Thursday, July 31, 2014

Feeling the RUSH....

Am I ever....what many of you don't know is sometimes
behind the scenes, I AM RUSHED , so rushed  in fact....PLANNING
                                                         our Fall  BLOG HOP schedule...

Which is what I have been doing this past week..

It looks like we will have a HALLOWEEN theme Planned once
again, I can hardly wait to show you the collection that some of you
will be getting...OMG! 

And another so called very WARM HOP...more on that one very soon...

Sooooo RUSHED is where I will be this weekend...

WORKING on my RUSH HOUR projects
with one of the bundles above...

( the red steel figure, well she is newly painted..
I  have 1 more in red, 2 in black....they are hangers...) 
You will be able to find them soon...wink..

THIS STUDIO E FABRIC collection is really wonderful...
Colourful, great prints, great co-ordinates...

She almost has her project done...
not that we are competing for anything...

but I am planning more than 1 project wink...

Here is a hint... wink...

And these numbers mean something????? mmmmmm using RUSH HOUR! 

I was just heading into my studio after wiping down all the floors...and LOOK
who is sitting in my wet bucket? 
She was asleep....Does she look a bit welllll DISTURBED....
You bet.....lol

shhhh let's leave her alone....

And here is a sneak peak of one of the projects I am working on for our


that Shari is cheering us on, she has been sooooo well excited 
by it all...this is her first cheering hop....so we are all shaking our pom poms for her ...

 And look Sumatra is now back in my studio...no shaking her today...
She is eager to find out what NEXT will be creating.....

But that is all I have got for today...



  1. Looks like you have some good projects in the works! Can't wait for September.

  2. All your rushing around makes me want a nap, but I can't because I need to finish my Rush Hour project. It's THIS close to being done...not that I'm competitive or anything! LOL Oh, I love that Sumatra. Such a beautie!

  3. You have a lot of projects going on there😄 I too think I need a nap. I just got my fabrics today!!! They are so pretty. Can't wait to get my projects done.

  4. Love those cute little hangers! Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful new hops.

    1. Oh I think I see a Cover Me Up in the future, lol!

  5. The fabrics are wonderful! Love that runner...even with those mysterious numbers!

  6. I can see you are keeping busy during the summer. I love those fabrics.

  7. Hi Samm, Love the fabric, getting anxious for the See you in Sept. Iv'e gotten two done working on the third this weekend. Is bloglovin the only way to follow you, some how I never get any notifications on your posts. I signed up again. Is there an e-mail sign up and I missing it? Sumatra is pretty as ever I see she still has the attitude of royalty. love it :-)

  8. Hmmmmm, wonder what those numbers mean? You always leave us guessing. : ) Laughing at the pic of Sumatra in the pail. Funny how cats love to be squished into small places. Looking forward to hearing about the hops scheduled for the rest of the year.

    Very weird. I haven't received notifications of your last few posts on my dashboard (via GFC) only on Bloglovin'.

  9. Sumatra is such a star! Looking forward to next months eye candy!

  10. YOU Matter Too! The Fabrics together in a Bundle look fabulous!!, and so does that Panel!! So many Fun things coming our way and Shari is going to do a Great Job!! Huggs, to fluff baby!!

    Have a Wonderful Week End!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  11. Did you mention a Halloween themed one? Of course you know that I'll just have to make time to join in on that one.

  12. Rush, Rush, Rush....yes that is the feeling over here, too. But I would be miserable if I wasn't busy. Oh, how I love sneak peaks.

  13. Ha! I see we have a project in common! I can't wait to see the finishes!

  14. Oh, I'm well on my way to finishing my rush hour project too! And so far ahead of schedule...what's up with that? LOL. I've missed our blog hops and can't wait for the new ones to begin! Looks like you have some pretty fun things planned to share with us! Oh the anticipation! ;-)

  15. Such fun projects! Of course you are planning more than one. Wouldn't expect any less from you! Halloween blog hop you say! My ears are perked up already :)


  16. I haven't been on here for a while, trying to catch up this evening. I'm so excited about my projects and am so anxious to get home to see my package of rush hour fabric. Hubby said it arrived last week. You're such a teaser with your upcoming projects. Looking forward to seeing them come to life.


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