Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Coast with me on my travels to a sink hole...

 Want to coast with me on a road trip .....?
And yes Coasters are not safe with me....this use to be green....
I painted it BLACK.... 

Oh YES my road trip...we were heading home....but I needed a few things 
so I headed out with camera in hand.... and look at what I came across....

ARE YOU WEARING RUBBERS....you will need them...
BOOTS, I am talking BOOTS....

We have had a lot of rainfall these past few days....mind you everything is luscious...

But look at what all that rainfall has done...now this sink hole was quite deep....
I was really afraid to get any closer than I did..
I stopped TRAFFIC, and not because I was taking pics...
because my car was right in the middle of the road....
I had company..someone...wanted to hold my belt so I could take a closer look?
Yeahhhh right? no way....

This hole where the hoe was ...was about 4 feet deep....
I kept thinking silly to have the tractor there...????

This was about 43 feet from the sink hole...look at the driveway..
Imagine trying to leave your HOME....you are not going anywhere sweetie....

This is by the shoulder of the road...

                                            This was pretty deep...I think about 3 feet...
                            I put my boot into it....but lost my balance and fell on my butt...
                                                               Trust me it was deep...

It has been a very WEIRD summer...yesterday it was in the low 50's
about 14 C.....it is JULY...
see the water above gurgling up....it was coming down like raging river...
albeit a very small river...

Enough of that...these goats were not bothered by the rain fall whatsoever....

This one kept staring at me...so I stared back...

I am sure he was thinking..."Why aren't you in your sewing studio" or something like that....

WEllllllll today I am in my sewing studio...working on a very large project...may even have a few
pics soon to share...

Tellllll me, is your summer or winter, NORMAL?

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  1. Holy cow! You have had a lot of rain. It is still gorgeous here. A tad cooler then it has been, but so nice. Glad to hear you made it back to your sewing room. I am closing shop for a couple weeks, but have lots of hand sewing with me for a road trip East. Have a great week.

  2. It's not normal at all! Too much rain and too cold for summer. I am pretty scared thinking of what the climate changes will bring to earth.

  3. Lovely photos...thanks for the walk, I needed the exercise. A normal summer? Nope, not a chance. Last night it was 11 degrees, and damp enough we almost made a fire in the wood stove. Looks like that will be the average temp this week for our night times. I just may light a fire yet this week. Looking at my pool I have no desire whatsoever to get into it...so very glad we have sold it and it should be taken down this week. I have plans for more gardens lol

  4. Samm, We would love to take some of that rain off your hands ! We didn't get our usual 100 degree days until several weeks ago, that was very nice !

  5. What a job to clean that up. A lot of water. Our summer has been pretty normal. It is hot! Last week of swim lessons at 100 degrees.

  6. That's quite a sink hole...I'm glad you didn't get washed away! I love the face on the goat and his/her expression is priceless.

  7. We have a rainy summer with ugly storms after short periods with high temperature.

  8. My summer has been full of extremes. It arrived late. It was cold and rainy. It got very hot. Then it cooled off at one point we were having the coolest July on record. We've been brushed by an unseasonably early hurricane. Yesterday we had severe thunderstorms of the type we usually see in September. The first wave resulted in a tornado just north of Boston ... and less than ten miles from the building where my hubby was working. Then in the late afternoon we had another round of heavy storms that look down some limbs and beheaded most of my flowers. Sandwiched in the middle was tropical air. Today is is sunny and cool and the air feels like it does when the seasons start changing. In July? Fall may come early. This may become "the summer that wasn't" ... time will tell ... ;) Pat

  9. We're having a perfect summer here. Not too hot, not too cold, garden is doing great, and if we had a few days of heat, the past few days with afternoon showers tends to cool things down a bit. I'm sewing in the basement studio, so it's been an ideal summer!

    Wow! that's a lot of rain... glad you didn't fall in!

  10. I'm glad we haven't had that much rain in Illinois! It has been a cool summer--I love it! Lots of rain for black raspberries and blackberries. I should be in my sewing room sewing, but I'm enjoying listening to and watching the birds as I have a cup of coffee in my sun room.

  11. I wish you could sen some of that rain our way!!!

  12. I'm loving the Summer here so far because it's been cooler than normal. It's been great to keep the windows open instead of running the air conditioner. The beginning of Summer we had a lot of rain, but over the last 10 days it's been mostly dry, so it's time for a good downpour again.

    Did you really fall in the sinkhole? Having a staredown with a goat? LOL too funny. The pictures with the green pastures are awesome.

    Oh, one more thing. Better tell your family not to stand or sit in one position too long because they may get painted! ; )

  13. Thanks for sharing the photos. Send the rain here! The weather has been crazy everywhere.

  14. That's crazy! It has been far milder this summer here in Iowa. We had a very wet spring, but it has since dried up.

  15. Those are some serious pictures. I'm glad that isn't happening near here. This summer's weather has been strange, lots of rain and cooler days than normal but at least it isn't raining every day.

  16. Wow! How interesting!
    Our summer has been a little cooler than usual. We have almost made it through the month of July without temperatures over 100!

  17. Love, love, LOVE those goats! They don't mind the rain - it keeps the grass growing. Sorry about your fall, but that's what you get for getting too close to danger. Summer here has had variable weather and even some days we can open the windows! Then I can hear the birds singing in the back yard when I work. But then they start chirping at 5 am outside my bedroom window - yikes!

  18. We have been cool, but little or no rain. I think we only had a handful of hot days. But my mom says in Oregon they have had many days in the high 80s to the mid 90s which is very uncommon.

  19. I live in central Illinois / Iowa area. Yesterday our weatherman said this is normal weather...for September 17th!! We normally have about 9 days above 90 in July...we had ONE this July!! However my electric bill is LOVEING the break!!
    Plus I wassitting out with the kids yesterday and noticed two blooms on my lilac!! WHAT??? this is July not May!!! Crazy I tell ya!!

  20. Thank God you didn't hurt yourself when you fell. We had horrible sink holes in Fla. the kind that engulfed houses with people in them! and not because of any rain either. I am so happy Madame you had someone with you to hold you the surrounding areas of those things are so unpredictable! My summer has been so wonderful, that I haven't even been phased by the weather. Out here I have learned to go with the flow, however we are having a very sunny and warm week and the next week is to be the same. I was told yesterday of another Summer Blessing, Baby #3 is on the way for my youngest daughter!! Instantly this morning I was looking at Quilt fabric for little boys, and didn't even gravitate toward little girls fabrics. Is my brain telling me something?? *smile*
    Huggs, Nancy

  21. Whoa! You've definitely been getting lots of rain by the looks of things. Glad you're on high ground!

    Summer here, has been hotter than in other years. Really surprising that we've had above 30 degrees more than once so far!

  22. Eeeek! That looks pretty bad! I am so glad you didn't hurt yourself with that fall. Your rubber/boots line made me laugh of course ;)



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