Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Yesterday upon receiving fabric for my next project I was 
deflated with one PRICK of these words..
"WE are thinking of retiring our GINGHAM LINE"

This is RILEY BLAKE DESIGNS..thinking of retiring 
Tellllll me this isn't so....?

YES SADLY this is true....
But they have not pulled the PLUG YET...

I am only one person saying this....
and as much as you know I am pretty gingham obsessed
my sewing studio without GINGHAM fabric...
welll I may as well say goodbye to sewing...

I WE need your HELP....

WE cannot let Riley Blake DESIGNS retire 
a classic like their GINGHAM COLLECTION. 

Now Imagine LIFE WITHOUT these.....
I just cannot imagine...makes me tear up...

This is my next project on my to do list..

Turn this pile of RBD GINGHAM collection and Classics...
into one of these.

It will look like this without ANTS and PICNIC TIME
will be replaced with
yes to me it does..

I grew up with this lady..My NANNY...she too loved yellows
and gingham check out her ensemble...She had so much style
and grace ...certainly my passion for anything gingham 
stems from a lifetime of lovely memories....
 This photo by the way was taken almost 25 years ago!


If you feel the same as all of our gingham lovers out there...
here is what you can do..

ORDER some GINGHAM FABRIC from your Fabric SHOPs....
GET them to order BOLTS OF GINGHAM....

 YOU then will CREATE something for 

and speaking of GINGHAM 
 has a great tutorials 
 on smocking with
chicken scratch with gingham
elastic shirring with gingham....

more details about this hop later this week...

But a summary of it will look like this....

CREATE 3 PROJECTS over the summer to showcase in our 

ONE OF THESE projects will have to be RBD GINGHAM...
the other projects can be anything, small, large, paper projects, 
anything you have done over the summer...

( stay tuned for the rest of the details by the weekend) 

And on a side note...YESTERDAY we took a quick 6 hour round trip across the border
for some JIF peanut Butter....I had no idea we lost our JIF during the flood...
thought we still had some...It was too late to order some from  my ladies.
DAVID needed some NOW...so we went across the border and purchased enough
for a couple months wink....I love the 4 pound can....

and this sign I found in a local HOBBY LOBBY where the superstore was in Lewiston...
never was in HOBBY LOBBY, could have done some serious damage...
but only had 15 minutes to shop..it was 97 degrees yesterday, not safe to be out
toooo long...

It speaks for itself.... it is already on my GINGHAM WALLS in my sewing studio! 

SOOOOO GINGHAM lovers are you with me......?


reminder to PLACE BUTTON on your BLOG
we have to save GINGHAM...or I quit lol

Let's keep celebrating GINGHAM...


  1. Jif is my fav brand but I sure don't have to travel too far to find it. 6 hour round trip for peanut butter---oh my!

    You must be quite crestfallen about that announcement. Surely something can be done to persuade them otherwise---gingham and dots ARE claassics!

    I believe I can easily come up with the three items thing but will wait for more details. I could start calculating up the yardage in the meantime.

  2. We can do this, yes we can!!! If Rosie the Riveter can do we can too! Hmmmm..... a project in the making.... maybe?

  3. RBD has the best gingham fabric! The quality is so much better than anywhere else, so I'll force myself to go to a quilt store to buy some. It will be a hardship to go shopping, but I'll sacrifice and go just to save the gingham!

  4. Yes, I also would like to buy Gingham in the years to come.
    I made a little baby quilt with gingham and white....for my new grandchild to be born late July or early August... :-)
    Its a different producer, but anyway, I would love to buy the real one....
    Need to got on the Net and find the fabrics.
    regards from Ingrid

  5. Me who never buys Gingham bought three yards of RBD Gingham about 3 weeks ago! Must have known it was coming! Anything for you my dear friend! By September my life will be my own again, school will be in, and 18 mths, wild child will be home with here parents! We can do this together!

  6. Oh Yeppers we CAN do this! Just let me find some online Shops with RBD Ginghams, I saw on their website they have Aqua, Red, Navy lets see where I can buy them!! Gotta have JIF, it's the only one that taste good and everything you bake with this Brand turns out perfect, the other Brands...not so much.
    Huggs, Nancy

  7. What, no more RBD Gingham, but I haven't had the opportunity to buy any yet, and to rave about the impeccable quality! For shame!

  8. I love gingham! Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite stores and I always spend way too much money there!

  9. We buy two brands of peanut butter at my house - a no name brand for hubby because he thinks its the best and Jif for me because I'm the smart one in this family. :) Hobby Lobby is awesome - do you know about the 40% off coupon you can get on your phone (it's an app on Iphone)? As for gingham well good grief, are they crazy? Gingham is a staple....like bread and milk. Quilters unite! blessings, marlene

  10. I love GINGHAM, I can't buy bolts of it, but I will definitely be putting some Riley Blake gingham in my shopping cart!

  11. You have to do what you have to do to get your peanut butter fix. LOL I never saw a 4-pound can of peanut butter of any brand! Thanks for the chuckle today.

    Why in the world would RBD retire gingham? I mean, come on now, it's a classic ... just like stripes and polka dots! Because you've been so faithful to the RBD gingham, they should send you a bolt of every color. Now wouldn't that be awesome?

    Save RBD gingham ... YES WE CAN!

  12. Oh I love gingham and I will definitely have to order some. Jif peanut butter huh? I am not a fan of Jiff or Skippy, for some reason I like the local grocery store brand and we go through a lot of it.

  13. How can they think that way????? YES!!

  14. No gingham, is like having jelly with no peanut butter. So on board with this!

  15. Yes, we will do our best to keep the gingham from going away. As for peanut butter, I am a crunchy girl.

  16. I do like gingham and seeing it a lot on your blog has made like it more. Love your coffee sign. I absolutely love Hobby Lobby and have down some damage there over the years. lol

  17. I have the button on my blog! I hate to see ANY fabric discontinued, but gingham is a CLASSIC!
    Your Nanny is a gorgeous lady! She reminds me of my grandmother in many ways, including looks and classiness. Mine will be 106 in August!

  18. I just ordered some yesterday!!!! So glad I can help.

  19. Humm, now you have the wheels turning in my head. Gingham it is! LOL.. And I live on peanut butter. Jif is my favorite! ;-)

  20. I love gingham and have never tried RBD gingham, but I'm going to now. Count me in for the blog hop, Is this where we sign up? I've got ideas!

  21. Just ordered a FQ-Bundle :-)) We will rock gingham for the next Hop, oooooh yeah!

  22. Lovely, lovely picture of your Nanny, so Petite like my Mimmie. Was she French too? Thanks for sharing this precious picture with us!! I eas out comparing different Manufacturers to day of Gingham. No comparison to the RBD Gingham. Others are more sheer, lightweight and see through. One of our shops, a big one too. Only had the Red/White small Gingham. I took it to the counter and asked where the rest of the RBD Ginghams were. That was it! I told her, she better Order more they are thinking of retiring the line. Now let me tell you, there was a Shop Hop going on so there were many in the Store when I went to the counter to inquire. After I mentioned 'thinking of retiring the line', it got a little quiet in there~

    Huggs, Nancy

  23. I purchased several yards today at the International Quilt Show here in Chicago. Got the campaign started.

  24. Yes defiently save the gingham count me in

  25. Samm, I love your passion! I've got a stash of RBD gingham, of course I love it! And who couldn't love it after that adorable "Gingham Style" video?

  26. that video almost made me cry i laughed so hard! Good luck with the campaign! goooooo RBD GINGHAM!

  27. I'm sure you can make them change their mind with the help of all of your friends.


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