Thursday, July 17, 2014

A summer-fall... filled with ....ALEX HALL ( NASHVILLE POLL)

OHHH that NASHVILLE series has filled me with  so many emotions and inspiration.

I did a screen shot of this image over Juliettes bed ( Hayden)

and I just could not get it out of my mind..

For 2 weeks, I went seeking any info I could find...
NO LUCK.......I am a pretty determined lady so I thought
someone has to know...so I sent this out to numerous art dealers in 
Tennessee, finally someone shared with me it was from a gallery showing.
A great lead it was... so I then went through all the artists and found HIM..
His name is Alex Hall....

And that first image stirs me on so many levels..

It is called “Proelium”  
which in latin means Battle...
I want to design our whole bedroom around this image
in the fall....I have already selected the paint
and Alex shared with me, he will see about 
offering this in a very large print for above the bed.
His original sold was an oil.....
I am okay with a print at this rate....

Here are others with his permission that I can share with you...
this one is called  “Inertia” 

“Two Fates”


this one speaks to me too.....

Just as the music as stirred me now this...

Artist Statement
My new series “Relativity” depicts individuals floating in time and space. I chose to paint the figures with no distinct faces so they would relate to every man and every woman. This particular series is a very honest representation of where I am currently in my own life. Having recently graduated college and being thrown off my feet into the real world, I was extremely overwhelmed. I still was not sure what path to take or which way to go in life. I began to realize that most people are familiar with this feeling of uncertainty. With that idea, I sought out to create a series that was a visual representation of an emotion that has been universally felt by all people: A sense of uncertainty, and ultimately struggling to achieve a balance in life.

We are planning a trip to Nashville , already booked our B&B...
I hope to meet with this Alex Hall....

Ohhhh and I just designed my new quilt with NASHVILLE in mind..
it will have images that remind me of our summer...and gingham you can count on it..

Off I run....what do you think of my new find..?

and one more reason why NASHVILLE is getting more and more attractive

Need I say more...the LOVELESS CAFE
and is that GINGHAM I see....realllllly !

JUDY made a special request to
come up with a NASHVILLE theme blog hop..
everything country, cooking, music, guitars....
And she is from Suisse area.....

I placed a POLL on the side bar if you wish to
get involved...I am thinking NOVEMBER?

I love the idea, I was already working on something
for that theme, so this would be great to get
YOU involved too....

Thanks JUDY, let's make it happen


  1. Alex Hall is an amazing artist. I never watch television so I have never seen this show but I did find the video on your last post interesting. Looking forward to seeing your new quilt. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  2. What an interesting painting. Can't wait to see your new quilt. I think you will enjoy seeing Nashville.

  3. Can't wait to see what will happen!

  4. What a talented young artist! Yes, that is a great find. He does very beautiful and meaningful work!

  5. Everyone can relate to those images. He's very good. Have a super trip! We want pictures. Well done, Madame Sherlock.

  6. I love his images. Maybe it is the birds. One of my favorite artists David Delamare did a series of charcoal/pencil drawings with anthropomorphic ravens and birds of prey.

  7. Awesome--you found the artist! Sent you some links for places in Nashville for your visit

  8. When I read your other post about Nashville, I somehow knew it would not be the first and last one, and now I learn even more! Pleazzzzzzz Samm, organize a Hop with this theme, that would be a fantastic one, image, music, country, boots, micros, ..... and I am dreaming again with my mug of sumatra in front of me :-)

  9. I Love the First Print above Hayden's head, and what he wrote about himself. Those are the kind of Artist I would Love to know too, there Art has so much Purpose and relativity that people can relate to. Like Cori said Good Work Sherlock!! Let me know when you are going, I have a piece of a little shop on the outskirts of Nashville. It's a beautiful area to visit too!! I think this week end I will have to check out Netflix for sure!! *smile*

    Huggs, Nancy

  10. ohhhh they look amazing and how wonderful you found him! That is one of my favourite shows (my dream job is to be a C&W singer!!) and I would love to visit Nashville!! I bet you have an amazing time :)

  11. That is a beautiful piece of art! I can see why you're loving it. With all this Nashville talk, will you get a twang in your voice? LOL

  12. I have a lot of family roots down south, so I am in love with the theme. Alex is such a talented artist. His artwork has some deep meanings. Love them!!

  13. Madame Samm, when you return from Nashville will you be ending your posts with "Y'all come back now, ya hear"? ; ) I love Tennessee! My sister lives in the NE area of TN and you can see the Appalachian Mountains from her front porch. Sooooooo very beautiful.

  14. Such an interesting artist and series he has created. How wonderful that "Nashville" has called you in such a powerful way. Your visit will be amazing. Creative Nashville Bliss Dear...

  15. Love all of his works! Yes, you will sew enjoy Nashville and of course the Loveless Cafe, yummy!

  16. Hehehe. You are too funny. I think I might be needing some of those preserves myself.

  17. Late last September, my husband and I spent an afternoon in Leaper's Forge TN ( Near Franklin TN). We had our cameras and spent the time enjoying the visuals. The Art Galleries along with Country themed area was beautiful and it made for a very relaxing afternoon of touring. Nashville Area, was never on my bucket list of travels. There are so many places and venues of interest. I have learned traveling there, each time has made life long memories of different activities. Mainly, we love visiting our kids!!! Have Fun!


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