Monday, June 9, 2014


Welcome to my Gingham Heaven...

but before I get ready for my share of our lovely picnic....
I would love to thank Mary from I piece 2 Mary for being a lovely cheerleader and with her constant reminders and cheering persona, she kept us alllll organized...

Thank you Mary....we could not do it without you...

To our lovely friends at Riley Blake Designs 
( check out their lovely laminates...a perfect backing for picnic quilts) 
They gifted laminate for 12 of our ladies who 
have participated in many hops and many times have been in our top 2...
( those who participate are given many luxuries worth noting) 

To Peterboro Baskets who supplied us with lovely baskets
for a few of our ladies who have been valued cheerleaders....
( 100% made in USA)

HOW can we open our hearts enough for you...?
YOU made us all very happy and gracious recipients....
WE are a llllll so very fortunate to know you and never ever
do we take all that you do for US for granted....


And to everyone who supported, encouraged, cheered and left lovely comments
to all our picnickers thank you on their behalf...

Today I share my day with this exquisite gathering of lovely ladies...
There is no doubt in my mind they will WOW us completely..

Monday June 9

Be sure to cheer all of our ladies today...they do this for YOU...
they continue to inspire and encourage us all to keep sewing...

Ok, now that you have visited all my dear friends on their picnics...
I invite you to our gingham PICNIC TIME...

WE had every intention of travelling afar 
but we had one sick T-Cup who needed some TLC
so we opted to picnic in our garden, which was really welcoming
us  for the first of the season...

Now I bet NONE of you are surprised ( those who know me) that I would create something
with GINGHAM, with some solid basics from Riley Blake Design ( thank you again and again) , this 
was the grey and white and black I have used in past projects..
Had enough left over to make my OWN GIANT GINGHAM!

I used RBD gingham laminate back...see the pic below...
and I used the same laminate to make my binding by rolling it over and hand stitching...

( YOU would think I would get  tired of GINGHAM....are you kidding ME? 
That will never ever happen....)  
Just thought I would state that ONE MORE TIME lol...
All the ants were made with black buttons and then with a bit of thread, created their antennas and legs...
My new logo for something very special...will reveal that soon enough
This is the same applique I designed for my gingham quilt...

I used some solid white  and laminate from 
RBD soooo you could say they were picnicking
with us too.... 


David was being very patient and was flushed with excitement to
spend some time with me, since I have been working around the clock 
stitching up our picnic quilt and completing my GINGHAM Studio..
 will show pics soon...just waiting for a few more additions...
birds, Mac Air....Cameo..

David could not wait any longer..he put his box of puzzles down
and dug into one of his favourite summer sandwiches...
cucumber on sour dough...a swipe of homemade mayo and some
salt and pepper and he is set...I cut mine into small wee sandwiches
and his well---- into a manly one...'cause he is all man....lol

and what is a picnic without some creepy crawly friends...
of course some ANTS could smell the sweetness in the air...
they wanted to join us too...they grow quite large here in Canada on the escarpment...
and they have fairly large families...lol

Picnic time was created with two sets of appliquéd letters for shadow effect..

David savouring every morsel....I had to smile here...he is the love of my life...
I think this photo of him will always be one of my favourites...
( under his breath "what I do for my sparky")

Here is our menu....a perfect day ( Saturday)  it was, I made up 2 desserts...we only ended up eating 
the apple pie and saved the butter tarts for Sunday....( it rained most of the day, so some
added sweetness made it for a lovely day inside) 

Ohhhh and we had to have some Honey Beer and some Wine....
the apple pie was made in a 6 inch pie plate...perfect to share with 2 forks....
and my Peterboro Baskets were perfect mini tables too....

My butter tarts were made in red tins....and with some watermelon sweet from the Market...welllll
a lovely afternoon it was....We talked about how our summer will be filled with many of these tender sweet moments...we had many birds singing their sweet melodies along with the giggles under our tree, even our neighbours were caught near our fence, wondering what we were up to ...lol

Before David had dessert, he had to go back and try to figure out how to get
his wooden puzzle back together...we both love puzzles and conversation...
AT one point I just got on my back and looked up into the sky with this as my view...
Don't you just love doing that...I sat there for a few moments thinking
how beautiful our yard is and how after a very long winter, everything is soooo green...

This is the puzzle I got right time and time again....David just could not get it..
till I shared the secret wink....

Ohhhh we did have some pesky mosquitoes that came over....David was so prepared,
he lit the citronella lamps and voila, no more slaps or waves ....not sure how it works..
but mosquitoes do not like lemon anything...

Heres is the view of our garden...this is viburnum tree in full bloom...after the rain on Sunday,
many of the flower petals were dropped but even that is ok...as many other white blossoms will
begin opening...OUR garden is all white.... We call it Fairies in the Tea Garden because at night
thousands of fireflies come out from the forest and savour the blooms...

This is a viburnum bush..stands over 7 feet tall...we have 7 of these on our property..they really are 
beautiful and the snowballs are soooo white and round...

The bushes behind are called bridals wreath...we have about 4-5 of them...they have
now formed a row...each year they spread more....next year they will be the width of our yard...

Now we are ready for some dessert..care to join us...it is a small pie, but 
we will certainly share a morsel or two with you..

Our wine choice today was a dry wine called SAINT when you open it....

SINNERS when you empty it...I wonder what the Wine Grower's hidden message was for us..? lol

WE ate but 1/2 the pie...I think we drank too much...lol

WE are ready for our next picnic...
and yes I have a parasol, you are not surprised are you ?
....I am never without a lovely hat and protection.... See my gingham laminate for our Picnic Quilt...?
All I had to do was wipe it down..
a perfect day, so pleased we now have it all on record....to new beginnings...

So pleased to have you join us...

Now come on back a bit later to see who WOWED us and who TOPPED our CREATIVITY list today.....

And I have a very lovely surprise for ONE OF YOU?

 Next week we will announce our NEXT BLOG HOP?
You really do not want to miss this...
NO HINTS...ok, maybe one...
It has 3 in it...????


As soon as I opened her blog post I was AWESTRUCK....her picnic
was at a Plantation , her quilt, her food, her pillows simply divine...
and with such impactful WOW factor....

Such a clever design, such beautiful fabric choices...the binding in red ....ohhhh WOW!

What was the most creative....

For the child in all of this...take a peak at this ladies post 
someone who is no stranger to us for her artistic flair...even her serving tray was done
with such finesse and what great use for laminates....
her quilt with ants a total blast...


  1. Love your "gingham" quilt; you guys most certainly had the perfect picnic!
    Thanks for letting me be a part of this great event, and I am sure I will be joining your blog hops again soon!

  2. Madame Samm I am Wowed by this entire Post!! A second Picnic Quilt? Beautiful! I love the Button Ants, too cute! The Food, your Gorgeous yard, Sun, Birds, your precious hubby. I am Wowed by your Perfect Picnic Day, Thank~you so much for Sharing so much of yourself with us.....Always! The passion for what you do for others shines through and through!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  3. Delightful post. Love your picnic quilt!

  4. What a lovely post. I love all your pictures. You have such a lovely yard. It is so shady and lush and your Viberniums are very beautiful. Your quilt is awesome. I had a feeling you would do gingham somehow. Love those ants! And the Peterboro baskets do make great tables when you need one. I also love the small chair David is sitting in. That would be perfect for this old body! Thanks so much for a great time on this hop!

  5. Thank you lovely Samm inviting me too picnic. I enjoyed very much to visit you beautiful garden in such a great company. Your picnic quilt is awesome, what moret to expect.
    Have a great week

  6. Great quilt, and white flowers are my favorite! It is wonderful how green everything becomes this time of year. Thank you for coming up with this creative hop, I had a blast!

  7. I love your quilt, especially those ants! Your garden looks beautiful, as does the food! Thanks for another fun hop; everyone did such an amazing job!

  8. I love your gingham quilt. Your pie looks delicious, it's reminded me that's it's about time I make a pie for my husband! He loves them!

  9. A lovely picnic Samm. Your quilt is cute, and your food looks yummy.

  10. As usual Samm you've made another beautiful quilt! I love the ants and the letters with the shadow affect - amazing. Your flowers are truly beautiful and lush and it looks so peaceful there in your backyard. And that parasol! It made me smile. :) I had a puzzle box like that in the gift shop at the mission this summer but like David it baffled me so I left it there! Sue would love to try one of those butter tarts. :) blessings, marlene

  11. What a gorgeous yard, and a wonderful picnic to enjoy, in it. Love your new picnic quilt with the button ants! What fun.

  12. Your quilt is so perfect for a picnic... love those button ants! And tell David it was so nice to meet him. He is quite handsome!

  13. Gorgeous! You have wowed us for sure! What a perfect picnic!!

  14. I think the button anys are my favorite detail!! Love it all :)

  15. Looks like a wonderful, peaceful day :) Such a beautiful place for a picnic. I love the shadowing letters and the button ants are perfect! Good thing you lured them with the apple so they left the pie to you two!!

  16. Thank you for making me a pick! What a nice compliment!!

  17. I think your quilt is so/sew clever....black button ants and the making of gingham. I may have enjoyed seeing pictures of David as much as your quilt.....hmm.....yes I did !

  18. Lovely red, black and white picnic! Both the quilt and the meal look delicious!

  19. Lovely picnic setting! Love the quilt with the big ants and double lettering...makes it really pop. I do hope that T-Cup is feeling much better!

  20. Such a lovely picnic, I know I would certainly have had both of the puddings, we are very fond of pie in our home. Sadly I dropped an apple and blueberry pie this morning all over the oven, floor, and my lovely linen trousers this morning. It was very messy, very hot, and a waste of a good pie.

  21. Thank you for letting us peek into your world. The yard is divine and inviting for the perfect picnic for two. I love gingham, too and adore the quilt. The ants are adorable. I can hardly believe they are made from BUTTONS. I, too, have a love of buttons. The black and white is very striking with the pops of red. The parasol was a lovely touch, too. Thank you for a wonderful hop and an amazing quilt for an amazing picnic. I can hardly wait for the announcement of the next hop. You keep the creativity flowing in many.

  22. I LOVE your gingham quilt. At first I thought 'WHERE did she find such a huge gingham print?' Then I read your descrip....you are so clever! Nice to see pics of the elusive David, too! I was beginning to think he was a figment of our imaginations! Please thank him for his patience, and what a great guy to do it for his Sparky! While I am tantalized to see what the next hop will be all about, I sure am enjoying this one. But I wanted to tell you that after you first posted pics of your lovely viburnum tree we went out and bought one! I sure hope it does OK in our high mountain Arizona yard! yessewingisfun@yahoo.com

  23. Your quilt is just so cute with the ants and gingham...love it! The food looks so yummy, of course. I love the photos of David peeking out from under his hat...such a good sport to let you take his pic! You really created a perfect picnic!

  24. What a perfect end to this perfect picnic blog hop! Your quilt is sew wonderful ... as are all your photos. I could go on and on about all the lovely details ... the shadowed letters, the button and thread ants, the adorable apple applique!!! Your beautiful work speaks for itself. My words are superfluous. Thank you for sharing your sweet picnic and all the goodies.
    I hope your pretty T-Cup is feeling better soon ... <3
    Many thanks to all the perfect picnics today and to everyone who shared in this hop!
    Looking forward to the next blog hop announcement ... :) Pat

  25. Samm, your picnic looks so delightful and sweet! Love your quilt! And no need to travel anywhere else with such a blissful back yard. This is the perfect ending to a perfectly wonderful hop -- I loved it so much!

  26. LOVE the quilt SAMM! It is perfect, and the gingham effect with fabrics...so YOU - , and so adorable. You did a beautiful job on your project, and the food looks just great. I love all of your white flowers, gorgeous! It looks like a perfect picnic, full of those moments that make life worth living. Loved this hop, so fun to see everyone get out and spend some time together with loved ones and their beautiful creations. Can't thank you enough for all you have done for me. It has been a joy tagging along with all of the very creative ladies. Thank you again Samm.. xx~ Cori

  27. Very nice Samm, you never fail to amaze me!

  28. What a lovely break in my workday, to stop by and see your post! LOL I bet he doesn't mind doing that for Sparky! :) Wonderful hop, as always!

  29. What a good sport he is.... Ants, cute idea doing them out of buttons. The gingham effect is great as is the shaded lettering. Turned out really nice. Looks like a beautiful evening with great company & fabulous pie. Thanks for dreaming this up for us all. I've got to go hop around & see the rest of it.

  30. Your ants are cute as buttons, hehe! It is just beautiful. Those are the only kind of ants to have at a picnic. Thanks for another great hop. I really enjoyed everyone's picnic. Thanks for letting us enjoy yours too. :)

  31. Oh Madame Samm, what a lovely afternoon with the man of your dreams! Of course David would do this for you, but with his own spin on it :) I am happy to have a peak at your Dear Heart. Oh, maybe I should also say something about the picnic ;) Your quilt is lovely, suck clever ants and the gingham in a black, white and grey neutral with punches of red are so elegant as are you. I also loved the menu and the pictures.
    I am so sorry that your sweet T-cup is not well. Sick pets just can't tell you what is wrong and that is what is so worrying..
    Thank you for such a fun, exhausting, inspirational blog hop!
    Have a great summer! Hmmmmm.......three bears, three points on a triangle, 3+0=3, three-peat? Can't wait.....mp

  32. Okay, I really meant such, not suck....you would think I could reread my comments. I am going to be known as the girl with a misspelling in every post! Arrrggg!
    Hugs to you!....mp

  33. Your gingham quilt is perfect including Corrie's ant inspiration! I am happy to "meet" your dear David in this post as you picnic in the perfect spot for your treats, your own backyard. When you think about all the work one goes through to maintain your home, pretty it up with plantings and flowering things and all why would really want to go anywhere else. Of course, you said your sweet T-Cup was sick. Hope she will be okay. I normally come over to see your picks after I have hopped but Mary Pat emailed something about 3's and I am as nosy as MY cat and had to come look! Next week announcement---got it!

  34. What GREAT GINGHAM. I am looking for some large gingham too. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  35. Pass me a glass of that wine. Love it. Your quilt is so you and is the perfect picnic quilt. I love that you shaded your letters. That is the artist in you. David looks relaxed and amused.We must toast all the hubbies, friends, kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and good sports that made this hop over the top with memories. Your post is the best compliment to a great hop. There were so many over the top posts. Bravo!

  36. Beautiful job - the red, white, and black is perfect for you!

  37. Love your gingham quilt -- lovely day, lovely food, (lovely man!) -- the perfect picnic for sure! :)

  38. Gorgeous quilt oh what our loving hubbys will do for us.

  39. Love all those fabulous pics! Wow and wow! And to see your handsome man enjoying your picnic was some icing on the cake. Loved all the red and white and black - well, gingham! You were smart to stay in your own backyard. It is gorgeous and peaceful and close to home.

  40. Fantastic! Would have loved to join you for such a fun picnic. Wine and apple pie...oh boy!
    A perfect quilt for you Samm! Perfect!

  41. You never cease to amaze us with your fantastic projects! Thank you for coming up with all the wonderful hops.

  42. LOL...love the wine bottle upside down message! :) Your quilt turned out great....love the addition of the ants.

  43. Your quilt is so very gingham and so very you! Those ants are as cute as a button, no pun intended. Ok, maybe so. :) And what a lovely afternoon with the love of your life! He's such a good sport as all of the hubby's, grands, etc have been. It's been a fabulous hop!

  44. Another wonderful and inspring hop; thanks MS. I enjoyed coming along on your picnic though I would love to have a bite of that pie and bit of the bubbly!! lol Great gingham...black, white, red...I was not surprised by that! Loved the button ants - super idea. Have picnicy summer.

  45. Gingham and picnics go together like pie and ice cream! I like the button ants on your quilt much better than the more realistic ant fabric which kind of creeps me out. It was a fun hop full of great inspiration!

  46. A fantastic quilt. Neat gingham trick and the ants, oh my. Looks like the picnic was delightful as it has me drooling.

    Another wonderful hope filled with creativity. Such talent.

  47. Picnic time is adorable! Love the look of gingham and that wonderful binding! Thanks for another amazing hop!

  48. Oh, what a lovely, romantic, perfect picnic with just you and your husband. Your projects are all so pretty. I love the gingham. I do hope that T- cup is feeling better.

  49. Aaaaah, I was RIGHT. Red, white and black, gingham and ants, yipppiiiii !!!! did I won a bottle of this looks-wonderful-white wine ?

  50. I love how your quilt turned out!

  51. Wow, I don't know what to say first! Glad to see your David, S! Everything looks like heaven! The gingham quilt is darling and what a fabulous idea to use laminate on the back! This hop is a huge inspiration for us all - thank you!

  52. Your picnic looks lovely, I hope T-Cup is doing okay. I really like your parasol, where did you get it?

  53. This has been such a fun hop ! Sew much creativity shared. Enjoyed seeing a glimpse of your sweetie along with your picnic. Enjoy your summer picnics. Together is the best place to be. Janita

  54. I just love your quilt, your photos of your honey and your story of your fabulous picnic day. Just lovely. I've even saved the photos of your beautiful viburnum and bridal wreath so I can find out more and hopefully plant some in my garden too.

  55. Very lovely quilt and garden. You got a handsome fella there and a good sport letting you post his pictures. It's neat how those lamps work. I've never tried them but I've heard before how they do. Looks like ya had a very nice day.


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