Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some GIGGLES to share....Gingham, Frogs and PIE....

We were away and doing  some online shopping we should not have done..
and then we saw THESE.....how could we possibly turn away...
And for a LOVER of anything gingham...
YEP, glass holders! 

Now a few years ago I could wear heels this high...
today......NO WAY, trading heels for birkenstocks and slip on clogs..
more my style...all about comfort and gingham these days ( wink) 

 Now I ordered these awhile ago...found them on EBAY of all places..
gingham glasses, did not have any of these....then they needed my prescription in them..
I like grey glasses....They suit me to a T....and they are GINGHAM lol

 For those wondering about my FROG collection...this is all I kept with the door stoppers..
they are all no bigger than 1 inch high...the green wooden frog is about 1/4 of an inch...
The Crystal one...welllll I do like that one....lol
The glass one on your far left...is glass blown...one of my friends made her...
LIPSTICK lips gives it away she is a girl...and she is missing a leg....lol
( on purpose, at the time, I was in a cast) 

I just picked up these sunflowers the other day in a silk shop for my sewing studio...I did not have
them for more than a minute  on my sewing table when Sumatra jumped on the table to see what they were..... I was taking photos of the frogs and there she was....such a great photo of her profile.....
She really loves the camera and the camera loves her...

and today, being such a dull dark day, wellllll RHUBARB and RASPBERRIES 
are all around us...so I went to some market and got enough for a pie for dessert this evening..
Just took it out of the oven...

I would show you what I am working on....
BUT I CAN'T just yet....
soon though....

Off to make supper, quinoa salad, garden greens and PIE....

How was your day....did you make anything or find anything GINGHAM ..lol


  1. I made chocolate chip zucchini bread does that count for making something? :D

  2. A gingham high heel to hold your glasses...how cool is that! No gingham sewing or pie baking for me today, but that looks yummy.

  3. Ohhh my. The high heel is too fabulous. No fun details for me, just painting the day away. Well, just until it is too hot to much of anything. And it is not even fun frog painting. ;)

  4. Cool shades! My youngest granddaughter got her big girl bed. I was cutting the inner border for her quilt-5 wide pieces should have been 6 narrower pieces. OOPS. Drowning my frustration in ice cream-sure wish I had some pie to go with it-hm.

  5. Wow, you really can find anything in gingham. The heels and the glasses are so stylish.
    I'm so hungry and your pie looks scrumptious.
    Today I colored a lot of hair and when I arrived home I hit the treadmill and ran a couple of miles. That is all I accomplished today....

  6. I'm lovin your gingham AND your froggies! (Giggle) Wish I could say I did some fun stuff today, but it was all business. Boo. Thanks for the fun post!

  7. That is the perfect High Heel...holding your Gingham Glasses. Way Tres Chic! Sumatra is so beautiful. Is she kissing a frog to find her prince? Creative Gingham Bliss...

  8. That really is a beautiful profile photo of Sumatra! Matching glasses with your glass holder! Can't get anymore perfect for you :)


  9. Love that high heel! :). Not sewing yet...home this coming Saturday and will be back in the sewing room then. Your frogs are adorable! Blessings, Marlene

  10. Beautiful Birman, I had three sadly two have died now, still have Clover who is shared with our son who also has her sister.

  11. LOL, only you could find a high heeled gingham eyeglass holder!!
    Carole @ From My Carolina Home

  12. Your high heel is adorable! You sure come up with great ideas. Hey, cut me a piece of that pie. Mmmmm, my aunt used to make that kind when I was little. It's been years since I had Tuba and Raspberries. My family turns their noses up at it. I tell them they don't know what is good.

  13. Oh my goodness, rhubarb, my favorite! It appears that you are having a fun filled summer :)

  14. Oh that gingham is so YOU! :-) Pie looks delicious. I saw rhubarb at the botanical gardens the other day, but my friend would not let me pick it! Some silly thing about it being the part of an exhibit???? LOL!!!

  15. Found another shop that sells Riley Blake gingham, so had to add to my gingham stash. The glasses and shoe are so you. I cannot see gingham without thinking of you! Sumatra is the perfect model. That picture is precious. I finished another "Row" for my quilt, made some drawstring bags and appliqued some tulips for another "Row". It got a little cooler, so have all the windows open. I love summer.

  16. Perfect finds for your gingham style ! That photo of Sumatra would be perfect framed in your sewing room don't ya think !

  17. Oh that glasses holder is just so much fun! I might need to get one of those myself. I always take my glasses off to sew and it would obviously be better to stash them on something pretty. The picture of the pie made me hungry just looking at it.

  18. Yum! That pie looks heavenly!!! I can almost smell it from here...
    Of COURSE! You NEED that glass holder! It is such a cute item!
    I love kitties too...she is beautiful!

  19. Oh, I love shoes and adore gingham - a match made just for me! I love the gingham glasses. I'm thinking I need to get a backup pair of glasses before I take an international trip. I have prisms in my glasses and just cannot exist with "cheaters." Thanks for sharing your finds.

  20. Shoes and Gingham, a match made in heaven and rhubarb pie and me, another match made in heaven too! And yes, look at this gingham quilt I found on Pinterest today. http://craftyblossom.blogspot.com/2012/09/gingham-patchwork-quilt.html

  21. How adorable! You have to love those high heels to holding your sweet glasses!
    Your frogs are great too!
    My Riley Blake ginghams came today from the Fat Quarter Shop! What great quality fabric! Wish I had a piece of that pie while I play with the gingham!

  22. Oh, you always have the perfect little things that brighten up the day :-)) I wish I could ever have worn such shoes, but I am a bigfoot, LOL. I used to walk barefoot in Africa for more than 16 years, only had to wear sandales for school and for playing tennis, otherwise nothing at my feet... and now, I have a huge problem in winter.... I am wearing men's shoes, and even then have problem to find suitable shoes.... what a pain

  23. I have been here 3x trying to leave a comment and have been called away by the needs of a Dog! AHHHH! I am in Love with your New Shoe Glasses Holder! Even though I wear Dansko Clogs for bopping around, my heels will always be my preference. I just Love a feminine sexy heel. he he. Your Froggies are so cute, nice to still have those to treasure isn't it~ I am a Bunny person and I know I need to downsize them, sounds funny saying, downsizing Rabbits! I would just love to copy the picture of Sumatra for my Studio Madame Samm. She is just so sweet and Gorgeous!! Actually I did order some Gingham on Tuesday, for a very Special Gift, you'll "See it in September"~

    I hope you have a wonderful Day!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  24. I love those glasses holder, it is so cute! Your fur baby is beautiful!


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