Sunday, July 13, 2014

A gingham summer....

Who am I really kidding.."GINGHAM" is every season for me...
but so far this summer I completed this lovely Quilt ...
I am calling it "Nanny's HOUSE...."

When I was young -to distinguish between my Nannys' ,
one I called Queenie's Nanny because she had a dog named  Queenie
and Nanny's House, my fav Nanny was Nanny's HOUSE, because
she lived in a very large HOME....

As Gingham has been part of my life for decades now...this quilt
will be one that will be in sewing studio and will no doubt
be dragged around like a " blankie" from room to room in the cool months ahead...
Almost sad that it is now completed...

I hand quilted this quilt in our garden all week....every spare moment
of just slowing the pace and enjoying our garden with my beloved...
I will never forget all the thoughts I stitched into this quilt...the Ruffled part
was made up of my Nanny's bed skirt and with RBD( riley blake designs)  gingham I added the ruffle
to the scalloped edge...all hand quilted too..then I added some self covered buttons
with RBD small gingham pattern and using their BASICS in solids and shading
created this very large gingham design...
The hand embroidery " When I think of gingham- I think of her in her starched white
apron pouring tea"

Using Cori's ( creativity amongst chaos) 
great instructions for applique, I managed to do a decent job with my 
t-pot and cup... Thanks Cori...
I am ready for my next quilt and applique...

I am waiting for all the FABRIC in reds and white...
I have already designed this pattern it will be very 50's....
and yes gingham again....This one will be one that will
be showcased in the SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER HOP
that Shari is cheering us in....( details on right side of blog) 

We lost our ELM tree to ELM disease so we decided to cut all the branches 
and leave the trunk for a great BIRD Condos....
Our blue jays are frequent vacationers....
First thing in the morning, it is like an airport, so many 
feathered friends dropping in for some seed and chat....

I sprayed painted the WHITE CONDO and hand painted the door and windows..
it has become a popular spot for our sparrows...

This bluejay I call him "SCREAM"....cause that is what he does repeatedly if his 
peanuts are not available.....Evelyn was my inspiration for this springy catcher..
found one at our local hardware and the perfect addition to our garden....
BLUEJAYS really love to swing and reach down and grab a peanut shell and fly
away...most times I watch SCREAM bury it under some mulch...
You watch we will probably have peanuts growing next summer...

This was our view yesterday...our HYDRANGEAS are now in full bloom...and white 
pansies are all over our garden...
This is where I was sitting most of the week while I stitched Nanny's quilt...
We had a constant breeze, and when it got too hot, I just brought the fan outside lol
Every week, something new is blooming...next will be our cosmos....

We ended up planting 6 hydrangea bushes...called snowballs..
they are not finally blooming...took a couple of years to get these lovely blooms.

(One of the luxuries of nice breezes is being able to put our linens
on the line....there really is nothing as fresh smelling as reaching for your
sheets at night and falling to sleep to garden smells...

And of course Sumatra agrees....as I was bringing in the sheets I was folding them into 
the basket .....this is what I was seeing...I grabbed my camera quickly  and asked Sumatra
to smell the air........I am telling you ...she is filled with JOY....
She has been my constant companion this summer....at the end of her day outside
ventures, we sit on the lounger and I brush out all the leaves and mulch out of her fur...
She is such a tomboy....

LOVE to see some of YOUR SUMMER PHOTOS....


  1. Your summer breeze makes me feel warm inside. Your pictures are windows of summer - inviting and beautiful. Sumatra has the best poses - she is a great model and companion.
    Love your gingham finish. It has every perfect detail.

  2. What a beautiful and peaceful place to sit and stitch. You have an elm that died from disease, and I have 3 that have planed themselves in places they should not be... I can't seem to kill them for the life of me! Next week I am off to the farm store to find something that will do the job before they take out my air conditioning unit and the sidewalk! LOL!!

  3. Great post and photos.....love the gingham with the teapot, cut and embroidery.

  4. Rosemary B here:
    Yes. Really!!!
    I love gingham. Your quilt is adorbs
    Sumatra is so pretty.
    I am busy busy busy. Every day we have fun. I am watching old movies at my parents apartment right now.
    Dad took a lot of videos of their travels all over Europe, some of my favorite places to frolic

  5. I really enjoyed your post and your lovely pictures. Your quilt is gorgeous. I am a fan of gingham, too.

  6. Please send some of your breezes my way, it is hot, hot, HOT! Your yard is lovely as always.

  7. Adore, adore your darling Sumatra! and the quilt is beautiful too, I am about to do some applique work so I will look for Cori.

  8. I feel like I am sitting there with you enjoying every corner if your garden and inch of your Kwilts.

  9. How pretty and what a beautiful setting! I'm having a tea party today and thought of you! I finally started making dolls....after all these years! And I'm having fun! I'll never forget the sweet dolls you made when we first met. I hope you still have some of them! Enjoy your afternoon my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  10. I will go to bed in a few minutes with such lovely images in my mind! The quilt has amazing details; the garden is so inviting; well, it's all about love and peace!

  11. What a wonderful quilt you have made! So creative and one of a kind. Love the appliqué, the quote, and the hand quilting. Good job!

  12. Simply Stunning!! I love the blue jays. They are my favorite. Your kitty looks like she is smiling. That is just the sweetest pic.

  13. This was such a relaxing post with all the beautiful photos and, of course, the beautiful Sumatra. I wish my backyard looked this lovely, but I have a different kind of summer beauty going on around me. I think I'll take you up on sharing our summer photos and I hope others do to. Your quilt is just gorgeous and the memories stitched into it are so sweet.

  14. Sumatra is beautiful! I love your quilt.

  15. Definitely Sumatra has reached nirvana, if you could say a cat smiles most definitely a kitty smile. Your yard is gorgeous, and the quilt turned out fabulous.

  16. This is a Grand Prize Award Winning post!! A Stunning Quilt, a Breathtaking Yard and a Cat in pure Summer Bliss~ All from your Loving hands works of enchantment~ Just Love it all!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  17. What a beautiful yard you have! Sew peaceful! There would be no stitching outside in Texas or Missouri. Too hot and humid both places! A lovely finish indeed!

  18. Such a beautiful and serene place to sit and stitch to your heart's content. Your yellow gingham quilt is really awesome with all of the embellishments. I chuckled at your comment about it being like an airport in the mornings. If you ever need a dispatcher give me a call. I used to be a corporate aircraft scheduler and dispatcher.

  19. Lovely white gardens. Lovely gingham quilt! My summer shots are mostly clearing up brush lately though I managed to get a few crepe myrtle shots, about the only thing in bloom right now anywhere. We are into the dog days of scant rain and crispy yards.

  20. Hi! I was browsing the web via a blog post and found this website. Go about half way down the page to picnic ants...I am sure you will love those nails! http://robinmosesnailart.blogspot.com/

  21. Your quilt will be such a wonderful reminder of your Nanny! What a great comfort to curl up under!
    Your garden is looking so inviting! I have fond memories of hanging linens on the line for my mother when I was young. I could barely reach the clothesline!

  22. There is nothing like the fresh smell of linens on your bed! I love your little helper there.

  23. Even when relaxing, you are accomplishing something! Your quilt has turned out lovely. Nice to see you enjoying your yard and all of your companions.

  24. Your flower garden is beautiful.

  25. I just adore the quilt...it's so sweet!
    At the ranch we always place our sheets on the line...it really is quite a nice feeling!
    Looks like you are having a very nice summer indeed...

  26. I totally agree with Sumatra's take on things .... Purrrrrfect! ;o)

  27. You are so lucky that your hydrangea are blooming! Ours have not produced one single bloom this year, and I hear that is true for a lot of the country. You can see my garden in July at http://frommycarolinahome.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/july-garden/ - I do a garden update with what's blooming each month, and sometimes more often. Like you, I am interested in a variety of things. I enjoyed your memories with the gingham quilt. Carole @ From My Carolina Home. I'm sure I'm no-reply because Blogspot doesn't like Wordpress, but you can reach me at craftnut at rocketmail dot com.

  28. Your quilt Nannas House is really pretty, yellow gingham is very sweet. Love the pictures from the garden.

  29. "Nanny's House" quilt tribute is lovely and such a loving piece to treasure. Your garden is glorious and I can see how wonderful it would be to sit and stitch your love into this quilt. Sumatra is precious. Summer Breezes and Creative Bliss...

  30. Your garden is a beautiful sanctuary and I can't think of a better place to be quilting those memories on your special gingham quilt.

  31. Your garden looks so peaceful, I can definitely imagine you having a wonderful and quiet time there working on that beautiful quilt! Sumatra's face is so adorable. Shhh....don't tell her I said adorable. I don't think she would like that, tomboy as she is :)


  32. Oh I just want to lounge in your garden with a good book and that beautiful quilt keeping me comfy. And of course with a fur baby on my lap if she will. I love the bird tree and thanks for the peanut holder idea. I'm definitely going to borrow that one for myself.

  33. Having a bit of "me" time this afternoon while Allie is over playing with hubby's great nephew on the swing set. Time to blog a bit. have not blogged in forever it seems. Your quilt turned out fantastic! And your flowers look so pretty. Ours need some rain very badly.

  34. Good morning dear Samm,
    I just read a lot and dip
    each time in a different world ...I come here
    You and your blog since Magical and your garden is a little dream...ein Paradies

    Frogs are gorgeous ... and you've got a lot had.
    The Lady lamps are very nice and fine ..

    To have an international airport is so cute..the little birds love your home ;o)
    Very beautiful bird houses hanging there now.
    Always remember that tree.
    The tree once was, and yet is still there.

    Wish you a wonderful week and a lot of joy
    in everything you do
    Many greetings come to you flown..

  35. What a beautiful, peaceful, joy-filled post you have created! Your gingham quilt is stunning, with all of those special touches you have lovingly added. And I love how you ended it with your beautiful Sumatra breathing in the summer air!!


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