Thursday, June 26, 2014

Have a SEAT....Boudoir chair with the Newest Quilted Cotton from Riley Blake Designs.


Riley Blake Designs are certainly known for their
CLASSICS....Think Dots, Quilted Cotton and yes a Gingham Bow
and you have a  Classy Boudoir Chair. 

Simply put if you don't like complicated  and something you can stitch up
in a couple of hours....I will show you 
how to make a custom upholstery with a needle and thread and
 very little machine sewing...

YOU will need some supplies..

1 Boudoir chair...( this one is about 2.5 feet tall and the seating
is 3/4 of a circle approx 22 inches...)

2.5 yards of RBD Quilted cotton
I chose this... because there was no GINGHAM wink....
Heh, it is still a CLASSIC....

1 fat quarter of yellow gingham for bow
1 fat quarter of fusible PELLON interfacing..

1 strip 2 inches wide length of half circle ....I used 48 inches...
(this is for binding or edging of skirt front) 

surgical or curved needle
Aurifil thread...#12 weight

LOOK at what RBD has now....their own AURIFIL collection....
I am sure you will be able to order these now...

 I bet you could not help but notice how they match my gingham perfectly !

I found this boudoir chair at a local antique shop....I loved the curved back
and sweet round seat...  Google Search Boudoir chairs, you can find them
online at very little cost...They are great for a bedroom or an office where mine is now...
They were designed for ladies who needed a small chair to put their stockings on...
Mine will be put in my home office by my day bed so I can put my Mac Air on it...

Now I could show you how to make a custom cover....and I was thinking 
along this line however what I will show you today is soooo much easier
for those who want something quick.....

Let's begin with 1  yard of quilted cotton.....YOU will need to cut a semi circle
of fabric... I folded it in half and just outlined a semi circle and cut....
I measured 5 inches from the floor...for length so it would not be sitting on the floor
collecting dust ...

I pinned it into the back of the chair...
and then started pinning for some pleats I will be sewing in...

I added 5 pleats...and just pinned.... sew after the binding edge is sewed on..
you can add some binding to this piece...
I folded my 2 inch strip of Yellow Dots...

Sew close to edge...and then fold over ...add your clips or pins..
LOVE THESE wonder clips....
and I hand sewed the binding or edging of skirt...

Next, sew all of your pleats...by machine ...pinch one inch from top of chair..
and sew all the way down to the bottom edge of chair skirt...

As I was doing this, I thought would this not make a great skirt for little girls... lol

Now we are ready to hand sew the skirt part right to the chair...be sure to fold over the edge
and sew down towards back of chair...

I used Auriful wt#12 for all of hand stitching...it is perfect and strong...
and with my curved needle...it sews up with ease....    

I started stitching at base of chair...and with small stitches close to edge
just pull thread tight and sewed right into chair....
Sew from one side to the other....  ( reminder to turn over raw edges...) 

Now you are ready to add another piece to cover the back of chair....I used 1.5 yards of Quilted Cotton for this piece.. I just draped it over the chair, and started folding it into the curves of the chair 
and pinned it all down... I did not add dotted binding to the back just hand sewed the hem...because I was going to add a large gingham bow to the back...

Be sure you add lot's of pins....and see the back...I just pleated the fabric
and sewed it all down by hand...with my curved needle..

Pinch the bottom of pleats and start hand sewing from there going up towards top of chair...

I then began hand stitching from bottom edge towards the top of the chair..
Be sure to make little stitches and pull your thread tight...this will gather
it nicely...

I continued stitching towards the back of chair too...using black thread
it is not noticeable unless of course you use a magnifying glass or 
open up this pic very large wink....

after all the front skirt and back is stitched on, I hand hemmed the back 
of the edging of the back of skirt....

So hear you go... You can add a bow...
I made one for my stool to accompany this boudoir chair...and 
This stool was also made from RBD Quilted Cotton...

All the steps to make a nice stiff bow using some Fusible Interfacing by Pellon
it gives it soooo much more BODY. 

So from this simple boudoir chair ....

To this ---complete with Gingham BOW.... I added a small one with a cute
RBD notions black and white polka dot...top pic...
Sooo if you need any HELP...
I am here....

I am soooo loving this Quilted Cotton....it saves hours of sandwiching and quilting...
and the results ....wellll YOU tell me ...wink...

I just sewed the Large Yellow gingham bow to the back with a dozen stitches 
from the centre of the bow, top and bottom....It is exactly the finishing touch
needed ...now please  take a seat....

Thanks RBD for keeping your CLASSICS available....
another staple that I could not possibly do without!

YOU are not thinking of retiring dots anytime soon are YOU ?

Be sure to CHEER my fellows quilters at large..
They are all so unique and all so gifted in their ability to keep us inspired....

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  1. Great job boss! The queen of getting it done! Nomatter what it might be! Have a great week!

  2. Waouh, what a great idea! You made from a normal boudoir THE only one to dream of! Boudoirs will not come into our house as long as the kiddies are small, they will for sure use it as a trampoline or the cats will defend their new "bed" , LOL!
    Great job!

  3. Wow! Lovely project! And I love your process of how you figured it out!

  4. You made it look simple and easy - thank you for all the pictures! A fabulous idea! It fits perfectly to your dream studio!

  5. Great chair and the bow on the back is just perfect and really sets it off.

  6. Fantastic...what a sweet project, much better than sliding off the side of the bed attempting to put your stockings on lol; so glad for time to have changed the obligatory stockings, but it would probably still work wonderfully for putting on those warm, woolly tights I am so fond of in winter *wink*. Beautiful job, and as usual you have made it all look so easy! Your Mac Air will look very dignified on your superbly dressed boudoir chair!

  7. Oh my!!!! do you know how adorable that chair is?????? sweet!!!!!!!!

  8. What a difference some Riley Blake quilted cotton and a pair of talented hands can make on a sweet chair for tiny hinnie's :O

  9. Such a sweet looking chair in that fabric! You make it look so easy that now I want to run find me a chair to cover. Nice!

  10. This is over the top for a Project and it turned out Gorgeous!! I am so glad too that you included the Tute!! it doesn't look complicated at all. One of these days I'll do mine. Thanks for sharing another Picture Perfect Project!!

    Have a Wonderful day and enjoy your Beautiful New Boudoir Chair!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  11. I love your little chair! I am still trying to work up the courage to upholster the great chairs I found. You make it look so easy! Great job!

  12. Great chair!!! Love your clear, step-by-step instructions with pictures!!! Thank you :)

  13. Oh My!! you have done it again. I love what you did with your chair. Perfect! and to let us know how you did it as well. Simply charming.

  14. Love, love, love this! Now I must have a boudoir chair! This is going to be perfect by your day bed. blessings, marlene

  15. That is fabulous and the gingham bow on the dots is the perfect finishing touch!

  16. Goodness, that is so fun. The fabric just makes it; it's a great option for freshening up furniture. It's just darling.

  17. Now that new set of clothes for your chair is just too cute! What a great way to redress things. I love all the changes you have done to your home! So inspirational!

  18. boy, did the RBD quilted cotton help switch out that chair from plain to fabulous. Well done, Mdm/ Samm!

  19. Hi!!!! Wow!!!! That is so adorable!!!! I love it!!!! I can see a mini for a pinnie too!!!! Thank You

  20. Oh my goodness! I am in total love of that chair!!! And the tutorial! You make it look very easy peasy!

  21. Your chair is gorgeous! Right down to that yellow bow! So glad I gave you a call! Enjoyed our visit. :)

  22. Sew creative and sew adorable. Thank you for giving all the how-to details ... :) Pat

  23. Your chair is lovely. You did such a wonderful job. I have a few chairs I need to get covered. Need to find the time.

  24. Well, Hellooooo. The perfect touch to a petite little chair to fit sweet you. Great tutorial for a chair redo and the bow is that little something extra that sets the whole thing off.

  25. WOW! That is just the cutest little chair! You make it look so easy and the finish is FABULOUS! The gingham bow is just the right added touch!

  26. It is absolutely adorable. I love the bow on the back. It will make a great addition to any room. :)

  27. Absolutely stunning! You made a potentially difficult job into something much easier to accomplish and the results are fabulous! The bow and the flower add the perfect touch.

  28. I Must have one of these for my sewing room. I have some new Black & Yellow Gingham!! I've always wanted to know how to cover a chair...thanks for the tutorial. I may need to call because I'm a little confused in one spot but I'll let you know when I start my project. I have a larger boudoir chair that will work...I think. You always amaze me!!
    Gmama Jane (ihcp)

  29. A darling transformation, Samm! Classy, feminine and such a sweet accent to a room. Dots and gingham are a match made in heaven... ;o)

  30. ..oh my comment from this morning is away.
    On a new one ;)
    Hello Samm,
    your blog is so colorful, so many interesting information and your tutorial is great.
    Your little chair is adorable.
    A beautiful work.
    Thank you for your kind visit on my blog, I was very pleased.
    Sorry for my English school, it's many years ago.
    Many greetings

  31. Oh my it is just wonderful. Leave it to you to really enhance what was an ordinary piece and make it totally fabulous.

  32. Good morning dear Mdm Samm,
    thank you very much for your kind words.
    I'm always surprised that there is still much more beautiful ideas ... and nicer
    materials when you enter another continent.
    Nice that you found me. Thanks.
    Many beautiful creative works I wish you.
    You're on my sidebar, so I do not lose you.
    All the best
    the swan from Germany

    PS: my son Timm smiles on my English ;-)

  33. Your chair is absolutely stunning, MdM Samm !!!! You did such a wonderful job !!

  34. Wow! Love the chair, polka dots and gingham, it doesn't get any better then that. I've been looking for a slipper chair for a vanity built into our bathroom, but I'm thinking a chair like this would work really well! Thank you for the wondrous decorating idea.

  35. AWESOME chair!!! You do such Grrrreat projects! :)


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