Monday, July 21, 2014


Years ago, I received a collection of FROGS and I mean lots of frogs..
frog pyjamas, frog pens, frog crystals, wooden frogs, frog dishes, 
frog cement lawn ornaments...
frog mugs, and yes even some DOOR STOPPERS....

I managed and owned this Women's group called the NICE SOCIETY INC.
We taught women how to be nice in business..
It was very successful, I managed it for 10 years...

FROGS to us  meant...

We came together on so many levels...
My press agent started it all...
She gave me a glass frog....( it is somewhere at home) 

I then started sharing the story of what FROGS meant to me....
JUST THE ACRONYM, not the actual FROGS...

I never really liked FROG anything per say, but that did not mean
a thing to the thousands of ladies who were part of our community..
We all used to laugh at how our ladies would be on the search
for anything FROG related...kinda like how I feel about GINGHAM TODAY..
I get a lot of Gingham goodies...which I LOVE.....
Sooo that is  most welcomed...

But back to the FROGS.....

I then began seeing FROGS hopping in at every meeting...
there would be a frog on my table, the next meeting a frog mug...
and on and on...

I had everything packed when we moved....
I placed the hundreds of FROGS  paraphanalia in a very large BOX...

On the weekend, while away, I came across this box which got 
mixed up in some other boxes to store..

Soooo I opened it up....

THESE FROG door stoppers, kinda made me chuckle...

I LIKE DOOR STOPPERS, and I needed a couple more ...
sooooo although RUSTIC, and some call it weathered..
there is another term too, but that escapes me...

WELLLLLL my old rustic frogs, looked toooo weathered for my liking
so I painted them...
                                                             and now they are adorable
NEW door stoppers ....and FROGS have somehow hopped
back into my life AGAIN!

Ohhhh something else to share.....
( Shari is hosting the see you in sept one) 

I have something for all those who registered 
and will consider hopping along with us..

SOOOOOO everyone who will be in this HOP 
will be eligible to win these threads...

AURIFIL has sent along some THREADS
that will make this project FUN TO STITCH...

These are 50 WT perfect for your sewing machine,
your bobbin, your project....

3 reasons why I LOVE this 50 wt

1. I love ORANGE..wink
2. MY sewing machine loves this thread
3. Aurifil always has the perfect match...

YOU will win these threads so YOU CAN use them for your project..

Isn't Aurifil nice to think, this would be such a nice treat...

SOMEONE will WIN all 4 of these SPOOLS..
will it be YOU?

You have till WEDNESDAY to QUALIFY!

they will be sent out very soon to you...
so you can sew with them for RUSH HOUR....

OHHHh and I have to show you something I have been working on...
this will be for a footstool ....
I only have about 3,794 stitches more to go....

Hope you are enjoying this SEASON...
I know I have been HOPPING MAD with things to do...wink

p.s to all those who have come with offers to help in the HUES OF GREY..
thank you so much...This will mean so much to our family..


  1. Good morning! Your gingham heart project is looking just perfect! Love the surrounding yellow, it gives it a lovely pop of colour. Enjoying my first cup of coffee in my gingham mug, and grateful for our rainy day just made to encourage sewing. Yay!

  2. Interesting story about the frog and the acronym. The frog is quite cute in black. :O) I do love sewing with Aurifil!

  3. I am interested! I try to FROG too!

  4. Oh, that footstool is fantastic. How fun. I love a great hand project. My daughter likes frogs, wait til I tell her what they mean :).

  5. Interesting story about the frogs, I learn something new everyday!

  6. Goodmorning, its been awhile ole friend..the froggy appreciates its new style. Is the Heart needlepoint. I love it. I love me some aurifil too, my machine just does better with it, dont know why..

  7. Sometimes us old things need an update and a bit of shine to keep us going!

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  9. This is such a coincidence Samm.....I've been thinking about frogs a lot lately too, for a similar reason, my daily devotional dated July 19 stepped on my toes the other day with this. It's pretty cute and oh so true of me..... Listen More Say Less: Talking instead of listening will get you in trouble- Two geese were preparing to fly south when a frog asked if he could go along. They questioned how he could do it. "Easy" he said. "You guys hold a stick between your beaks and I'll hang on with my mouth". Off they went as people looked up, admiring their teamwork. The trio was making great progress until somebody below shouted, "Great idea ! Whose was it"? That's when the frog opened his mouth and said, " Miiiiine"!

    1. P.S. I like your frog painted fresh and new better too.

    2. Great story to live by Vickie!

  10. Sweet Samm,
    Whatever the Hues of Grey means, I must have missed that post but you know I want in!! Tell me what I need to do!

    Your post on frogs made me chuckle...it reminded me of one of those little "inside" jokes you share with someone special that would not be appropriate to share with the world...Know what I mean? My niece Ericka and I share a delightfully funny and a little risque joke between the two of us concerning my mother. My mother was this prim and proper lady on the outside but on the inside she had such a mischievous streak only known to a few. So thank you for giving me a chuckle...LOL

  11. Aurifil in the Rush colors, what fun. My mom collects frogs and I will tell her about the acronym. She will love that. It's so funny how we are. You like to make things new and I go around with sand paper and hammers beating things up to make them old...lol I am refinishing a table that is perfect and I hate it. TIme to paint it and sand that paint off. I'm not saying your frog doesn't look great with a fresh coat of paint, he does. wink wink.
    Love your stitches and your gingham pattern. Very sweet in black and yellow.

  12. Love your current project. It will be done in no time. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. I have collected frogs for (yikes!!!!) close to 40 years now. How can I be old enough for that

  14. I have always loved frogs and have collected them for years. I like them even more now that I have heard the meaning of F.R.O.G.

  15. Love the frog before and after!!! I lso love Aurifil threads. My machine loves them too!! What a great thing to win! midwayfarms@hughes.net

  16. I spent about an hour tonight helping my 7 year old granddaughter learn to do needlepoint on plastic canvas tonight. When her mom told her it was bedtime, she cried "but Mom..... I don't want to stop, I'm having too much fun!!". I assured her that we'd work on it again in the morning.

  17. My frog sits beside the door and monitors all who enter ... he also gets along with the countless number of owls. Each time I see your creative activities, I wish I had the computer skills to join in. Red, white, grey, and black I am itching to try.

  18. I'd love to see a picture of all the frogs! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  19. I had toads in the yard this morning. Brown ones. The dogs just bark at them. Old is new sometimes, right? Tye dye is back this year. I love Aurifil thread, it is wonderful to sew with.

  20. I Love the acronym for FROG!! This is I will share~ Painting your accent pieces Black always brings back Memories of my Mothers House. The Interior was Colonial Decor with Black Accent pieces here and there that she had spray painted Black. I remember she had the old Cast Iron Hand Irons painted Black that she used as door stops, and one of us was always stubbing our toe! The Needlepoint is so striking, just Gorgeous! I can see it in your Sewing room~ Well my search through my Stash didn't turn up any hues of Grey for you, but I did order some today so I can join Rush Hour~ I hope you have a Wonderful Day!!
    Huggs, Nancy
    PS, I took my Sneak Peak pics today, I'll post on my Blog soon....sew very exciting!!

  21. I have lots of frogs too and my 2-yr old GD loves to drag them out and play with them.
    Aurifil thread is great. Thanks for chance to win.

  22. I love the idea of the FROG meaning! What a great little reminder of that every time you see a frog related item!
    Spray paint is so underrated! It can transform simple things miraculously! Yours is no exception!

  23. The gingham project is looking very nice! The Frog makeover is lovely and very fitting for you. However give me rust any day. I love it.

  24. I've never tried Aurifil thread. Guess I'll have to go buy some if I don't win. Everyone seems very pleased with it.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  25. Love the frog acronym. I have collected frog for years. Not so much in the last ten years. I do have alot of them. Thanks for the chance to win. Would love to give aurifil thread a try.

  26. Your frogs are looking good with their new makeover. I hopped over to join the hop when I heard the first croak. Hopefully my quilt will not need any frogging, but if it does, I always have my seam ripper handy. Happy Summer! ... :) Pat

  27. Lol... I made the mistaking of mentioning I loved frogs to family members years ago... now our house is FULL of frogs. ;) Thanks for the entry!

  28. Your frogs look great and I love the acronym -- might borrow it for one of my grief projects this fall! :)

  29. I love your frogs! Years ago, everyone in my family started giving me chicken items and it took a long time to get them to stop!

  30. We have a lot of baby toads in our front yard-when I take the dogs out, they all hop through the grass, trying to get away from us-not that we would hurt them.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. I received a red stuffed frog, with F R O G spelled on his feet from a secret sister, years ago. The note with the frog explained the 'Fully Rely On God'. I don't usually do frogs, but, I still have this one.


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