Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 2 of our PICNIC HOP...come and join us we are waiting for YOU

WELCOME welcome welcome...
To day 2 of more PICNICS

When was the last time you had a PICNIC...a real one...
taking a quilt/blanket, picnic basket filled with homemade goodies
and went on a picnic...?

WELLLLLLL here is hoping many of you will be soooo inspired, 
YOU will plan some "FAMILY time" this summer...

LOOK who has invited us to theirs today..
BE sure to cheer them on...they went to sooooo much effort
to make it so special for YOU....

This is what soooo inspired me...

Cori from Chitter Chatter Designs really is responsible for all of this....From the time I first laid eyes on her designs...I was  in AWE....I know this sounds ridiculous and soooo over used...BUT I AM....really --I am her BIGGEST FAN... 

If ever you wanted to do applique like her...she is finally doing some pretty awesome TUTS here

I convinced her to design a NEW PICNIC quilt ....you can only imagine how magnificent it will be...
so she will be in our HOP...and for the  meantime...here is why I wanted to do this hop...
This is called Ant-titude...and you can still get this pattern....I did!


As a young lady in my pre-teens, I remember Sunday picnics after  mass. My Nanny and I would plan the sandwiches and salads, and of course there was a slice or two of our favourite fruit pie...We did this on Saturdays....We would gather all the necessary tools of a picnic, transistor radio( mine was black and it was a sanyo, no plug ins, just batteries) , books, dishes, blanket and picnic basket. We had our favourite spots we would go to but sometimes my Grand Pere would suggest a new spot he came across while on his frequent fishing trips. So we would get into his boat and he would surprise us with a quiet island off the large lakes we lived near.

Those moments are still as vivid in my memory as my quiet time in my quiet place this morning...

Now doesn't this sound like something you want to do this summer?

So here what was expected of all of our PICNIC ADVENTURERS...

.#1 YOU must create a PICNIC Quilt, some of us are using LAMINATES from RILEY BLAKE DESIGN for our backing...I thought this would make sense...keep our quilts nice and dry....Sooooo our dear friends at RILEY BLAKE Design, provided a few of our top 2 ladies with laminates ( optional for everyone else ) ....There are many rewards to putting your BEST forward...12 ladies will be showcasing their NEW DESIGNS on their day... Thank you RBD and for being our delightful, warm, dependable sponsor....

They needed the following..

#1 create a picnic quilt

#2 obtain some kind of picnic basket ( I recommend taking a peak at Peterboro Baskets, also a sponsor of our hop...

#3 plan a detailed menu and share your basket contents.

#4 take photos of your outing and share how your day went....

#5 what books or games did you bring along

( no phones, no electronic gadgets...must be left in the car or better yet at home) 

OHHHHH if you do purchase a basket from Peterboro Baskets....The President is offering

20% discount for all of you...JUST add QUILT as your coupon and this will expire on September 30 2014....

Wouldn't this be nice to plan at least 1 day a month with your LOVED ones? weather permitted of course....David and I are planning a picnic every two weeks...first I will plan, and then he will plan, menu, location....this is our plans for the entire summer....we do not have that many summers to explore and relish...soooooo we are beginning a new tradition..

Mary -from Ipiece2Mary  also enjoys traditions and picnics, so she is just thrilled to be cheering you all on this one. And for her efforts, Mary is getting a basket to plan her outing...

Mary and I certainly share many passions but you can bet this one is by far our favourite...

Peterboro Baskets has been a delightful new sponsor and sent me a few things to add to our PICNIC blog hop.....

Another day of BLESSINGS...great photos, great picnics by all of our delightful

WE always celebrate TALENT here...great PHOTOS, great PROJECTS
and what truly WOWES US today for WOW WOW WOW 
and for CREATIVITY was ......


Being a foodie myself...I almost reached into my mac and pulled this lovely
over the top WOW quilt...This lady no doubt is the very best...and I mean
the VERY BEST in applique and design...the details in this 
picnic quilt is welllllll I am just teary thinking about it....lol

 I would love this for my own, but Madi has already claimed it...

I know WOW........


And no doubt about it this lady had such a creative way of carrying her picnic quilt with basket...take a peak at more of her pics...
She added great details ...

And what is a picnic without berries and a great book....yes my 
picnicker....you brought much creativity and delight...


  1. Another great day for picnicing with my quilty friends! Thanks to all ... :) Pat

  2. What absolutely amazing work. Thanks for the post.

  3. Great top choices today...they are beautiful!

  4. Ooooh, I wish I was Madi today.... LOL! Beautiful!

  5. Wow, everyone's quilts were amazing and creative! The best part? Sharing them with family. It's why we make quilts...

  6. Love this hop, it's the best ever!

  7. I have to agree with Linda, this is a WOW morning! Sew much Beautiful Detail in all these Quilts!! You and Mary have done another Beautiful Job!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  8. I have to leave a separate comment for you. The Key Fobs arrived yesterday, and they are Gorgeous!! Thank~you sew much Madame Sam, I have to share with everyone that they are soooooooo much prettier in person than in the Photographs( and you take awesome Photos!! but I have the same problem when taking photos of Jewelry). I had to take my Daughters over to her right away, and she loved it!! Thank~You so much Sam for the Love, Friendship and Inspiration you share here with us everyday!!

    Big Huggs,

  9. Okay, I think this is my all time favorite hop! I love seeing everyone's ideas and spots to go. So fun! Beautiful quilts.

  10. Oh yes, the foodie quilt is a real WOW! The applique and embroidery stellar!

  11. Wow is an understatement! Love seeing the creativity and reading the stories. Thanks for such a great hop.

  12. very nice. Our kids are grown, but we're spending lots of time with them this summer and with the grands. Looking forward to a big family vacation..

  13. It seems that I enjoy each hop a bit more. This one was so much fun to be a part of and see everyone else's beautiful creations and effort put forth in their picnics. I am looking forward to the days ahead.

  14. Wow, wow, and more wow. This hop has been incredible. I'm all caught up and can't wait to see more. I already have a few quilts I want to make. Thanks for coming up with this fantastic way to not only share picnic quilts, but share food ideas and family memories.

  15. Great choices and it could not have been easy to chose either. I love how the WOW quilt also used a detachable laminate backing so the quilt could be used for cuddling, not just picnicking. Of course the fact that the workmanship put it over the top too may have been another reason it rose to the top. LOL

  16. Loved the picnics and the quilts, but the one that folded into a tote was very cool. Thanks for inspiring!


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