Saturday, May 10, 2014

The snow is gone and I am thinking...

What a delightful Saturday it is here on the escarpment today..
I have cut up all of my zucchini and peppers and onion for some relish...
Yes I make my own relish....I don't like sweet..ours is quite wellllll
let me just say, it would just PUCKER you up and your burgers sooooo
lovely...so I make my own....

I am just waiting for our market to open so I can get some pickling SALT..
got everything forgot the most important INGREDIENT...it has to soak for a day..

In the meantime...I have a few projects that I have been busy with
but I cannot show just yet....soooooo with filling more orders for SCISSOR FOBS...
I may get more listed here today....

I decided to work on this NEEDLEPOINT....I used to work on them 
when I was little...My Nanny would help me with a project every winter..
it would take me to spring to complete it and she would cover stools and chairs
with my work...In those days you could make one for approx $10.00 and that was
with all the wool.....WELLLLLL not today...in fact each skein ( I use merino wool)
cost around 17.00...So far I have used 14 different skeins for the colours..some
I have a lot left over...but the cream...welll it will need 4 more  skeins...
( I know get out of here) lol
It takes about 9 yards of yarn to cover 6 inch square of needlepoint canvas.

I work on it a few hours each night....all the beige part ( canvas) will be completed
with a lovely ivory merino....I figure it will take me to the end of the summer to 
complete it...I then decided to order some canvas Penelope is my fav...
and I am going to design 4 patterns that I have been thinking about for awhile..

Needlepoint is quite easy actually..you need a yarn needle....I like Clover
for this work, a great pair of scissors..DOVO is my choice...and a lap..
preferably without a cat sitting on it...

and speaking of needles......I am constantly being Pricked by them..
possibly too many projects on the go...
adding these needle protectors ...protects me !
( and David and our cats) 

Ohhh and of course your yarn of choice...many use yarn per wee skein
that cost a fortune for a few feet...I find it better to purchase a large ball of yarn
with the same die lot... Anyway, unlike x stitch..YOU only have to make 1 stitch on an angle
that is it... 

So my plans today, besides some canning of some RELISH, 
we are off to the nursery for some plants...still to cold to plant
but you have to make your purchase soon otherwise everything is gone....

Have you done any needlepoint?
are you thinking of making something?

let me know I would love to hear about it...?

ps. that is a new TAMMY BAG..
best offer, it could be yours..

And all the scissor fobs that were posted today 
have all been SOLD ...thanks again! 

and do not forget to enter..


  1. Your needlework is lovely. Like you, I will pick up something to do by hand in the summer, usually a Christmas themed project and usually cross stitch. I like to do ornaments to have for little gifts. The cost of materials has stopped me from switching to needlework since I have a very large collection of threads and linens for cross stitch and probably won't use it all up in my lifetime. I can't justify yet another obsession. tee hee

  2. What a busy little beaver! Love your Santa project and the the Tammy bag is just adorable. Looking forward to you showing your secret projects!

  3. That is lovely work! I was reading at the DMC site that they also do half cross stitch working only one direction like needlepoint...I'm thinking to give that a try too. Tammy is very pretty...now if you made one similar to your Tangerine fob we could talk LOL =)

  4. I've never tried needle point, but it does look intriguing. Have a wonderful weekend, friend. Your relish sounds so yummy, think I'll get to gardening this weekend.

  5. I have never tried Needlepointing, my Mom always made some beautiful pieces however we were not allowed to touch them. Now Planting, that is right up my Alley! My Grounds are ready and like you the best selection has to be bought now. So my Dining Room is a temporary Nursery every year until it warms up. Herbs, Flowers and Veggie plants are all sitting on trays on my 20ft Dining Room Table. I have 2 more leaves for the Table if needed. But I love being out doors in the Summer nursing all my green babies.

    I hope you have a Wonderful Mother's Day my Sweet Friend!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  6. Needle point is fun to do, but I gave it up long time ago for my quilting habit. Love the Santa.

    1. thanks Sharon...could not answer back as you are a no reply blogger....perhaps if you drop by again..leave an email and I will keep you on file

  7. Your needlepoint Santa is gorgeous. I used to needlepoint long ago but have moved on to other things. Just the cost of those yarns would prohibit me now. Homemade relish is quite the domestic venture. Happy Nursery Plant Shopping...

  8. It looks very much like your Tammy has pockets on the side panels, too??? Aren't you clever?

  9. Like that Tammy bag! I used to cross-stitch, but haven't done any in quite a while. Your Santa is wonderful.

  10. Love your tammy bag and Santa. LOL-they are even colour coordinated! Yummy homemade relish. I am watching my rhubarb grow-waiting to make strawberry rhubarb jam next month.
    Happy Mothers day tomorrow.

  11. Love the Santa! I took a needlepoint class to learn different stitches but never went about doing a bigger project. I found that needlepoint is actually quite expensive especially if you get into buying the hand painted canvases. I admire your daily motivation to create. :-) You always have the prettiest projects in the works.

  12. Love your needlework, I have been doing one for awhile which is a lovely poem for daughters from their Mom's. I stopped doing needlework when I started quilting but maybe I will start again as quilting is getting difficult.
    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. Blessings Sandra

  13. Your needlepoint is beautiful. I have done it, but I like the counted cross stitch better. I love the red and white needle protector.

    Have fun with the relish.

  14. Such a sweet little Santa. I have a couple more needlework project awaiting my attention. We are expect to get snow again tonight. YUCK!!! Hopefully this will be the end to our sour weather. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!

  15. I sew loved needlepoint and cross stitch, but the old "I's" have decided it is 2 much for them now. lol! Love the needle protector, did you use those plastic/rubber thingies that are used for the end of pins? I have lots of those, but none with polka dots! Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  16. I missed seeing your fobs today! We moved to different place so just got internet connection again. Your Santa is gorgeous. I of course love your Tammy Bag. Looks like I am going to have to make one with Hawaiian fabric when I get home!

  17. I've never done needlepoint Samm but I used to do counted cross stitch all the time and I think that Santa would be gorgeous done in xxx's. I got a couple of patterns before I left home for some cross stitch but didn't have time to start one - that will be a summer project. blessings, marlene


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