudden, I  heard some commotion to my left...
LOOOOOOK a squirrel has been helping himself to our Blue Jays
food of choice...

I scared him when I started my snapshots, so he scurried to our lawn and started
burying his nuts....I just know it...we will be having all kinds of peanuts growing in the 

Sumatra was more interested in all the BEES that were coming to visit...

T-cup was more interested in the squirrel....

So here is what I have been working on ....some solids
from Riley blake Designs to create this...

A very large SQUARE quilt...
At the moment, I am  stitching a song all around the border....
and I have a number of appliqués to still add...

Will share that in September....I may have it done by then...

I am heading back out before our downpour brings all of our wildlife
inside ..wink.


  1. Very cool photos of all the activity in your yard. Love the kitties peeping out of their hideaway! Your gingham quilt is looking good and I can't wait to see what song you add.

  2. Those squirrels are sneaky!!! You have to watch out for them
    Your quilt will be gorgeous!

  3. Oh, you are in for it now LOL. One squirrel quickly multiplies...they seem to be a gabby bunch and share news of food far and wide. Actually, so do bluejays for that matter. We had a family here too, and they surely are as noisy as they are beautiful! This year I noticed many more bumblebees. I'm so pleased! One morning in particular, the weather was much cooler than normal, and I went out to see two bumbles sleeping on the flower stalk of a hosta. They so love those delicate purple flowers. Fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ohhhh, I love your red and white check quilt. Can't wait to see the additions! What a wonderful yard. No wonder all the creatures love your house! :-)

  5. How glorious to sit outside and enjoy nature. Your photos are superb. The first bee looks like he is playing a fiddle and dancing a jig. Sumatra and T-Cup are very patient and polite not to disturb the birds or squirrels. I look forward to knowing what song you are scribing around your red gingham quilt. Creative Summer Bliss Dear...

  6. Love your, great as always, photos! Finally got rain, not much, less then an inch.

  7. Love the look of the gingham quilt ... can't wait to see how you embellish it. Your pictures are awesome, as usual, especially the pics of Sumatra looking up by the flowers and the one of T-cup right below it.

  8. I love the pic of Sumatra and teacup. Someone "dropped" a very young kitty in the ditch of the road in front of our home. She barely had her eyes open when Roger found her or I should say our dogs found her. We used to have a cat named Dolly who lived with us for 19 yrs. and I never wanted another inside cat once she passed away. So we may keep this one for a barn cat...still thinking. Love love love the red and white quilt.
    Gmama Jane

  9. You have caught my curiosity with your giant gingham quilt with a song.... super fun! And as usual, I love seeing your beautiful kitties and what they are up to!

  10. As a Graphic Designer....old school, no computer...I love to see lettering, numbers, etc incorporated into fiber art. Looking forward to the finished piece.

  11. Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing Mdm. Samm I always enjoy watching them!
    It is a beautiful place where you live.
    Right now you quilt top is a wonderful dänish quilt in red and white ♥ ☺
    I do look forward to see more in the hop.

  12. What a cheeky little squirrel. But he is very cute. I can say that as we don't have squirrels in Australia to pinch the food we leave out for the birds. Can't wait to see what you do with your quilt.

  13. Love the pictures of your wildlife! and the new header too!! Carole @ From My Carolina Home (craftnut at rocketmail dot com)

  14. Oh, such gorgeous pictures and I love red and white quilts. This is going to be a winner. Looking forward to seeing it in September.

  15. Your photos belong in a gallery. The bees are simply awesome. The pictures of your cats are priceless.

  16. A song, huh? If the critters didn't get our attention, the quilt sure did!

  17. Great photos - fun entertainment!

  18. Wow - what amazing pictures Samm! Love that one of the cats....Sumatra and Teacup have such cute personalities. blessings, marlene

  19. Your pictures are gorgeous. We have three young blue jays that are always squawking at us. They are so entertaining. Loving the quilt.

  20. That blue jay is incredible and what beautiful cats you have!

  21. That is the beginning of a very beautiful quilt! So much activities in your garden, how do you manage to concentrate on sewing. The "what are you talking about?" look on the kitties is so adorable!!


  22. I'm so happy I scrolled on down and saw this post. What beauty and mischief. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful summer scene and that little sneak peak of your project. I have one that is similar but quite different. I'm still not sure where it is going...Your photos are adorable!

  23. Those photos are beautiful. Absolutely bright & clear. Such personality in those critters. Love the red & white!

  24. Amazing photos. Squirrel standing was one of my faves, you have a great eye for great pictures! My mom used to have a Macrame planter on her patio, the squirrels took it apart string by string for nests! Can't wait to see all your peanut plants! HaHa!

  25. Great photos. It is always so fun to see what happens with creatures outdoors.


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