Friday, July 18, 2014

YOU light up my life....let me return the favour....SCRAP BAG request...

 I have 3 more of these exact LADY LAMPS...
I happen to come by 1 on a day drip....It was a different colour..
and not a pretty colour at that....so I painted it in a MAT FLAT finish..
Liked it so much, called to get more...

They had 3 available, so I also painted those...
But what am I going to do with 3 of the EXACT LAMPS?

Why sell them of course...
So if you are interested, let me know...
Cost $49.00 plus shipping. 
They will come with a special coiled light bulb too...

Stands 18 inch tall and can light up my whole sewing room. 
The cord is translucent in colour and the shade has a little flat white
ruffle around the band..

Amy's little t-cup pinnie to show the scale of lamp..
her pinnies are 4 inches round...
I just these crochets cups....

SOLD OUT....thanks so much ladies! 

All proceeds will go towards yet another sewing machine for those in need!

And Soma was asking about T-cup this summer...seems she has been camping out
each day under our summer patio set....this is her fav spot..
She usually stays outside for hours at a time....
I lifted the table cloth to show her, she was a bit annoyed...
she prefers to be in the dark....

My Fabric arrived for my next GINGHAM PROJECT...
yes I will now be working on a red and white gingham with 
a solid black applique.... This one will fit a theme for the fall...

What a contrast in lighting....first one was taken in the morning
when my sewing studio was filled with sunshine...and this 
one later in the evening, when the sun was saying goodnight...

And now I have a request....

I require some scraps in these colours...anything from light grays to taupes, to dark grays..
I don't need much but this project is fairly large...I am working on this
for David for our anniversary in October...

If you can assist me I can provide a scrap bag of any colour you wish....

I have lot's of colours, just nothing in these hues of grays....

Take a photo of your scraps that you  have and I will send whatever colour
in fabric you wish...mine will be in fat quarters..I don't have 
any scraps at all since our flood..

I will supply photo too! 


  1. I have a lot of grey. Kona silver, ash and a darker kona either steel, grey or coal I can't remember the name. I'll be more than happy to send you some :)

  2. What adorable lamps! Glad they are selling for you.
    Now you caught my eye with kitty! I loooove kitties and yours is just beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wish I could help, my friend, but gray is not a color-way that I have ever owned. Plus, everything has a pattern except for the Kona fabric I bought for the toadstools in the forest quilt I did for my very first blog hop with you :) This project looks beautiful and I can't wait to see what piece of art you will unveil.

  4. The lamps are fabulous...I don't normally work with grays but I will look

  5. You are ONE Talented Lady!! If we weren't auctioning and moving I would be a snatcher upper!!.....God Bless!!!

  6. I would if I could....no gray other than this day.

  7. I have a few grays but not at home. Will look when I get there in a week or so and see if you still need them. Really cute lamps!

  8. I'll take a look...I'm sure I have some. Do you want solids, prints or either?

  9. I have gray but not in a solid.. would a patterned gray do.. I have a few with white/black/gray in them that came in a FQ bundle. I would be glad to send them.. no need for anything in return.

    The lamps are lovely!

  10. The Lamps are adorable!! Yeah! they are all going to brighten a New Home!! Sweet T cup, thanks for the peak ;) The Fabric looks so familar is it Waverly? I just finished our Bedroom in Vintage Rose, Norfolk Rose, that Garden Series in Reds and Creams. Hmm, Greys...I will take a look. I have lots of Fabric Samples. Solids, Prints, Cotton, Textured, Satin? Will go through this week end, nothing is needed in return.

    I hope you are having a Beautiful Day!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  11. I have grays of many hues ... though many patterned... let me know if you'd like photos or if you are still in need and I'll send what you want :) xoxo Wendy

  12. You did a fabulous job with the lamps.

  13. I have a few pieces of Kona in a couple different shades of gray, if you still need a some. I wish I would have seen the lamps this morning. I would have sew loved one adoring my sewing room.

  14. I have some grays picked out for you that I think may work. Looks like an interesting project. Can't wait to see it.

  15. Ooooooo...she looks adorable even when she is unhappy! She looks so cosy in there, too! Thanks so much for the picture. Love those kitties. About the scraps - I don't have any prints in those colours, but I do have kona solids in a couple of shades of grey that I will be happy to share with you.


  16. I have some greys...I'll send you a picture tomorrow or Monday....I have small scrapes and WOF scrapes that are 4 inches wide and wider. Sounds like a fun project. xop

  17. Do you still need different shades of grey? I have KONA greys and my own dyed fabrics, which is mostly cotton "satin". Just tell me :-)
    And I love FROGS, any amphibian, alive of course, grin

  18. Most of the grays that I have are already mentioned above. I do have about a half yard of an ombre gray that is nice. LMK if you need it ... :) Pat


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