Thursday, July 3, 2014

Gingham Perplexity..."What does GINGHAM really mean to me?"

GINGHAM should come with a WARNING.

"Whatever your first thought is in a design, it will not be your last"

Totally true....The only thing I have stuck with is I wanted LARGE block GINGHAM 
in yellows to match my sewing studio for the winter months....

( All this fabric is from the RBD solids collection, all basics, matching 
perfectly with their yellow gingham ) You only need 3 colours to make
this pattern, white for sure..and 2 shades of yellow one being textured.
) or whatever colour you would choose.

Earlier in the week, my thoughts were to add "GINGHAM matters to ME..."
Did up all the appliqués (TWICE) for shadowing...even stitched them perfectly....

Then I thought, maybe just GINGHAM on the top....
I slept on it overnight.....NOPE...
 that just not did it for me.....
Although striking .....it just did not say enough for me....

WHY DOES GINGHAM MATTER TO ME....I kept asking myself.....?

So then I really went DEEP into my heart and tried to come up with a line 
that would mean something to me....about GINGHAM...

gingham curtains, pants towel....yep she is most certainly my inspiration..

 I came up with this..
"When I think of gingham, I think of her in her  starched  white apron pouring tea"

That was it....that is why I LOVE GINGHAM..

It always reminds me of my years with this lady... My Nanny, who was always 
my cheerleader in everything I did....
She was patient, kind, full of wisdom and she poured heart in everything she did...
and she was always pushing me gently  forward ....

So I made a wave and placed those words on it....and came up with the width I thought my overall 
quilt would be....and it came out perfectly..
I first stitched it in only yellow FINCA PERLE PRESENCIA #12....but it looked
to light....sooooo I stitched it AGAIN in BLACK Finca Perle...
Then I thought it needed something more...so I added the apron....
the same style APRON she used to wear....

Then with her trim from her bed skirt I thought I would add some Gingham RUFFLE...
That did not do it for me either....lol

So I added the topper with all the fine stitching and left it plain...
...and it looks sooooo fine...

but still something was missing...
sooooo since TEA was our morning and afternoon ritual 
I thought why not an applique of POURING TEA on the bottom...

That is what I am working on today...the needle turn of this fairly large applique....
Cori, I swear I will do you proud and work towards being a stitching QUEEN.

I will add some  black gingham stripe to the pot and cup too....

Now I am happy and with some soul searching
I realized why I am sooooo obsessed with GINGHAM
it reminds me sooo much of years with a LADY that sooo filled my heart
with such warm  and tender memories...

I can hardly wait to sit in my big chair in my studio 
on those cool winter nights and be warmed by the thought
that she has never left me.....she is always in my heart...
I can place my hand over my heart and I can still feel her...
She is here in my sewing studio ....she is why I have this  GINGHAM OBSESSION! 

WOW, who would of thought GINGHAM and Quilting can
bring out the very best in us....

ARE YOU listening RBD....we just have to 

I still have soooo many gingham ideas....

And Sumatra stayed by me in all of my excitement that I finally got it....YOU got to smile
at her connection with me on sooooo many levels.... ( when I took the photo of the topper this morning
she wanted to lie on it....and I shooed her away and she went by the tree and just watched....You can see her on the top of the photo...)

I worked on this before I left...and forgot to refresh my page
we are on the road...and I am thinking where is my 4th of JULY

here it is ...

duhhhhhhhh lol


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your Nanny! Isn't it strange how we can have those connections to things and not even realize why until we stop and analyze them? Childhood memories can really impact us.
    Your quilt is really turning out beautifully!

  2. Such a sweet post about your Nanny and your quilt. It's come together just beautifully!

  3. What a touching story about your Nanny. And very touching how you "stopped to smell the roses" while making this lovely masterpiece. We all should reflect on how or why we do what we do. Sometimes it's just a race to the end.

  4. It is amazing what is stuck in the back of our minds. Gingham always reminds me of simpler times, chicken scratch embroidery, and no kitchen would be complete without red gingham curtains.

  5. I have never quilted or made anything with Gingham, put am looking forward to see what I can creat with it. This is a great post on your Nanna, and her love of gingham.

  6. I Love the Stitched Panel at the top, did you do this by hand? Should I even ask? ;) This is why you are so inspiring to me, you create far outside the Box to perfection of what it will mean to you. You don't just sew to sew, make sense? Your Nanny I am sure has the sweetest smile on her lips when she looks upon you~
    I also have to tell you, I am by far a Cat Lover, but your Sumatra is really touching my heart!!

    Have a Wonderful Day!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  7. I REALLY love that you put those words about your Nanny on the top of your quilt...it's like a memory quilt ! It would also be a very neat window topper. Sumatra is the cutest cat ever......she looks like she's either saying "I love to watch you sew" or How much longer are you going to sew Mama ? "

  8. Such a nice tribute to your Nanny and a wonderful project to share with all of us. I don't have that sentimental attachment to gingham, but it has been around forever and should always be around....it's a staple, just like solids. I went to a fabric shop yesterday and although they had some gingham, it was not the best quality....loosely woven..... and I would not want to use it in my projects. RBD gingham=quality!

  9. You have done your Nanny proud. You know she is looking down on you with a huge smile on her face!

  10. Love this post...can't wait to see your awesome tea pot applique!

  11. A beautiful tribute to your beloved Nanny....aaahh....you've just inspired me yet again!!!

  12. I am loving everything about this one!!! Your designs remind me of what home is...and I love all the items you make, always so inviting...

  13. I love its simplicity. You are lucky that you had such a wonderful Nanny!

  14. What a beautiful tribute to your nanny and the memories you have of her. This is truly a "comforter" as quilts are meant to be.

  15. That was so nice!! I like gingham too, but yellow is my favorite...I just didnt realize why til now. It's the freshness of your Nannys kitchen! That is what I like so much about it. Clean!!!!!

  16. A lovely post, Mdm Samm. Your quilt is looking lovely.

  17. I always enjoy posts that play tribute to those wonderful ladies of our past. Your nanny had to have been an amazing lady! Your quilt is going to be awesome!

  18. Thank you for sharing your lovely memory! I love it!

  19. People who say, "They're just kids; they won't remember." always irritate me because we are who we are because of what and who is in our lives as kids. Nanny's sweetness has helped make you the fabulous MS that you are. [Thanks, Nanny.]

  20. My first ever project was a gingham shirt, maybe yellow at that. To this day, gingham always catches my eye. Thanks for yor nice tale of memories.

  21. What a fantastic tribute to your Nanny! I love how you started with the "homemade" gingham but added to it as you went along, very clever.

  22. Just so beautiful. We find our inspiration in precious thoughts and memories. This could be a hint of why you like a soft yellow, too. I can't wait to see it all finished.

  23. Your Nanny would be so proud of you. This is a wonderful post.

  24. Such a loving memory of your Nanny! Truly touching! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Gingham memories - it's wonderful! Thank you for sharing the evolution of your design process which resulted in this lovely throw. Love your stitchery and the teapot will add the perfect touch.

  26. Beautiful, Mdm. Samm! Filled with meaning and special memories - no wonder you love gingham.

  27. Your nanny looks so adorable in all of her gingham! Did you know that the word "nanny" in Greek, means nap time, I wonder if that is why, nannies are called nannies, parents want their children to go to sleep so they get a nanny, lol., something to chew on.

  28. What a sweet July 4th message! It's been a beautiful day.
    Your tribute quilt is so special. It will keep you warm and loved!

  29. Isn't it amazing how these memories are so deep seated in us! They have such effect on us unknowingly! Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to your Nanny!


  30. Love your new "friends" banner! I <3 my quilty friends everywhere ... :) Pat

  31. I can think of no better way to honor a lovely woman who had something to do with your being a lovely lady today. Looks like Sumatra wanted to be stuck like glue to you when you were attempting to get pictures for the post or sew in the first place. Got to love those kitty helpers!

  32. I Love your Friends Banner!! Thank~You, and we love our Canadian Friends and Family too!! When you return maybe you can help me find your Window awning on your Blog. I hope you week end is just Beautiful!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  33. Thank for you visit and comentari.

  34. What a sweet tribute Samm - and how fun it will be to be reminded of her every time you walk into that room. Our memories of loved ones gone before us are deep in our souls. blessings, marlene

  35. Ha! I love your USA message! Very pretty.

  36. When you feel it in your hear, it shows. Love it.

  37. Thank you, dear Samm! Adorei sua visita e seu carinho. Seu trabalho é lindo! Congratulations! Boa semana! Kisses

  38. Samm, this quilt is such a pretty thing...and getting prettier by the minute! I love the idea of the teapot and cup applique! It is the perfect addition to this quilt. It is going to be so adorable, and I know you are going to make me proud, as always ;) (as if I were responsible for your stitching genius...shheez! I know where the talent lies.....and it is all you!) I can really appreciate your soul searching for the source of your love of gingham. I often find that those sweet memories are what drive me to create my quilts as well. Your nanny looks simply adorable, and I am so glad she took the time to leave a mark on your heart. I love that you create with meaning and purpose. It is so inspiring to us all. How sweet it is that you are honoring this obviously amazing woman with such a pretty quilt. After all, they never really leave us do they? Making a quilt with love sure shows....can't wait to see it all finished up! ~Cori

  39. Thank you for this post. Your Nanny reminds me of my dear Grandma and yellow gingham... the lining in the basket where I slept as a baby and also my daughters Ella and Lucy.

  40. Our truest loves in life always come from places and people who brought us the most joy and made our hearts full of love and happiness. So cool that your Nanny loved gingham. She was such a cute lady!

  41. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful, loving person in your life. Blessings Sandra


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