Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Plans while I get ready to SEE you in SEPTEMBER....

Hello Peeps
Gosh I hope you are staying cool
or warm as the other side of our earth is experiencing winter
.....I have a lot of things planned this summer....

I am working on a DOLL pattern for you all for a future blog hop called
'"You're a DOLL"
What you may like about this doll is her clothes are parts of her body...
As expected from any patterns I have created
there will be plenty of photos...

Can you think of some people in your life
whom you would like to make a doll for?

we were out today and we kept slowing down to our neighbouring farmers
for natures candy....
Now of course our dear herd here were only sweet in nature...
but they did slow us down so we could stop and pick up
some berries..

These will be for shortcake dessert tonight...

And while supper is marinating and potatoes are getting ready for a salad...
I will keep stitching my Gingham Heart ...I chose this lovely yellow merino and silk
wool to do the background...This will be a new top of a foot stool for 

Shari tells me we have quite a line up..
so if you are interested, let her know soon
before she finalizes the schedule...

*I'm also working on my Gingham Quilt...because Gingham Matters to me...because I need something to warm my lap in my sewing studio during the cooler months ahead...and it is possible I have a realllll issue with the thought RBD could possibly stop producing some... I just can't go there...lol

I still had some trim from a bed skirt that my Nanny had on her bed...
I thought why not incorporate it into my gingham quilt..
it is looking soooooo fine....

And I had some company of course...I took this shot while I was sipping some ice tea.
Funny thing, is I left the room for just a second to shut the timer off for the potatoes
Sumatra was sipping my tea too lol


* I am working on a WEAVE tote that will also be a future hop and it will be filled with many coloured photos....... " La Belle Sac" -pretty bag.  
ohhhh I just know some of you will be thrilled for this wee adventure
in weaving .....wink...

 AND for those few hundred who have been waiting for the TUTORIAL 
on the Gingham WALLS...

*I have completed the tutorial on all the steps on how to paint Gingham Walls...( that will be available really soon)  The paint company is even looking at some gift certificates for some of the actual paint.


I plan on learning my new Cameo Silhouette.  I will be designing
 some appliques that I have sketched over the years....

And because I don't think that will be enough to keep me busy
while travelling this summer....

I have this in mind....

Have you ever been in  a JAM when it comes to finessing your applique...?

 Do you want to be a a Stitching QUEEN? I certainly do and I don't think there is anyone out there but Cori from  Chitter Chatter Designs...
who can lead us onto the thrown with such class and finesse...

She is providing us all the tutorials and patterns for FREE, and upon closer look of her tutorials she shows us every step to get the same results as her FINE PIECES OF STITCHING ART!

So from the comfort of your home, you will have all the lessons and patterns to create a lovely runner or border for a FOODIE quilt....So if you are wanting to learn something new this summer...

Join me with Cori ......and we will see you in SEPTEMBER...

So there you have it...
These are my plans..

Have you put together a list of things or projects
you would like to conquer this summer..

If soooooo 
we will see you in SEPTEMBER.

Next week RUSH HOUR blog hop will be announced..

June 5 - Jedi Craft Girl

June 10 - Nancy Zieman

June 12 - The Sassy Quilter

June 17 - Just Let Me Quilt

June 19 - Simple Simon & Co

June 24 - Haberdashery Fun

June 26 - Sew We Quilt

July 1 - Jina Barney Designz check on Jina today


  1. Ahhhh cute doll and all the other eye candy!

  2. Oh my gosh, I need to get busy! Not that I'm competitive or anything, but I can tell I need to start thinking a little deeper about what my summer plans are. Cute stuff!

  3. Oh I would love to make a doll. So many things that you are planning I am sure I will be busy after the summer.

  4. The doll is great, your room is wonderful. Like your gingham heart. Now I need to get busy.

  5. Oh my...lots of plans here! Your doll is too cute, and your cross stitch and gingham with the lace are so pretty. Sounds like a busy summer coming up. Enjoy!

  6. My goodness but you are holding steady at staying ahead of the game! Please take care of you as you matter!

  7. Your doll is adorable! I can think of quite a few girls that would love one of them. Thank you for sharing her with us all.

  8. Wow, you do have big plans. I'm making wedding favors and table decor. I love the doll and...well, I love it all. Have a great summer.

  9. Boy you have a lot going on now don't you!! I just finished doing a bit of painting. My laundry room is now a lovely shade of green. Can't wait for the tutorial. :) I have several other room that need a fresh coat.

  10. Perfect summer - comfy food and beautiful stitchery!! You did make me a little jealous with mention of strawberry shortcake. My itty bitty new strawberry plants produced the tiniest strawberries, perfect for doll house shortcakes. Oh, My Charlie drinks tea too, isn't that funny! LOL!!


  11. You room is great, Sumatra is lovely and I just love your fobs :-))
    I am busy cooking and preserving, my sewing room needs some attention, but at the moment I hardly have time to work with needles and yarn, busy with cherries and mangoes...
    Thanks for the patterns from Cori, I just downloaded them, I will do am preserve quilt in winter time!
    I dont't know if I will do a doll, I never had one, so I have to think hard about the doll hop.....
    Take care, Samm, and enjoy summertime!

  12. It sounds like a great summer for you. I love the gingham heart and your doll looks so cute.

  13. Oh me, Oh My! It's a Good thing I haven't hit the competitive edge yet, and know where this Novice stands!! These Projects are gorgeous!! Yes, I want to make a Doll!! Love Dolls, have them everywhere but the Main Rooms of the house. When it comes to Fabric...so many similarities.. I have drawers of vintage Lace edgings, and Lace. Your quilt is going to be so comfy and full of memories!! I'll hand stitch along, a little different project though. I looked at Beautiful Cori's, I admire her so.

    Oh Yes, I CAN Cut, I received a Beautiful ErgoCutter and unique Templates in the Mail on Saturday. Martelli Notions gifted me these with the NEW SEWING MACHINE I WON, and will be here on Thursday!! Just sew excited!!
    How was your delectable Strawberry Shortcake??
    I hope you have a Beautiful Day!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  14. Lots of wonderful creations happening at your house and you definitely have the makings for a busy, beautiful summer, Samm.
    Happy Canada Day!

  15. Your new sewing room looks just incredible. No one does Gingham like you do! ;-) Doesn't sound like your taking much time off this summer. So many new things for us on the horizon. Can't wait!

  16. I've been stalking Cori's applique lessons for awhile...the fruits are darling. I need to make a list! Enjoy every minute of your summer! Looking forward to fun things this fall.

  17. Cute doll! You have been really busy...Thank you for your hard work.
    Happy 4th

  18. That's quite a line up of activities for the summer but just a little hill for a climber like you! I am looking forward to seeing all the projects! And the vintage lace on the gingham oh my! Love, love, love it.

  19. Happy Canada Day busy lady! I love your doll! So much to look at, your gingham heart is coming along nicely, and I love that you have the trim from your Nanny's linens. Have fun with that Cameo Silhouette, you can master anything!

  20. DOLLS! Can not wait! Long before quilting....I was the dollmaker and it's been way too long since I've made a new friend....looking forward to that hop!!!!

  21. Oh my, your doll is wonderful, can't wait for the pattern! WOW, lucky Nancy winning a new sewing machine!

  22. Wow, quite the lineup. Gonna have to get busy, you sure are a hard act to follow lol. Weaving a bag, hmmm, curiosity aroused...some of those strips have been pinked, but some very definitely look torn...hmmm...the courage! Working on my list, checking it twice, I'm sure glad everyone is sew nice! Whoops, looks like I need more coffee ;)

  23. Sew sweet! All your projects are looking very interesting! Thanks for the link to Cori's patterns ... :) Pat

  24. I LOVE making dolls! I have so much fun with them!! Can't wait for the hop!
    Your other projects are also great! The gingham quilt will be so special with your Nanny's beautiful handwork added.
    Love the applique, too!

  25. Goodness Samm - I thought you were going to rest this summer. You're not! Lots of things to do and think about....blessings, marlene

  26. LOVE the doll! Can't wait to sign up!

  27. I love the cows on your blog !! Your post is like "PEACHES and CREAM"...LOL do ya get it !

  28. oh yeah! Would love to make that doll! and look at sweet, innocent Sumatra! LOVE IT...

  29. I am sooo looking forward to the doll hop and I loooove that doll! I definitely want to make one for me.:-)

  30. What a fabulous doll! You never stop amazing me Samm!
    Those cows are just so darn cute. I would love to pet their heads and feed them a treat.

  31. Good morning Samm,
    your doll is great..
    You have a special style, I love it
    The many fotos are so beautiful..
    Thanks for your visit on my blog
    Have a nice day.
    Many greetings
    Swaani ( I loves the fall and winter) ;-)


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