Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to routines and friendly reminders

Routines are just around the corner. One of the things I love about September. It always reminds
me of the excitement as a student returning to my studies . I have always enjoyed summers, even with the short lived one we have experienced here but nonetheless fall has me thinking routines.

We have "See you in September"

beginning next week....A hop that will have many sharing what they did over the summer..... All of our blogger friends will be showcasing at least 3 project that had them busy stitching or painting or quilting... A lot of inspiration that will no doubt carry us all through the seasons. Shari our cheerleader for this event has been busy keeping everyone informed and inspired.

Speaking of inspiration.....

Our campaign for saving Riley Blake Designs Gingham was successful . They will be keeping their medium size gingham collection. Although sadly their large and small check will not be included..But that is fine with me....the medium size is a great compromise..

such gratitude to all those who kept up on the challenge and RBD we soooo love YOU!

Soooooooo to all of YOU who were on our campaign to save GINGHAM it worked...
and you know that makes me very happy.

Following our See you in September  hop...we will
 be then rushing to 
a lovely new collection by the same name as our HOP
I  have heard of some pretty exciting things that are being  made with this collection..

And  then we have our Wicked Wendy -so ready for our Wicked hop
which this year is on the theme of Black Cat crossings by the same name
as the collection from Maywood...

Details are all on the side bar for reminders...

Something to share....I was approached by a business student late this summer
who is trying to earn some money for her tuition....
She had such a great proposal and  incredible work ethics that I have hired  her on part time.

We brainstormed on how her knowledge in technology could be of benefit to me.
One of the the things that I had tried doing since 2007 was open up an etsy store...

I would showcase what I had available here on my blog and each time
sold out of everything....So that was one of the things I needed help in..

She can sew and quilt too and she has become one of those young ladies
who has as much as energy is me... I know pretty scary..

I took all the photos and with my established empty store since 2007
well it is far from empty now. Anna has been a gift from heaven....

So everything  sold in the store will be hers for her education...
Her name is Anna...
She looks just likes this too! 

I worked out that everything we made together and list...
100% of the proceeds would go to help her in tuition and accommodations
for the next year....

Each day for the next little while she will be adding more treasures...
I can't tell you how excited we both are...

She is working towards a business degree in Marketing 
and in her spare time ( don't know how she will do it) but she will also
be sewing and quilting too....

She has already been approached
by a large banking institution to manage
a mentor/protegee program upon graduation.

Welllll let me share this....if anyone can do it, she can..

I have promised her a 2 year mentorship ( this is how long
she has at university) and I will continue to create and design and take the photos...
Everything else will be up to her....

So please do check out OUR store.....

She is working on adding more surprises ....a few bundles of fabric
that will be far happier in your hands than ours....
I have going through some of my stashes...very little
but I know I won't be using them anytime soon...so we may as well
put Anna through school.....

She has some terrific ideas and has already helped me out so much!

For all those who are friends of ours....
until Sept 2nd, everything in the store is 
FREE SHIPPING for North America
and 50% off for Europe and Australia.

all you have to do in your order and in notes
is mention ANNA FREE Shipping! 

In cozy warmth.....
time is ticking.....


  1. Anna seems to be special! How wonderful she will be getting help with her education. You never cease to amaze me. That`s a cliche but it`s true. I`m off to visit your store!

  2. Anna sounds wonderful! This sounds like a great way to help you both. Off I go to check the store!

  3. What a great idea. Anna sounds like a special young lady.

  4. If she is anything like you...you girls will be on fire! ;-)

  5. I bet the two of you are going to have a lot...bunches....tons of fun ! The Etsy store helping pay tuition is an awesome idea !

  6. Welcome home Samm, and welcome to the fold Anna.

  7. Welcome to Anna. It's a win - win and will be so fun for you. What a lucky girl to have you to mentor her. She will go far, for sure.

  8. You are such a sweet and generous lady! A big welcome to Anna.

  9. Welcome Anna!! I am sew happy you have found each other, Anna is very lucky and you Madame are so kind and generous!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  10. Good to hear from you again Madame Samm and glad to "meet" Anna...you two look to be creating something special together :)

  11. Hi Anna and Madame Samm! A great big welcome hug for you Anna you have a wonderful mentor she will teach you lots....Look forward to visiting the new shop.....

  12. Wow! I disappear for the weekend (to work) and just look what I missed. Welcome back Samm! Welcome Anna...what an amazing start for you; sew pleased to meet you. Way to go RBD! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You saved the best gingham in the most awesome size. Look out house, there is gingham to be had and sewing to be done! Woohoo!

  13. That is fabulous, for both of you. Welcome Anna. I'm sure you will learn lots from Samm and together you will be an awesome team.

  14. Welcome Anna! What a lucky girl to work with you and learn from you! Looking forward to seeing your new adventure.

  15. How wonderful! Welcome wishes to Anna and so very happy to hear you will have some assistance in all that you do in the internet neighborhood!! Yay for both of you :)


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