Friday, June 13, 2014

Gingham Matters...and deadlines..

Hello PEEPS.... it is Friday and there is much to celebrate in that alone.
Although I must admit, Mondays thrill me more...Fridays tell me I only have a couple
days to get a project done...MONDAY tells me I have all week...lol

Ok, above is a sneak peak to a project I am working on for the Quilted Cotton
blog hop....And as I was looking at my calendar of events, I also have another project
I must whip up for the 18th....next week... I have 5 days to do another project
for the Design Team at RBD....

I bet you can guess it will have something to do with GINGHAM!
Goodness me I have a few things that MUST BE DONE! 
How did this all HAPPEN?

Take for instance....I have a Tutorial of all the steps to do GINGHAM walls
that I have 10  days to complete....yep....Will I get it done..
YOU bet...sleep is so overrated lol

This very large oversized ? is in my sewing studio..
It used to be silver...I never liked it in Silver...
But BLACK...... welllll I LOVE IT....
It is amazing what a CAN Of PAINT can do....

And speaking of PAINT. I purchased a couple more cans 
and I had this oversize HALF cup that was in copper...never liked it in COPPER,
so I painted it black too...as you enter my sewing studio...it is placed on the cabinet
above my PRESSING station.. Totally cool...! 

and as if I don't have enough excitement...I have some NEW MARTELLI tools..
this ERGOCUTTER is a slice of heaven....the blades will last for over a year..
not a week, month...I said YEAR and possibly YEARS..
will be doing a feature on this as well as these amazing templates..
OMG wait till you see what you can do with these...
will they be gingham????? I think it is a possibility..

I am telling you...
Will this mean I will be a better quilter? 

And speaking of Tools...ok, maybe not tools, but they go on tools...( scissors) 
I made 25 more...here is a sampling...I have sold a couple hundred fobs already...
and these all sold yesterday..
I had a few very large orders for guilds....they are using them for 
raising funds ... all of the proceeds goes towards purchasing more sewing machines
for ladies in need.... It is a good thing...

I have a few packages of beads and notions that arrived just yesterday
that haven't even been opened yet...

Perhaps I will take a few moments out to my garden....

and speaking of GOOD THINGS...our garden with all it's white BLOOM
is sooo inviting...although some of the petals are now falling to the ground
looking like snow..the next phase of blooms will be popping up real soon..
In between all of the Viburnums, we have Peonies....alll white of course...

And somewhere in this weekend, I will EAT, SLEEP and Love my HUSBAND...


YOU so Matter! 

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  1. I need a nap just reading what you're doing! I love my Martelli rotary cutter!

  2. Can't wait to see your completed projects! Have a great weekend.

  3. I've never heard of a Martelli cutter! I need one! I get so tired of changing blades.
    Your garden is gorgeous and your projects are tantalizing. I also love changing things with paint!

  4. I have never heard of a Martelli cutter, will be anxious to see how it works. Enjoy your weekend! ;) Your garden is beautiful.

  5. The martelli rotary cutter is so sweet. The scissor fobs are gorgeous! Enjoy!

  6. Looking forward to the tool demo. Paint makes all the difference. Very fun!

  7. Martelli Rotary cutter ? New to me ! Oh my goodness gracious, your garden is BEE-U-T-FULL and I bet it smells wonderful too ! Did Carol send your that freaky little mouse ? hehe ! I guess I should not talk, I have a huge grasshopper that looks very similar to your rodent....like I need more grasshoppers !

  8. Always fun to see what you've been up to! I bought a Martelli cutter awhile ago when I developed tendonitis...works like a charm!

  9. Excited to see your project! I have never heard of that brand of cutter either. My peonies are already bloomed and I am missing their sweet smell. Your garden looks so delightful. Have a great weekend!

  10. Samm your garden is just beautiful - hundreds of white blooms must bring the butterflies and hummingbirds so what fun! I love your new fobs but especially that red one. The touches of red I have in my yellow bedroom make me smile and that's what your red fob reminded me of. :) Tomorrow, if the wind doesn't come back up, we're going to paint the iron furniture that I keep in my courtyard....well, J is going to paint and I'm going to supervise. It's an even division of labor, don't you think? blessings, marlene

  11. That is the weirdest looking rotary cutter. I was intrigued so I went to Martelli's website and saw the videos. It looks like it would be a great cutter. I also saw some videos on their templates. Wow. I'm going to the International Quilt Festival/Chicago next week and Martelli's is going to have a vendor booth, so I'll be able to test it out while I'm there. Maybe a few of their products will be coming home with me. ; )

    I believe I know what your sneak peek is only because you mentioned in one of your previous posts that you needed one of these. That's all I'll say ... I don't want to ruin the surprise. : )

    Loving the black coffee cup and also the snowballs in your garden. My mom had snowball bushes while I was growing up and that is my second favorite flower ... Lilacs being my favorite. Have a great weekend!

  12. Oh my gosh! Your flowers are gorgeous! I do have some pretty day lilies. They have bloomed more this year than ever before.

  13. I loved the look of the Martelli cutter, but alas, I am a lefty and also use my rotary cutter with both hands, well one at a time, lol! I do everything else with my right hand except write. Your yard is lovely.

    1. Martelli has a left handed rotary cutter, too. That doesn't help much when you use it with both hands.

  14. You are such a teaser! Love making something new from something old. Glad you're taking time in the frenzy for solitude (or at least serenity) in your beautiful jardin :)

  15. How cute are those new accents for your happy sewing place! Can't wait to see your new quilted cotton creation... love that big old gingham bow! Let me guess, it goes in your new sewing room!

  16. I love yellow and black, and to add gingham to the mix, prrfect! I can't wait to see your project completed. Your sewing room is going to look "Great"!

  17. What a fun sewing room you must have...all my favorites. Can't wait to see your finished "hop" project! You are a busy girl! ;-)

  18. I Love how your Black and Yellow Ginghams look together, Crisp and fresh! New tools..how cool! I will have to check them out too. I bet your added wall additions will look great in your New Room. Anxious to see it's completion. Deadlines....you will meet them!!

    I hope you are having a lovely week end!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  19. Gosh its all go there isn't it! - you are right though sleep is definitely overrated and time is much more fun spent sewing - enjoy :)

  20. The gingham just keeps getting better and your sewing room is over-the-top gorgeous. I was trying to find the scissor fobs - are they on craftsy? I am definitely wanting the red and white one - oh my! but that would look so terrific for my scissors in my Redwork basket. Please advise. Judy C in NC

  21. Oh my goodness, you're wearing me out! But I have faith and I know you'll finish all in just the nick of time, sleep or no sleep. And the garden.... I'd feel like I was in heaven every day and would get nothing done because I'd want to spend every waking moment out there.

  22. you are sure keeping yourself busy.... busy ...busy..... and your garden is lovely. I could see myself having a glass of ice tea sitting on a quilt in the shade just enjoying the sights and smells of the garden. Have a great week Mdm Samm
    in stitches

  23. You are always up to something Goooood....

  24. Hi Samm, Your flowers are sure are doing well, And I also like the new look in the sewing room. I lost track of you awhile back computer crash and "stuff" Weren't you redoing your basement? I think that was you I remember the cat as being the project manager, but I could not find any pictures. Any way I back and enjoy your blog once again. I joined the google connect friends won't that get me email notices? I don't want to loose you again. Oh, I think the blog board is a great idea too. Good luck in getting everything done. Be safe Tonia

  25. My, oh! You sure keep busy, Samm. ;o) Your sewing room looks so inviting with its recent makeover - well done! Those new tools look intriguing and that garden of yours is so gorgeous. Mmhmm... you do have a way with creating serene spaces - indoors and out!

  26. Rosemary B here:
    Oh Missie Samm, How i miss my old life hahahaha
    Well, this new life is good too. I am learning to "blend"
    I love your new sewing room. I adore the walls.
    I would like to paint my sun room just like this. And Yellow is one of my very favorite colors (I have many)
    I hope you are not roasting like we are down here in No Va. It is in the 90's luckily my peeps like to just hang around their apartment during the day instead of tramp around in the woods.
    I love Gingham too. I would love some in every color. AND good gingham, not flimsy and thin haha
    I hope you are having a great week so far.
    Here, I am doing everything at the same time. This is my new life :-)


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