Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WHAT? NO GINGHAM but it is a classic...

I will tell you but today is not the DAY....tune in....it will just break your heart, you will sob, be in shock, maybe even say some unlady words....AND you will be disturbed.... oh yes this news will
have you seeing dots....stars, anything but GINGHAM! 

But TODAY is not the day to share such heroneous news...no not today..

WE are going to be HAPPY....
( I am really trying to be brave here)

Drop in over at Riley Blake Design...
as a member of the Design Time
I created this within hours of my deadline...
YEP, I made it just in time...

As I was taking this photo, I was in about 2 inches of water, my nightie
was soaking up the rain like a sponge...I was quite the site yesterday morning...
What we do for a great shot....
And a detailed TUTORIAL on how YOU too can do this...

Ohhhh and stay tuned...
I have the most disturbing news to share...
NO REALLY soooo sad...such a shocker, I can barely type out the words...

In the MEANTIME...

Ohhhhhh and our Quilted  COTTON Blog hop with Riley Blake is still
( this project I have totally completed) wink...

6/10 - Nancy Zieman
6/17 - Just Let Me Quilt  Carol had a very clever tutorial for 2 bags

6/26 - Sew We Quilt
                       7/8 - Riley Blake Designs

See you soon....If I can manage to pull myself together
I will share very soon....

nope not even a clue...

ps ...OHHH now I have alarmed you all..
please don't worry it is not really BAD...well it is BAD
but we are OK....it is about GINGHAM...
you know how much I love GINGHAM...the news is about GINGHAM...


  1. OH, NO. Not water. Ugh. I am so worried about you. More info, please. I've had such a wonderful day and it kills me to hear this of you... Hugs Mdm Samm.

    1. Your dots are very happy, by the way. Love the bow!

  2. It looks beautiful as always! I pray nothing serious is wrong again! I bought gingham and never would have besides you!

  3. Your foot stool is lovely! Oh the things going through my mind, flood, fire, famine, gingham falling off the wall, sew hope it is not serious but fixable.

  4. Such a happy project, lovelyyy! And I would love to bless you with peace and comfort . But just can send you a warm hug through this post.
    Hugs, Martina

  5. The Foot Stool is just adorable!! If your outdoors standing in water, I can only think and pray that the sad news is outdoors and Not Indoors! Hmmmm, maybe something fixable like someone screwed up a Gingham Order you placed~

    Big Huggs, and Prayers too!!

  6. I am so sorryt!! Please take care of yourself.


  7. Ah, I hate these kind of posts - what ever the shake up - I hope you and DH are well and sending hugs and prayers.

  8. Such a beautiful foot stool. Funnily enough reminds me of the hat Madonna wore in one of her earliest videos (Like a Virgin...???), but smiles aside...nerved up now...have a class all day today, but will check in again later to see what's what. Praying you are all okay...how much more can one take...no floods...please?!

  9. Now you frightened me, Samm, but perhaps it will make you a little bad less sad or more happy to know that your CUP just arrived this morning at my place.... I will repack it and send it on Friday over the big pond..... are you feeling less sad? Pleaseeeeee

  10. Your footstool and bow are adorable! Floods and now gingham....what's this world coming to! Lol

  11. The footstool is so cute and dots compliment gingham well! You have us all worried, water, and floods, and no gingham... OH MY! Seriously though hugs and prayers sent your way. I'm praying it's just a little bump in the road and not a deep pothole!

  12. The photo of your well dressed footstool with the flowers in the happy mug on top does bring a smile to my face. But my thoughts quickly turn to concern. Not another flood ... oh, dear ... {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}} ... Pat

  13. So glad to hear the bad news is not really so bad! Your tabouret is adorable!

  14. Working under pressure does the trick sometimes. Love the footstool.

  15. This does not sound good at all. The footstool is absolutely darling.

  16. Water??? Again???? Lets just hope the hose was left running...like I did here last week. LOL!! What an adorable footstool!

  17. Water? Ditto the comments above. Love the footstool but hoping for better news regarding the soaked nightie.

  18. Very cool looking foot stool you have there darlink. I had a mug like that when the smiley face first became popular.

  19. Not again! I'm behind in reading as usual lately but will forage on to see what has been happening in your world.


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