Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nostalgia and yes some garden shots! ( lots of photos)

When I was a teen, we had this friend of the family whom I adored..
never having had an uncle and especially an officer of the law..
he was an O.P.P. Ontario Provincial Police, his name was Rick-
we became fast friends. He did not have children at the time
so he kind of adopted me. Today we would think that is soooo weird
but in those days, my family adored this man, and he was good to so many
of my friends....He would call and ask if I was hungry for a burger, he was picking
up a few other teens and he wanted to take us to A and W....
 ( funny how it never occurred  to any of us, we never paid for anything..
he would always let us have what we wanted.....who does that?)

 AND.....who says NO to that!

Soooo my memories are very nostalgic....I actually ended up working at an A and W drive-in. 
The ones where you placed the trays on the windows that were cranked down..
Rick ended up owning one, he loved it so much...
So of course many of my friends all got jobs those 4 summers as we prepared
for college and university.  

So when I heard we were getting an A - W in our small town,
I shared with David we just have to go to one and see if it is the same
as I remember....

                    WELLLLLLLLL.....we are both Registered Nutritionists, we don't do fast food,
EVER...welll at least never until last week...

David smiled all the time we were there....thank goodness there
were few people there...he was worried that somebody would see us..

Silly man, he forgets I have a blog and a camera ...wink...

Now that is nostalgia, look 1956....still all the same colours...

Same heavy reallll glass root beer MUGS...frosted they were...
David had some ice tea, I who never drinks POP had a root beer...
I don't remember it being that sweet...but still very satisfying...

Don't you just love the little basket for the Fries?
This was my order a TEEN, now that was the same as I remember...

David had a chicken burger with sweet potato fries...

and yes we almost finished it all....
And we purchased our mugs to take home....

They even had this sign as we left....OF course until ours is built
we may have to drop in again....for NOSTALGIA sake....

This is where I will be today....look, my birds arrived..this great artist 
from Israel designed them..they are just perfect....
And my fav view in the morning besides the garden of course
is the breeze catching my swiss dot sheers...

Speaking of Gardens...our Peonies are in full bloom..
and yes more white...

and some Dahlias, also white in our new patch of garden..

This has allll been dug up and new plants added...on the left side of our garden...
it is sooo welcoming...and within weeks will be blooming with snowball hydrangeas...

Sumatra could not wait to get under this lilac bush..one of her
fav places these days...

Our veggie garden is blooming with many varieties of lettuce
and Brussels sprouts and broccoli...I  noted this morning many heads
of broccoli just being formed by nature..

Sumatra is actually watching  David reading a book...it was a perfect shot with 
her newly painted water dish...

We just picked up these lovely containers filled with white and soft yellow blossoms
on the weekend from our local nursery...
perfect for our desk...in the foreground, is a lady holding an umbrella waiting
for the blue jays to come and get some peanuts...

I don't remember our garden being sooo luscious...

Mother Nature is being gentle with us this year..

To a lovely summer...
see you again..maybe at a nearby A - W.

 I have been busy with taken photos for my turn tomorrow..
I am thrilled to show you what I made out of RBD newest collection
of Quilted Cotton...

6/10 - Nancy Zieman
6/17 - Just Let Me Quilt  Carol had a very clever tutorial for 2 bags

6/26 - Sew We Quilt
                       7/8 - Riley Blake Designs


  1. A&W is one of my nostalgic soft spots too. My mom even worked at one in Pasco, WA. Thankfully my Pittsburgh bred husband had A&W history too. It was one of the places his family would visit on their summer trips west. They were frugal campers and rarely ate out so it was a huge treat and just the sight of that orange sign makes him swoon. We live in GA now and took our young sons to one on a western trip when they were little. They loved the little mugs. Shortly after that A&W had a revival and they even opened a combo KFC/A&W in Augusta. I guess there was not enough nostalgia in Augusta and the A&W side shortly folded. Or maybe too many of us with memories just don't do the fast food/soda type of dining anymore. Guilty...but I would down a frosty mug on a special occasion! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Gayle...as you are a no reply blogger i could not answer your sweet note...A& W do very well here in Canada...I always see them in my travels but always in small towns...not sure why that is...and yes a frosty mug just has sooo much affect on us doesn't it?

  2. I was an "Army brat"...so when my Dad was in Vietnam, we were living in Okinawa...we had to drive up this huge steep hill to get to our A&W burger place...and yes, they served it at the car on the window too! I LOVED and still LOVE the rootbeer although there isn't one close to us anymore...
    Your garden is beautiful...So peaceful...
    Question for you...I recently went on a livestyle change of sorts to lose 40 lbs. I am almost at my goal, but am a little worried that I am not getting enough real nutrients... I eat mostly salad and no dressings...some chicken. No white anything. Lots of water...no vitamins...not sure what to take.
    Do you have a book out there for sale that covers some of those items?

  3. Thanks for bring up some fun memories My mom was a cook at the A & W and my sister was a car hop and my brother sued to go around and clean the parking lot with a nail on the end of a old hockey stick to make some fun money. They used to make the root-beer on site and we could watch the mixer gut make the magic happen. Very impressive when you are just a kid.
    Have a great day
    institchesandseams@hotmail.ca in stitches

  4. Love the nostalgia. A and W root beer was my favorite. I don't drink soda any more. It's too sweet. Every once in a while, but still, too sweet. Your garden is lovely. Did I see Hostas in the back in that one shot? Can't grow them here, deer eat them down to nothing before they ever get too big. Love all the white flowers.

  5. First visit to A&W for me was in Ontario with my sister. Boy what a treat. Never really liked rootbeer till that visit. None better! Your garden looks just lovely. Love Sumatra's water bowl...too cute. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  6. Like your other readers, I find most pop too sweet but don't mind a frosted mug of A & W treat once in a long while. And yes the burgers do taste just like we remember. The little one in our town, Brockville has the music from the era as well and when I look around, the patrons are mostly from our time but the staff are all young high schoolers. Makes me smile every time. But since I'm confessing to you, remember, I said once in a LONG while. tee hee.

  7. I' am afraid that I would have to have a root beer float! Your mug and some A & W would be the perfect combo. It is hotter than nine shades of hell down here in Alabama and all I can think of lately is ice cream. I rarely ever have any and well, I am a Diet Dr. Pepper girl but down to one can a day. At this point I don't know whether to drink something like that or pour it on me in hopes of cooling down, LOL.

    What a lovely day with your sweetheart!

  8. Although I'm not a root beer fan, I sure love it in a tall frosty mug! We still have a few A & W's and they are a fun treat. Love your garden photos and the new birds in your sewing room. Life looks enjoyable both inside and outside!

  9. Oh Yes, We grew up with the Car Hop style A&W Restaurants. Oh what a treat we just loved them! It was the Foot Long Chili Dogs for us, so amazing how they made those long Hot Dogs when your a kid. Now a days only when we Travel(Road Trips) do we see them, and they are Restaurant style and it's Diet for me. Your Garden is Gorgeous!! We just had the Granddaughters over for a Picnic Lunch in the Back yard, and of course what we set up all had to be reorganized to their liking...just fine by me. Then they had to have their Chocolate Cake dessert in the Princess Fairie Castle, no crumbs. Still some to go then will have the yard to my Liking.....as I am doing it I will be thinking of yours!

    Huggs, Nancy

  10. When we were in high school, the one who could drive took us to the A & W in Flint. Always have to have root beer, and those chili dogs, well they were the best. Still absolutely love the root beer.

  11. Your garden is looking so beautiful.

  12. Always loved having root beer in a real glass mug. It always tastes better that way. Love your little birds flying all along the walls, soo pretty, along with your gorgeous garden.

  13. Hi Mdm Samm - Loved the pics. Kitty is so pretty, her front leg looks backwards in the photo :) I guess all that snow that lasted forever gave you a beautiful garden. I saw a panel to sew like your black doll on the top of your cabinet. I thought of you as soon as I saw it. :) I think I'll go back and buy it tomorrow. They had a bunch of those panels like that with other dolls and aprons. I have a bunch of apron panels to sell when I get around to posting them. I bought a Janome Coverpro 1000 CPX today with a wonderful sew steady table, can't wait to play, but mostly bought it to sell it. Thanks for the pics!

  14. I am sew jealous of your small town,lol! In my small town, A&W closed yearsssssss ago, but I remember it had been my teenage hangout! Your veggie garden looks wonderful. It is so hot and dry here that you could pick and it would cook before you got got it inside.

  15. We had at least a couple of A&Ws in Windsor, Ont. They were car hops, not restaurants. We may have tried eating at them once - my family wasn't big into eating out, and I don't think we were impressed with the burgers. I live in British Columbia now, and we have one in Cache Creek where I live. I has a great 50's theme going with it, but now I am a vegetarian and even less inclined to eat there. But it's still a nice addition to the community and is always busy with the travelling public as well as local traffic. The A&W Root Bear always makes an appearance at our annual Graffiti Days classic car reunion!

  16. What an incredible haven your summer garden is! So lovely. And I remember getting little mini frosted mugs of root beer at the A&W Drive In with my family on occasion. Around here, Friday night has always been movie night, and most often accompanied by homemade root beer floats. We've tried other brands, like the times that the grocery store runs out on a Friday night, but A&W has spoiled us forever. As a kit, I was a car hop for my first town job when I was 16. Those were the days!

  17. Samm I never see A&W's here anymore but I do remember the wonderful icy cold root beer - delicious. Jerry still loves a root beer float so whenever we run across a place that offers them he gets excited. :) Your garden is wonderful. I can never get lettuce to look like that! blessings, marlene

  18. Oh my goodness, A&W! Root beer floats are the best thing EVER! One of the comfort foods of my childhood. The best part is that they were my grandpa's favorite too! So, there were a lot of sneaky trips to A&W together :)

  19. A&W - my favorite place. I found one in upstate New York when my son was in his early teens, so he was able to experience a root beer float. I have also stopped drinking soda several years ago, but if I found an A&W, I'd definitely get a root beer float! We have beer mugs like the A&W mugs and have always kept them in the freezer-frosted mugs are great for so many drinks!

  20. I have great memories about A&W, too, and I can almost taste that frosty mug of rootbeer just looking at your photo. Yum! Beautiful flowers and kitty!

  21. What great memories! I remember A & W root beer floats!
    Your garden is absolutely gorgeous! I love the lady with the umbrella AND Sumatra's bowl! How adorable!

  22. Your garden and sewing room is looking beautiful. An A&W root beer float was always an extra special favorite treat of mine as a child.. I cannot remember the last time I was at an A&W. There are none anywhere near me now. Enjoy! ... :) Pat

  23. One of my first jobs was at an A & W. The manager had wandering hands and harassed all the young females who worked there. He tried touching me once but I wan't afraid of him and didn't care if he fired me. He left me alone after that. How things have changed. Sadly the Ricks of the world would be looked down on for such questionable behavior as taking a young girl out for a burger. Your garden is almost as beautiful as Sumatra.

  24. Your pictures are making me hungry. We visited our A&W a lot in high school. Had a sweet date there once. Your room looks complete & your garden is so lovely. Looks like a super fun day for all.

  25. I remember our first visit to the A&W was in another province...and we loved it! Lovely garden pics...your white peonies are wonderful!

  26. You know the Smoky Chipotle sauce that comes with the Sweet Potato Fries? Try mixing in a little ketchup - then dipping - it's so good!!!! I'm a big A & W fan, too! (love the Teen Burger, and the new Buddy Burgers with the grilled onions on them!

  27. Rosemary B here
    Wow I enjoyed reading every word of this post
    I love eating burgers and fries. We have a place called Melt here in Leesburg
    I t is so yummy. Now I want to go there
    I will try to remember to check your bloggie tomorrow
    I love your room and lovely Sumatra and your flowers I have a Lot too, mostly zinnias
    Love always

  28. I love reminiscing about the good old days and the good times we had at the local drive ins and burger joints. We had King Frosty and Frosty Inn. I don't remember an A&W in our area. I don't like the taste of root beer but my baby sister and Miss Allie can drink you under the table. lol

    Those birds are the perfect finishing touch to your new sewing studio!

  29. Oh that looks like it was fabulous. I love sweet potato fries. We don't have A & W here either but maybe someday.


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