Thursday, June 19, 2014

Helllllllllooooo 9 needed to RUSH HOUR ( studioefabrics)


Is your heart already pumping?
Do you feel the need for perhaps a cup of coffee?
TEA, a shot of something stronger...?

This is what I call a NORMAL DAY in my life......

Here is  a brand new collection not even in the stores yet...
HOWEVER 9 of you will be receiving this whole collection...

YOU can click on each one for even more detail....

STUDIO E FABRICS and I have been
 chatting about this collection since January of this year..

This hop called RUSH HOUR ( after the collection) will be on our 
schedule for mid September...it will be in the stores in JULY ...

And you know STUDIO E FABRICs  gets me...no they do...
MY favourite colours...RED, BLACK, WHITE and GRAY.

Are they your COLOURS?
Can you think of something OUTSTANDING to create with them?
Can you? Well no RUSH but 9 LADIES who get to me with
some EXCITING PROJECT idea on what to do with this collection..

all 17 fat quarters, sent directly to you from their office. 

Details to follow for everyone else with the next couple of weeks...

I already have an idea in mind and I am rushing to get it into a design...

Here is a list of stores that are carrying this collection....
Rainbow’s End
941 Broadway Street
Dunedin, Florida

The Cozy Quilter
12204 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY

Monica’s Quilts & Beads
77-780 Country Club Drive
Suite c&d
Palm Desert, Ca

The Bernina Connection
4219 E. Indian School
Phoenix AZ

Quilter’s Cupboard
706 SW 3rd street
Ankeny, IA

Material Girl Quilt Shoppe
535 West Douglas #140
Wichita, KS

Over The Rainbow
740 Micheal Way
Camano Island, WA

Q-First In Quilting
4383 Old Harrodsburg Road
Suite 130
Lexington, KY

Keepsake Quilting
New Hampshire

State Road 5
Shipshewana, IN

Pinetree Quilt Shop
224 North Broadway
Salem, NH

The Quilting Squares
1911 Columbia Avenue
Franklin, TN

Fabric Corner
783 Massachusetts Avenue
Arlington, MA

Sew Today
700 NW Gilman Blvd.
Suite #172
Issaquah, WA

And for all those who participate
we will have some lovely giveaways too! 

Tick tock tick tock..
Who is feeling RUSHED enough to create
something for mid SEPTEMBER.....

All of our ladies who were chosen
based on past creations have all been contacted..
WE thank you all and there were many of you...
( over 16,331 offers to sew with this RUSH HOUR collection)
who had such delightful ideas...

This hop will be in reds and blacks, greys and whites..
if you decide to purchase fabrics from this sponsor
they would certainly appreciate it...
However we will leave that up to you....
more details to follow next week...

OUR fall will certainly be colourful thanks to 
all of you who will be participating..

Those who do will have many more chances
of getting fabric bundles before our hops...

PS Those who have our SAVE Gingham button on their blog will most certainly be considered .as our top choices....I really cannot do this alone....


  1. Lady, I am always on the rush and will join this hop for sure :-)

  2. This almost has a "mad men" feel to me. I think it would be fun to create something that feels 50's or 60's with it.

  3. No stores near me in Illinois :( I love love love the people rushing around scene and the timepieces in it too. And the text/lettering/numbers are also a nice "filler" design.

    1. hi no reply blogger...please leave an email if you wish to be considered....thanks so much

  4. These colors definitely speak to me. Can't wait for September to arrive!

    1. hi no reply blogger...please leave an email if you wish to be considered....thanks so much

  5. Love these fabrics! I need to make my hubby a lunch bag, and my sons could use lunch bags too, this line is perfect for men!

  6. As soon as I saw the fabrics, a quilt popped into my head ... I'd love to rejoin your hops by making a quilt from them.

  7. I've never done a hop before but red black and grey has to my number one fabric colors plus I LOVE coffee :). I have the perfect quilt pattern for that fabric. I would love to be considered.

  8. These are awesome...love the morning coffee and the 5 o'clock commuters. Can see some cutie small projects. Can't wait to see what you develop with them!

  9. There could be a good looking quilt made from these gorgeous fabrics! And from the leftovers there might be a purse or tote.

  10. Oooo, nice fabric! My brain is working right this minute on what could be made with this fabric. Can't wait for September!

  11. I know exactly what I would make with these awesome fabrics...a crazy quilt which would feature all of the fabrics...instead of hand embroidery I would quilt it with big stitch quilting instead with perle thread...I can just picture it now...please put me in for the draw please....

  12. Now how did they know those were your colors, lol! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

  13. Let's see, things are floating around in my mind. It looks like a lot of fun! Looking forward.

  14. Fabulous fabrics! I love just about any fabric with text or numbers on it. I'm seeing some techie kinds of things....laptop case....ereader case...crossover bag.....and of course a quilt or wall hanging. Lots of possibilities!

  15. Loving this fabric!!! I would like to sew some office storage supplies with the fabrics, including, but not limited to wall pockets or wall files, etc. cdahlgren at live dot com

  16. I'd like make a number of gifts with the fabric - bags etc.

  17. I think some fun accessories would be awesome for this collection. Please consider me. I've got some things going in my head :-)

  18. It would have to be a busy quilt, with lots of steps and activity. Love the designs and colours!

  19. oh ........I see some great pieces for an office and sewing room!!!!

  20. Thinking, thinking, maybe some designs for the kitchen?! I have a few things that need to be covered! Love this line!

  21. OMGosh I love this fabric. I have GOT to get my hands on it!!

  22. This is totally the coolest black, red and white/gray fabric I have seen all year! Please pick me!

  23. Oh I am soo ready for this hop. I love these fabrics. My problem is deciding which pattern to make what. I am leaning toward something for my spare room. It would go great in there.

  24. I love these prints! For reason I can't quite explain (since you know I'm a quilt girl) these fabrics say "bag" to me. Maybe a fun messenger bag with matching Kindle cover and wallet. My creative juices are already flowing so I'll just say "Pick me! Pretty Please!" Beth @ Words & Stitches, aka pbstrand@msn.com

  25. Oh what fun! Love all of the prints and your clock image is ticking away images in my head :) :) September here we come .... tick tock, tick tock!

  26. Love, love, love the collection! Can't wait 'till I can get my hands on it!

  27. Fun things for the working gal and guy - lap top carrier, portfollio carrier, wallet, clutch, over the shoulder bag, tie (does anyone wear a bow tie?). hair bow

  28. I think it would make a great manly or college quilt to give away and a sewing machine cover would be great too!! Such great fabrics!!

  29. The coffee material is totally speaking to me. I always go into my kiddos room in the morning and tell they Wakey! Wakey! Love that material. I see several ideas, the gears are turning in this brain of mine. And I am always in a rush, so this is totally up my alley. :)

  30. I am so Organizing my life and the value of every minute in it!! I see a system of a Organizational Project I've had in Mind! Geesch, even a Fabric for Coffee Breaks and how I spend those minutes, where do I put those thoughts....Oh you would have to wait and see ;)

    Huggs, Nancy

  31. Sounds fun! I love rush hour since I retired from the commuters chaos! I love these fabrics! Colors and prints are calling my name. I have some ideas "rushing" thru my head by the "hour". Hope you will consider me...I won't disappoint you! Thanks Madame Samm!

  32. I'm thinking placemats. Great for the breakfast table to get the day off to a good start!

  33. oh my what a cute fabric line. And it it talking to me, it's my life, I'm always in a hurry to get nowhere... wait I mean in a hurry to get a project done for a blog hop. Love the colors too! Who wouldn't! Rest assured I have some ideas whirling around in my head!

  34. I'm in the planing stage of a quilt challenge with some friends. We must use a page from a magazine as inspiration. I've chosen an ad from Mad Men. Rush Hour fabrics would work perfectly in my design!

    1. hellllo Susan...you are a no reply blogger...please leave a note with email to be considered..your link to blog ...welll there was nothing there ...to leave you a note

  35. The fabric is awesome! I was thinking along the lines of a bag or case, something to be used by a busy exec.....something with pockets and a place to slip in files, but also a place to slip in a very light throw for over the knees for those business meetings in freezing board rooms, but is light a small enough to pack up and take along. The fabrics would give a sophisticated look and the design could be speak as well. Pick me! Pick me!

  36. Oh my gosh, what fun! I love these graphic prints...and I can just see a moose throwing a wrench into any rush hour! LOL!!

  37. Wow...I love the colors...I am thinking a great weekend retreat bag with lots of pockets and spaces for gadgets, etc. And 2 of my all time favorites stores are going to be carrying the fabric. I know they will be waiting for the hurry up and rush order:0) and I need an adrenaline rush. Looking forward to it.

  38. How fun! And the fabrics are gorgeous!

  39. Great fabrics!!! My projects take me a lot of time, so I have no chance to do this before others:)
    Have a nice weekend, my Dear!!!

  40. Oh, I do love this fabric. I'm always fighting the clock and this looks "so me". Please consider me for this hop. I've had something in mind for this since I heard about the fabric. I've already pre-booked it! That's a little hair lingo...wink.

  41. WOW. My colors for sure. Hmm. Could make a quilt to lay over the couch in the family room that is so near my kitchen with red/white/black and they add some kitchy stuff to tie it together. Let's hear it for red!

  42. Nice look, I think I would work on a new tote bag, and maybe a bigger bag, an overnighter.

  43. Image is on my Blog Sidebar, and I tweeted about it too!! I will post about the Save our Gingham on my Fb page in the morning when I know all my Sweet FB Friends are online~

    Huggs, Nancy

  44. Well, I have been working on a quilty deadline to get a Round Robin in the mail by tomorrow and have just gotten home to my computer from the long rush hour commute from my sewing machine and I am running behind on this one! I do have an idea though. I sent you an email, Mdm Samm ... because ... well ... it's a secret! ... until September ... :) Pat

  45. Oh my, isn't this fabric gorgeous! This is going to be so fun! blessings, marlene

  46. I would love to join in on the fun! There's a few different ideas screaming at me to be done with this awesome fabric!

  47. I tried to comment last night but the tablet was having none of it! LOL what I was trying to say was how much I love that coffee cup on the red background and the lighter gray background with the blocks of numbers and letters. Cool fabric line! Tempting! I already made an investment in some RBD gingham that I hope will work for the Take 3 hop. Big plans for it! This would be in addition to that??

  48. What a great collection, I would love to be chosen to create with these!

  49. I have some pillow ideas for these lovelies. Great collection. Hope I am not too late to be considered.

  50. I Definitely want to be in on BOTH Blog Hops!!! I've been anxiously awaiting the September Project we talked about WAAAY back in the winter I believe. As for the Gingham, I am already making items for my new sewing studio which will be perfect!! I have lots of new projects to show!! So Please count me in. I've been away camping and haven't been on the computer for several weeks/days.
    Gmama Jane

  51. I forgot to add my thoughts on what I would make but brainstorming off the top of my head says covers for my electronics such as KINDLE, a camera strap for Photo Tog Daughter, bags, computer cover, and the coffee fabric is perfect for my kitchen. My colors are pale yellow with Red, Black accents. Wouldn't some appliance covers look nice or placemats for the Bar Height Table and chairs??? Yep, I can get into this one...yes I can.
    Gmama Jane

  52. I already know what to do with this lovely collection, but the main problem will be to stay focused on only one or two (or more ??? LOL) projects, my brain is rotating :-)

  53. You more than likely have your nine but just in case - I have two small quilt designs in mind - one a paperpieced madly swirling vortex and the other still percolating. I think the coffee cup fabrics are having an influence already. : )
    Just in case I'm a no reply blogger: notwendy gmail


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