Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I am a FAT WIDE TEA POT, in Gingham STYLE....wink..

It was a lovely weekend ....filled with laughter, stitches
and lot's of memories...

And yes I managed to get my very large TEAPOT and cup
needle turned applique...CORI from Creativity Amongst Chaos

I love her method of freezer paper and applique stitching....
once I began, I did not want to finish..

She has supplied all the tutorials and some Jam Jars to work
on this summer....her method is by far the best I have ever pursued....
So if you have ever wanted to learn applique with finesse...
Cori will show you how to be a STITCHING QUEEN too! 

Although it is hard to gauge from these photos...I can tell you 
this teapot is about 9 inches long by about 8 inches wide....

The photo above was taken before I sandwiched my quilt
and started hand quilting...

Note I ended up adding my ruffle...I changed the position of  the ruffle
and added to the bottom of the bed skirt attachment....
Ohhh wait till you see it all laid out...
I also added self covered yellow gingham buttons...

I do believe I have never enjoyed making such a quilt as this one...

"When I think of gingham, I think of her in her
  starched  white apron pouring tea"

Ohhh yes that looks better and will you look
 what found itself to me....a yellow crochet
Thank you sooooo much! 
As I do not crochet...shocker there...it is soooo nice to have
friends who do.... could I have been the one who requested some ?
I have a red one too...that will match my other sewing place...

( before I sandwiched all the layers)

These photos were taken up north....
and today....the difference in colours, although the photos were taken almost the exact time...
today there are clouds in the sky...

All the centered is hand quilted and the tea pot is corrected...now to begin
hand quilting the borders with all the hearts...

And here is my soooo gingham quilt with in the ditch hand quilting..all along the gingham squares
and note the hearts along the border...all of this will be hand quilted..
At this rate I should have it all completed by the weekend...

I have done all the verticals lines now and almost half of the horizontal...
then I will approach the border with all the hearts and I've decided
to do the binding with bias gingham....in yellow of course...

and to answer a few dozen questions regarding the very large gingham fabric...
it was made from SOLIDS ( basics) from Riley Blake Design....solids and shades here..
They do not make a pattern that large....regrets of course, cause you know
I would have to make quilts in all the colours...

ALTHOUGH, what is stopping me from doing that...since they have
all the solids....?

I did after all make this one with their basics too
mmmmmm is there enough summer to make more gingham quilts? lol

and speaking of SUMMER....

Note that OTHER LADY also loves daisies...
I do believe she WON on her photos...wink..

Are you seeing a theme here ? lol
what possibly are my colours this summer?

And this  is what we came home to, a garden filled with daisies...
it just isn't summer without daisies...my fav flower of all time...
This bed is in the front of our yard... 

It is all so luscious, our neighbours shared we had lots of rain
this weekend and the evidence is everything is blooming..

So my peeps....have you all been bathing in the luxury of this season?
I am loving this summer....in all of my gingham glory....



Ohhhh just a reminder....Shari is  still gathering our large number of stitchers and quilters for our
 see you in September hop..

Shari is cheering us on for this one....and already she is so
worthy of her POM POMS...

If you want to be included for the fall...let her know this week....
she will no doubt keep you on your toes ....


  1. So glad you have a wonderful weekend. Looks like your quilt is coming along spectacularly! I am going to have to give Cory's applique tricks a try.

  2. Great progress on your quilt. The tea pot is just darling! Looks to me like you have already achieved Stitching Queen!

  3. I am loving all your gingham quilts, but especially this one since yellow is my favorite color.

  4. Your yellow gingham quilt is delightful!! I'm enjoying reading about your progress. You are very creative.

    1. hi Karen, next time you pop in leave me an email so I can reply..you are a no reply blogger which means when I try to reply it comes up no reply blogger...lol thank you for your note..very appreciated..

  5. I am just brushing up on my hand stitching, and loving it. Trying to perfect each stitch isn't easy, so I have to give you a A++ for hand stitching this Gorgeous Quilt. The life sized Teapot and Cup is divine, I can see where this would be a favorite Quilt!

    Your Daisies are Beautiful!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  6. Too much patience for one quilter! Needle turn applique and hand quilting?? I understand why you are anxious to finish it. I have daisies in my vase - from my sister's garden. My favorite flowers too.

  7. Lovely teapot on gingham! I am so happy to be home and able to be reading my favorite blogs. Traveling is exhausting. Summer Sparkles and Creative Bliss...

  8. I just love your quilt Mdm Samm. And that little tea cup pin cushion is so cute!

  9. oh look at this all evolve. Looking so good!

    In answer to your last question, I feel like I am more bathed in sweat lately but I know part of it is that I am outside way more than any of the preceding 17 summers. Got yard work, got a dog to walk--the two major changes.

  10. I love the way your quilt turned out! It's gorgeous! Love the colors you chose, too.
    Your daisies are so cheerful. I do miss having tons of flowers. I look forward to that in the future!

  11. Samm, you are the Queen of Gingham ! Your applique is great, and I love that the tea-pot is gingham too. Enjoy those daisies.

  12. That is so cute. I love that gingham look.

    There is nothing like daisies and summer.

  13. Love your gingham quilt...fresh and bright and so pretty with that teapot!

  14. What a cute teapot. You are making a beauty....and the daisies...so much yellow yumminess. I love summer!!!!!

  15. Your quilt is top, the addition of the teapot and cup just give it the final waoh! And I envy you of having sunshine, since the summer holidays began, it has not stopped raining and raining..... my boys are getting nuts :-)
    Let's start the museum-tour, but huge ones, so they can jump and run :-)

  16. The cute teapot is a lovely addition to your yellow gingham quilt. Your flowers are lovely. Daisies always make me smile. May you day be full of daisies and smiles ... :) Pat

  17. Your quilt is going in some show I hope...it's beautiful. The daisies match it perfectly ! Wonderful workmanship Samm !

  18. The teapot, ruffles, and gingham quilt is turning into quite a beautiful quilt. I'm loving it all! I'm feeling the need to rush out to buy some solid RBD fabric to make a gingham quilt...not that I'm competitive or anything. Your flowers are so gorgeous, too.

  19. This just gets more gorgeous every time I see it. The tea pot and all your cute little details, I just love. ;). So glad you love little T-pinnie.

  20. Luscious garden, gorgeous gingham, and how peaceful to hand quilt your adorable quilt - stitching memories.

  21. Everything looks wonderful! I love hand appliqueing...it is my favorite thing to work on! Your daisies look wonderful...our Shasta daisies are blooming like crazy here and now the black eyed Susans started...I love Summer's flowers! Happy Wednesday!!

  22. Um I might be overstepping but I added a blog to my feed and it's called stash manicure and all I've seen is your posts on it. I figured I should give you a heads up in case that isn't something your affiliated with.

  23. This quilt is quite a stunner! I really love the ruffle, and the applique is gorgeous. Well done with the needle turn!!!!

  24. *wow* Your yellow gingham quilt is wonderful...pure summer.
    Daisies..what a wonderful name.
    We say "Margeriten", the English name for the summer flowers is more beautiful ..

    many greetings

  25. Love your teapot quilt! and the gingham design rocks! I haven't checked blogs in a couple of days so I missed when this went live.

  26. Your creativity is my happy place ! My grand children call me Nanny. I hope to hold a special place in their hearts as your nanny does for you.

  27. This quilt is going to be such a joy to you this winter Samm! I love the tea pot and the hearts that I can't see yet. :) And those daisies - oh my goodness, what a treat! blessings, marlene

  28. No way!! Daisies are your favourite flowers too??!!! I LOVE daisies, they are the happiest flowers and they make me happy too! All these beautiful applique works around me, now I just have to make some time to learn it. I adore your fat wide tea pot! Wouldn't have it any other way ;)


  29. I so like your new quilt. It is perfectly YOU. I have a bit of applique to do soon so I'm going to check out your recommendation. Thanks so much as always.

  30. Your quilt is just too cute and how comforting and warm it's going to be this fall and winter. Daisies are so pretty and a great reminder of lazy daisy summer days.


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